7 Best Platforms to Create Adult E-Commerce Websites

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The adult entertainment industry is not the same as it was before. The industry, which revolved around video and nude images, has now reached another level where people often search for the best adult e-commerce websites and platforms.

Sex toys, sexy lingerie, t-shirts with innuendos, or any physical products that are associated with the adult sector are in huge demand from a certain set of audience. And with the huge market, everyone wants to know how to sell sex toys. You can sell sex toys on your adult e-commerce websites built using some prominent adult e-commerce platforms.

With the market so enthusiastic and massive, we in this article will discuss some of the best adult e-commerce platforms for building your adult e-commerce website.

Why Build Adult E-Commerce Websites?

If you think starting a porn site is enough to make money in the adult industry, then think twice because selling adult toys and goods is the next big thing in the adult industry.

1. Global Market

With no geographical boundaries, a vast amount of buyers, and everything being done online, starting an adult e-commerce website is, of course, an excellent choice to make money.

E-commerce eliminates geographic limitations, enabling businesses to reach a global audience. Even though there are no geographical restrictions on selling adult toys, you must take careful consideration while international shipping of adult toys.

Unlike physical stores confined to a specific location, an online adult brand can attract customers worldwide through various adult sex toy marketing channels, such as social media, SEO, and email.

This flexibility allows store owners to operate from anywhere, prompting many brick-and-mortar businesses to expand their presence online. With 24/7 accessibility, an online adult store facilitates quick sales, offering diverse payment options such as Apple Pay, debit cards, cryptocurrency, and PayPal, which can enhance customer experience and drive revenue growth.

2. High Demand

Not just the global market but also the demand for sex toys is also huge. People with certain kinks love using these toys to spice up their sex lives and buy them online.

As the buyers need not go to the store to buy these things personally to maintain anonymity, this opens the door to selling adult products online. The demand for this business is so high that sellers have now started to sell adult products on Amazon as well.

3. Profit Margins

Another reason to start an adult e-commerce website is your profit margin. The cost to start a sex toys business is not high, so depending on your budget and needs, you can make a good profit from this business.

With the possibility of earning thousands of dollars, selling sex toys online can be a profitable business altogether.

4. Subscription Models

Along with one-time purchasers, some people tend to buy stuff regularly from adult e-commerce websites. For those people, you can set up a subscription model at a discounted price for the products.

You can offer your e-commerce services to customers by charging them weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. This is another excellent way of earning through sex toy websites.

5. Niche Markets

In adult e-commerce, there is a significant opportunity to target niche-specific markets. By catering to the unique needs of these niches, you can increase your revenue.

For instance, products designed for heterosexual individuals differ from those for lesbians, each requiring specialized offerings. Addressing the distinct preferences of these audiences can enhance the profitability of your adult e-commerce website.

All these make adult e-commerce stores an excellent option for all those interested in getting into the business.

 7 Best Platforms to Create Adult E-Commerce Websites

Now that we understand why we need to build an adult e-commerce website let’s learn more about the top e-commerce solutions for adult websites.

1. xMarketplace by Adent.io

xMarketplace by Adent.io is a comprehensive adult e-commerce website script ideal for launching an online store. This is one of the best adult e-commerce site builders that enables users to sell their own products or engage in dropshipping.

The integrated inventory source and dropshipping automation solution provide access to over 20,000+ products from 2 suppliers. 

Users can easily source products onto their site using the backend controls, set their selling prices, and achieve significant profits. 

This adult online store builder is SEO optimized, thus helping you drive traffic to your e-commerce store easily

International Dropshipper API: xMarketplace features integration with international dropshipping APIs, providing access to an extensive selection of over 20,000 products, all available with discreet shipping options.

Payment Gateway Suited For Adult Industry: It comes bundled with Verotel and NMI. Users can also offer cash on delivery (COD) for eligible orders. You have complete control over the payment options in your store.

Product Discovery: Shoppers can effortlessly find the right products using various filters. They can explore toys tailored to anyone, suitable for any occasion, and across different categories.


If you are worried about the cost of starting a sex toys business, xMarketplace is the best option for you, as it reduces the cost of setting up your adult e-commerce website.

You can purchase the whole xMarketplace adult e-commerce script by paying a one-time fee of $199. This one-time fee gives you a license for a lifetime using which you can build your adult e-commerce site.

For an additional $100, for a total of  $299, you get a one-on-one coaching program along with this whole adult e-commerce site solution.

2. Hostinger

Hostinger is a straightforward and affordable platform for adult online stores and a website builder ideal for small e-commerce businesses looking to sell products online. It’s easy to use and perfect for those aiming to earn a few hundred or a thousand dollars per month.

Hostinger allows you to set up an online store quickly without needing a web designer, making it an excellent choice for a hassle-free start.

Using Hostinger to Build an Adult Ecommerce Website
Source: Hostinger

New users appreciate Hostinger’s low cost and simplicity. It combines your company website and online shop on one platform, which is very convenient. With ready-made templates, you can easily set up your site and then customize it by adding photos and changing colors using the visual editor.

Users who had never tried Hostinger before found it easy to create their site and manage their product listings. Adding and updating items is straightforward, making inventory management simple. 

For anyone seeking an easy-to-manage adult e-commerce store to sell trending sex toys, Hostinger is the solution. You can try it for free without needing a credit card, and if you opt for a premium subscription, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee, ensuring it’s a cost-effective choice.


You can get your hands on this adult website development platform for $3.99 per month just for the script. However, with the hosting and other charges, it reaches up to $9.99 per month.

3. BigCommerce

BigCommerce is a top-rated adult e-commerce platform for adult online retailers, with extensive inventory and a high sales volume. 

BigCommerce allows up to 600 variations per product, which is ideal for items with multiple colors, finishes, and sizes. This makes BigCommerce one of the best adult shopping cart software and more suitable for businesses needing a wide range of product options.

Using BigCommerce to Build an Adult Ecommerce Website
Source: BigCommerce

BigCommerce also offers unlimited employee accounts, enabling management from multiple locations.

Tracking customers and sales is straightforward, and BigCommerce easily integrates with multiple sales channels, including Facebook, Walmart, Instagram, Amazon, Wish, and TikTok. Additional integrations are available through the BigCommerce App Store.

Users praised BigCommerce for allowing them to present a wide range of products attractively, giving them more control over search results and adult product listings. BigCommerce provides diverse ways for users to offer product choices, including drop-down menus, radio buttons, and text fields, offering greater customization for customers.


BigCommerce is charged under a subscription plan, with the standard plan costing $29 per month, the plus plan at $79 per month and the pro plan at $299 per month. You can contact customer support to have an enterprise-level plan.

4. Shopify

Shopify is arguably the most popular e-commerce platform worldwide today to create adult e-commerce sites. It offers a range of monthly pricing plans, from basic options to more advanced ones for larger stores, with benefits such as lower transaction fees.

Shopify enables the creation of customized e-commerce websites and has a vast marketplace of plug-ins to enhance your store and increase revenue from your sex toys.

Using Shopify to Build an Adult Ecommerce Website
Source: Shopify

The platform supports adult stores of all sizes, from small shops to global sites, and handles thousands of sales daily. Shopify makes it easy to track orders, revenue, and customers.

It also provides a variety of free and paid templates, along with a user-friendly drag-and-drop builder, allowing even novice web designers to create effective and attractive stores.

Users can bring their vision to life with the drag-and-drop store creator, which requires no coding skills—just their next big idea. They can easily create adult toys merchant accounts, and add features and functionality to their online store using apps developed by trusted Shopify developers.


Shopify offers different plans depending on the user’s needs. The basic plan costs $29 per month, Shopify plans for small teams cost $79 per month, the advanced plan costs $299 per month, and the plus plan for complex businesses costs $2,300 per month, which is billed every three years.

5. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is an adult industry e-commerce software that helps you easily build an adult e-commerce website. This WordPress based e-commerce software can help you launch your adult toy store without any hassle.

There are no limits to what you can create, allowing you to build impressive e-commerce websites. Like Shopify, WooCommerce offers a variety of plugins to enhance your store’s functionality and boost revenue.

Woocommerce to Build an Adult Ecommerce Website
Source: Woocommerce

WooCommerce provides next-level customization, advanced selling features, and dedicated support to help established adult merchants grow. Its marketplace offers hundreds of extensions and themes to enhance conversions and streamline operations.

With WooCommerce, users can build powerful e-commerce solutions for adult products on a truly open, WordPress-based platform. WooCommerce is also highly SEO-friendly when set up correctly. It can help you attract organic traffic from potential customers, which can lead to increased sales.


The price of WooCommerce starts at $3.99 per month. As you add your features, functionalities and hosting, the prices vary. You can discuss this with the team before you decide on your plan.

6. Wix

Wix is an ideal choice for small businesses with limited inventory. Successful Wix users typically showcase a focused product line on their website, empowered by Wix’s outstanding website builder.

Wix to Build an Adult Ecommerce Website
Source: Wix

You can start with 122 free designs tailored for online businesses, although this number may vary as Wix continues introducing new features. This abundance of templates sets Wix apart from other platforms.

Explore Wix’s online shop template editor to see if it fits your needs. While creating a website with Wix can be challenging, the company continually enhances its platform and can be helpful for any type of sex toy business model.

For a slightly higher investment compared to other adult e-commerce platforms, Wix provides enhanced features and benefits in return. It’s a promising choice for businesses with a smaller range of products. With Wix’s user-friendly platform, you can get your sex toys business online quickly—often within an hour.


Wix offers several different plans for creating an adult commerce site. The business plan costs $36 per month, the business elite plan costs $159 per month, the core plan costs $29, and the light plan costs $17.

7. Squarespace

Squarespace is highly recommended if you’re seeking an adult e-commerce platform that goes beyond traditional shopping cart solutions. It allows you to offer a more personalized and tailored experience, which is especially useful in niche markets. 

Squarespace used to be the sole provider of an intuitive visual webpage builder, but now many competitors are emulating its once-unique features. Despite this, Squarespace remains a solid alternative to other adult e-commerce platforms, thanks to its improved design tools and expanded online shop capabilities.

Squarespace to Create an Adult Ecommerce Website
Source: Squarespace

It stands out as a unique solution for business websites. Squarespace offers 34 pre-built webshop themes, allowing for extensive customization options, similar to Wix but with the added advantage of retaining content when switching themes—a valuable feature for rebranding or business evolution.

Squarespace is ideal for those seeking an easy-to-use website builder for adult sites that offers more customization. It strikes a balance between flexibility and ease of use, making it easier to change templates without starting over.


Squarespace has different plans depending on the users. The personal plan costs $25 per month, the business plan $36 per month, the commerce basic plan $40 per month, and the commerce advanced plan $72 per month.


With the adult toys and goods sector gaining enough traction for people to make money, choosing the best adult e-commerce platforms will be tricky. This article can be your starting point in helping you choose the top-rated adult e-commerce platform to build your online sex toy store.

xMarketplace by Adent.io is the best adult e-commerce site builder of all the ones listed above. With its advanced features and user-friendly functionalities, it can be your solution for building your sex toy store.

Even compared to leading e-commerce platforms, like xMarketplace vs Shopify, xMarketplace stands out with its superior features explicitly tailored for adult e-commerce websites.

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