How to Build a WebCam Site like a Chaturbate?

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Adult performers who do not renew and revamp their business operations on a regular basis are likely to become quaint. Everything seems hunky-dory until the adult performers get enmeshed in issues such as poor promotion, loss of reputation, loss of quality traffic etc. Such issues can be obviated by running a website. There is no denying that webcam sites are mascots of great promotions. Not only can adult performers capitalize on the valuable search engine traffic but also list their portfolio of services encompassing clip stores, social media profiles, etc.

Webcam sites like chaturbate are fountainheads of marketing. For all intents and purposes, a webcam site can be monetized in many ways such as through:

  • Pay site subscriptions
  • Clip sales
  • Webcam shows
  • Affiliate Marketing

And guess what, the best part is – no technical expertise is expected of webcam models.

Here is everything you need to know to build sites like chaturbate.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Webcam Site?

There are various website building platforms whose services can be availed for free. Webcam models can make use of such platforms. However, there is a caveat. Such platforms operate on a revenue – sharing model. In other words, webcam girls earn a certain percentage of the total sales made. Many adult platforms operate on a 60:40 or 50:50 revenue – sharing model i.e., 60% of the total sales made will be credited into your account while the remaining 40% will be credited into the coffers of the platform owners. Revenue – sharing lingua franca isn’t sustainable in the long run as parting with revenue each and every time isn’t desirable.

If you are keen on building a basic website that you intend to host yourself, be ready to incur certain overhead costs. A website name can cost you anywhere between $20 and $100 per year. Hosting costs cannot be ignored. Shared hosting plans start from $5 per month. But shared hosting has its own limitations. More often than not, shared hosting servers house 200 or more customers on the same server. Overuse of resources results in database errors, very long load times, connection errors etc. Even security is compromised and it is highly likely that you might share your server with bad neighbors. Thanks to long load times and choice of consorting with bad neighbors, your webcam site shall rank poorly in search engines. Traffic is bound to dwindle and in essence, shared hosting prevents you from making money. The bottom line is always go with dedicated server hosting.

How difficult is it to build webcam site like Chaturbate?

There is a lot of technical pomposity involved in understanding JAVA, PHP, HTML and other web frameworks. There’s an unparalleled regression associated with the age-old approach of hiring web developers and testers so as to build webcam site like chaturbate. It takes anywhere between 4 and 6 months to get the site fully functional. And guess what, web developers, programmers and testers will be on your payroll. Expenses will show immense buoyancy and you are certain of emptying your coffers.

Thanks to adult turnkey software such as xCams, you can build webcam site like Chaturbate with little or zero knowledge of HTML, Java and web hosting. With xCams, you can start your webcam site in just 24 hours.

How can you monetize your webcam site?

In this section, I will cover four important ways of monetizing your webcam sites:

  • Membership Subscriptions

Membership subscriptions often result in re-bills. To be precise, loyal and passionate fans are a good source monthly re-bills. Higher the number of loyal subscribers, higher is the residual income revenue. For audiences to stay loyal to your webcam site, refreshing content should always be provided. Also, exclusive access to archived content should be provided. To crank up the hype and number of followers, it is recommended to be active on popular webcam site like Chaturbate, BongaCams etc.

  • Clips and Store Items

Video clips along with gallery images can be monetized. Galleries usually contain photo sets. They may contain Snapchat subscriptions and erotic stories. Either a component of the gallery or the complete gallery can be monetized. Signed and endorsed content is yet another source of revenue. Adult turnkey software like xCams have all the provisions to help you sell clip and store items.

  • Live Webcam Shows

It is left to the discretion of the user and model to engage in one or more of the following types of shows:

  • Private 1 to 1 Video Chat
  • Group Chat (Multiple Users)
  • Peek Shows
  • Chats and Tips

 In case of private one-to-one video chat, the user is expected to have certain number of tokens.  If the user doesn’t have the minimum number of tokens (as decided by the model), your webcam site should automatically truncate the video call. By the way, tokens should be deducted in the very first second of the call.

Let me explain this with an example. If a models sets 15 tokens per minute, the user is expected to have at-least 15 tokens to initiate a private video chat. If he has 30 tokens, the system should deduct 15 tokens in the first second and the remaining 15 tokens in the 61st second.

It goes without saying that webcam sites designed by using xCams have all the necessary provisions to deduct right number of tokens at the right time.

Group Chat

Group chat is essentially about billing multiple users simultaneously. Webcam sites designed by using xCams allow models to accept requests from as many as 10 users at a time. As the billing is done simultaneously, it is cheaper than a private one –to –one chat. By the way, during the group chat, users can offer tips to models and engage in passionate sex chat.

Peek Shows

Peek shows are all about customers peeking into private sessions of the model(s). All the provisions which facilitate sex chats are disabled.

Chats and Tips

Audiences can offset their intrinsic enthusiasm to sex chat with models by offering tips. More often than not, models set tip goals. They perform erotic tasks or fulfill the requests of audiences once they reach the tip goals.

  • Affiliate and Referral Commissions

Webcam models focus too much on membership subscriptions, clips and store items, and live webcam shows. And maybe, just maybe, they tend to ignore residual yet consistent revenue through affiliate and referral commissions. Many webcam sites and clip sites have several referral and affiliate programs. You cannot discount the importance of earning commission off new customer referrals. I know quite a few webcam girls who make a fortune through affiliate commissions. If they can, so can you.

How else can you use your webcam site for promotion?

There are various WordPress sites which hardly sell anything. However, they list various types of clips, galleries, camming profiles, snapchat subscriptions and social media profiles of various models. You can submit your webcam site link to such WordPress sites. Be informed that there are various clip sites that do not allow models to link to competing sites. However, most of the clip sites allow models to link to personal webcam sites. This is one of the promising ways to enable surfers to identify your website and find your offerings such as clips, photos etc. There is a category of sites which allow linking to only one web property. In such a scenario, models seem to be caught in a bind and torn between providing link to clip store or cam site. The best possible solution is to provide the web-link of your webcam site. Visitors can thus not only visit your clip store but also learn more about your live webcam shows.

It is important to learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to tap the search engine traffic. It may sound complicated but it is easy. You are required to learn about the best search engine optimization practices. Onsite and Offsite optimization will fetch you and your webcam site the right amount of showmanship. Though SEO is a huge topic, we have compiled 10 Best Search Engine Tips for Adult WebsitesShould you have any doubts about SEO, write to our support team here.  Get all your queries answered.

How much money can you make on Chaturbate or a site like Chaturbate?

I had the opportunity of interviewing 120 webcam models. 85 models were amateurs with less than 10 months of experience and of course, the remaining 35 models have been in the adult industry for more than 35 months. Amateur models generally stay online for at least 6 to 8 hours a day. They get to participate in live webcam shows for anywhere between 150 and 180 minutes (not necessarily continuously). A casual look on popular webcam site like chaturbate will embody the fact that amateur models charge anywhere between $0.5 and $3 per minute.

Let us assume that you charge $0.5 per minute. Now that your camming sessions last anywhere between 150 and 180 minutes, your average earnings will be in the range of $75- $90 per day. Assuming that you work 5 days a week, you can make $450 per week. In other words, you can earn as much as $2000 per month.

Let me now quote some interesting stats from my research.  Amateur models were able to get 5 hours of proper camming work. The trick is to create profiles on more than one camming network and provide web-links to their respective webcam sites. Models charged $1 per minute. Average estimated earnings were $300 per day. Amateur models tend to keep themselves busy by working 6 days a week.  This amounted to an estimated $1800 per week or $7200 per month. This is a huge amount for beginners

When I fed the solicited data into my Excel dashboards, another crown jewel was revealed. Webcam models tend to double their earnings in the subsequent 5 months. This can be attributed to their gradual rise in reputation, quality traffic, referral programs and growing customer base of loyal audiences.

Here is a table summarizing all the insights:

ParameterConservative EstimatesLikely Estimates
Charge per minute$1$1.0
Webcam minutes per day150300
Earnings per day$150$300
Earnings per week$750 (5 days per week)$1800 (6 days per week)
Earnings per month$3000$7200
Earnings per month from the 5th month$6000$14400

It is undoubtedly love, hard work, consistency and passion which fuel the energies of monetization on sites like chaturbate. As long as you are genuinely passionate about camming, endless revenue is guaranteed.

Why you should purchase xCams?

Here are a few features that justify the brilliance of xCams:

  • Responsive Design
  • Geo-blocking
  • Ban users by IP
  • Private messaging
  • Paid Video and Photo Galleries
  • High tech technology
  • Performer set own pricing
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Cost control of paid chat
  • Setup calendar and events
  • Unlimited models and studios
  • Full variety of live chats
  • Fully rebrand – able templates
  • Performer goal system

To learn more about its features, hop on to xCams. Many adult turnkey software promise one thing and deliver another. xCams is a first class exception though. It delivers what it promises and promises what it delivers.

Price vs Features

Web PlatformYesYes
Android and iOS mobile appsNoYes
Free Installation & SetupYesYes
Free Mobile installationNoYes
All features includedYesYes
Life time supportYesYes
Free upgrades for lifeYesYes

Webcam models who purchase xCams positively assert for its brilliance. And yes, ROI (Return on Investment) shall be more than 500%.  There is an EPIC holiday offer running on the site. Use the offer to your advantage.

If you have any doubts or concerns, feel free to drop a line or two in the comments section. I shall reply in a day or two. To learn more about how much money can you make on chaturbate, keep watching this space. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep yourself abreast of trends in webcam and porn industry. My best wishes are with you and your adult webcam site. Cheers!

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