The DOs and DONTs of Adult Affiliate Marketing

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Adult affiliate marketing has become a very good earning business. This job doesn’t include much effort but requires you to follow some important points. Basically, you just need to do what is asked to, put some time in developing your websites, and then you can rest back, keep checking your stats and literally watch the money rolling in towards you. But the first step to earning money so easily is to join an affiliate program, which is also not much of a difficult task. You just need to fill a form with your personal information, then choose your password and boom, you subsequently gain access to the virtual marketing office. Now you are hired to advertise to every person browsing the internet. Your job is to convince those people to click your advertisements which will redirect them to the adult site. They just need to purchase through that link and you get the cut.

Adult Affiliate Marketing

This seems like a very simple job as your employer is ready to pay you for every person, who came through your link, buys something from his/her adult content site. To get this task done, your employer will provide you with every marketing tool they have. They will provide you with banners, all types of free content, preferred text links, picture of the day, full page adverts, email programs and your link codes. Now you have everything to make a sale. But how will you make a sale? Does designing some banners and putting links on your websites will be enough for visitors to click on them?

Here we are discussing the Do’s and Don’ts of adult affiliate marketing. To be successful in any type of adult website business you need to have some winning strategy. If you foray into the business blindly, you will be shot down. In other words, you won’t earn anything. There are thousands who are making a career in adult turnkey business, and every one of them is doing this for earning decent money. Some are already doing it to earn a full time income and others are working on to do so. Doesn’t matter if you are into this business to earn a part-time amount or a full-time income. Your only goal is income, and to get you the money you’ve been waiting for, you need to follow some brownie points. Here are some tips on how to earn money through adult affiliate marketing.

The DO’s of Adult Affiliate Marketing

  1. Target your Audience: Always remember, the purpose of your affiliate site is to meet the needs of your visitors. Always keep an eye on who your readers are, and what is attracting them. Keep you content relevant to your target audience. If you are running a cam girl site, then do not put adverts for gay sites, because this will not make you any sale. This might also result in you losing your visitors. It is clear that they are on your website because they are interested in camming girls, so why would you sell them anything related to gay porn? If your site is based on female camming girls, then the banners and affiliate links you put on your website must always target the straight audience only. Keep it narrowed down. Do not put links to a different niche of porn.
  1. Pick Your Site Niche: Picking your site niche is a very important point. You have to choose a niche for your new site which you are going to build. After picking a niche, many have ended up picking an oversaturated niche, picking too broad of a niche or a niche that doesn’t convert. Picking an oversaturated niche means your content and your site will have a hard time getting good rankings in reputed search engines. Picking too broad of a niche is very challenging because it could become very difficult to get to the targeted audience who will convert to sales. And picking a niche that does not convert means that your site will never make any money, doesn’t matter how hard you work. To know which niche falls under which category, you will have to talk with other webmasters. Ask them about their experiences and learn from them. They shall guide you towards selecting the best niche for your site.
  1. Be a Trustworthy Person: There are over millions of spammy websites on the internet and this has made internet surfers sceptical about what they read online. You need to gain their trust before you start converting your audience into sales. Trust can be gained by your content. Visitors will look at your site’s design and the content you have posted, they will determine depending on these if you can be trusted or not.

If you try to sell them or redirect them to a website that doesn’t feature any good or worthy content, then porn surfers are not going to trust you. You must feature ads of websites that will not take advantage of your visitors with too many annoying ads. If it were for otherwise, it shall result in target audiences leaving right away and not ever returning back to your website. Try being open and honest with your visitors. It is a very good thing for readers. Nobody likes false reviews and testimonials, and if your visitors sense that you are not being completely honest to make a sale, then they will just bypass your link and they will go directly to the vendor’s site.

  1. Content Quality: There is nothing better than great content. For all intents and purposes, people browsing on the internet have the vast experience of visiting hundreds of websites per day, and they are well versed in discerning a thin affiliate site from a spam site. They can easily identify which sites shall offer them the real value. Instead of putting hours on applying tricks and shortcuts to bring the traffic towards your site, try using some classy content. If you do not have quality content, you will not be making any money and you will struggle for it. Unique content brings visitors. It brings new visitors, as well as the old ones back. Focus more on providing your visitors with some excellent quality content which they love to see, and then all your strategies will work wonders.

To earn a lot of money, you need to be smart and capable of thinking outside the box. If you can find some content on any other site, then do not post similar content on your site. If you are using embedded videos on your site, add unique and attractive scene description, and try changing their titles.

Blogs are a wonderful way to creating good quality content, which will drive free targeted audience. Google’s search engine formula is constantly evolving and adding unique content is a sure-shot way to drive traffic. The customers who keep coming back to your site will recommend your site and they will give you link backs, so build your affiliate website business by always keeping your readers in mind. Just do this correctly and the sales shall increase automatically.

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  1. More than One Sponsor: Do not just stick with one affiliate program, try different and more than one sponsor. Doing this will take you out from the risk equation if something unexpected and bad happens to one sponsor program. Sometimes small programs work very well and sometimes big programs have problems. Either they close the doors or it gets too challenging to work with them. We have seen many affiliate programs going out of business in a night. So if you are working with only one of them and suddenly they closed, what will you do? Better to be on the safe side, and have more than one sponsor.
  1. Become the Surfer: Many people sign up for an affiliate program because they think the content looks good and one of their friends asserts that it converts well, but in actuality, it doesn’t. Every one of us has done something like that at least once. But when was the last time you signed up for one and looked at programs site from a surfer’s perspective? Many webmasters do all this. This shows what a surfer sees after and before joining the program. Is there any kind of obstacle that could get in the way of cutting down your conversion rate? Many programs offer a great tour, but if the joining is not so easy, then you are losing the money when a surfer switches or navigates to another site. Take some time off and invest some money in joining a program to see what a surfer has to go through and what type of content he gets. You have to know if it is worth your time to promote it.
  1. Different Traffic Sources: Share your post through social media accounts, it generates a lot of traffic. But do not just stick with this, there are several other ways to promote your website. You can get a lot of traffic if you are ready to put in some seriousness and hard work. Go to Reddit and different porn video sites. Sign up on porn forums. Then there do everything you can to promote your website. Post links, or post a sex story or anything with a link back to your website. You can also comment on various posts with your link.
  1. Be Patient: It takes some time before you make your first sale. It is seldom like you will make your first sale on your first day. It could take weeks or even months. Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, this could also take some significant time. This work is not as easy as it looks from outside. Adult affiliate marketing takes some time and effort to build your website into a successful one and start earning cash from it. Your content must be unique which stands out from all the other similar websites. Work on generating traffic and then, wait calmly for sales. You will have to work really hard to succeed in adult turnkey business. There are many people who make six figures in a year by doing the same thing which you are doing (or about to do). You can also be one of them, only if you are serious enough about it and you don’t have any kind of moral objections to promoting adult affiliate programs. It is not so difficult, but you must know how it is done / modus operandi and follow the right steps. If it is not the case, then you will end up with the bunch of other affiliates who are desperately trying but not getting any positive results.

These are some important DOs which every affiliate marketer must follow to become successful in affiliate marketing business. But many people who get into this business make a lot of mistakes. They DO many things which shouldn’t be done. Now let us take a look at the DONTs of adult affiliate marketing.

The DONT’s of Adult Affiliate Marketing

Making money online has never been an easy job. Especially in affiliate marketing business, generating traffic is very important and it is not so easy to be done. But also, it is not impossible to succeed. Here are some of the top mistakes which cause most of the affiliate businesses to fail:

  1. Not Creating Quality Content: This is a very basic and a simple DONT. The cause of failure here is that the adult webmasters are not putting much effort to work it out. Many newcomers in this business start their sites with a straight intention of making money, and to make it fast, which we already know that it takes some time and hard work. When they do not achieve any success or more importantly for them, money, within a short period of time, they quit. This is not a great empire in days of yore. We are in a brutally competitive world. To succeed, you will have to create unique content, which also must be valuable and should stand out from the crowd.

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  1. Going Too Broad: There are many webmasters who create a general tube website which covers all types of niches and this is a very big mistake. Doing so, they have the big names like Pornhub, Redtube in front of them to compete, and there are very tiny chances that their sites will get a good rank for every keyword search. Though it is not impossible to become successful this way, but to tell you the truth, it could take at least several months or even years to do that. Better, choose an adult niche and stick to that. Narrow the niche as much as possible, because this way, you will face less competition. This shall undoubtedly increase your chances of becoming successful.
  1. Lack of Patience: Patience is the key to success in any type of adult website business, and it applies here as well. People don’t understand that it takes some time get organic traffic. Normally, it takes about a few months for any new website to get on its feet. Many webmasters give up within a matter of few days due to lack of patience. Don’t do that. Have some patience and give your website some time.
  1. Failing to have an Effective System: Remember the first job you had. The first day you went to that job, you were put through a training process and there you were taught how to work by some guides. They were there to watch over your shoulder. Now compare this scenario with any adult affiliate. The first thing you do is you sign up, then they give you some affiliate links and all types of marketing tools. That’s all. Now after this, you are all on your own and expected to know by yourself about how to start earning cash in bundles online. Just like most of the affiliates, your first plane would not have panned out the way you were expecting it to. The key to becoming successful in adult affiliate business, is to have an effective system. If you do not know anything about this business, then how can you expect yourself to succeed in it. Consider investing in an affiliate marketing training course. You can find various online courses with effortless ease.
  1. Having too Big Expectations: Building a website is not much of a difficult task but to make a website that will earn you money, is not. There are tons of newbies around who think that making money through porn sites is a very easy and quick work, which requires doing nothing. And these types of people quit the earliest. The traffic generation, which is the key to earning money requires some time and effort. Without any of them, you will never succeed.

Here are some other important DON’Ts –

  • DON’T start your affiliate marketing career with a paysite. It will cost you a lot of money to start and in starting there will be no earning from it.
  • DON’T stop learning. Read the boards regularly to stay up to date about the new trends.
  • DON’T ever promote anything illegal like underage porn content or animals (bestiality) related.
  • DON’T give up easily if you weren’t able to achieve your goals. Learn, practice and try again. Keep trying till you succeed.
  • DON’T think of it as a hobby. If you seriously want to be successful, then start treating it like a job. Invest more hours and do the work with diligence.

Making money online is not an easy task and requires patience backed up by some hard work. Always keep learning new stuff and keep working hard on your site. The results will be in your favour. Maybe not today, but soon you will achieve success. Just keep head high and do not stop trying. Only serious people who want to achieve success can do it. Cheers!