Best Live Streaming Applications to Build Adult Video Chat Site

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Video recording cameras have been used for quite a few years to produce the old fashioned VHS or DVD porn. But when the internet connected cameras came into existence, it just became an all new and a different way of enjoying porn. It didn’t take a long time for the porn industry to pick up this webcam technique to serve live porn to the visitors’ computers. Live sex shows became very popular, and it was a very good source of money for the porn stars because they have suffered a lot due to free erotic content on various websites. New technology and high-speed internet gave these porn stars a new profession, along with a feature of direct interaction with their viewers. The visitors also like to video chat with their favourite porn stars, as they get to talk with them. Also, the users are at liberty to ask them to do whatever they want.

There are several cam show sites on the internet, and one of the popular webcam sites gets visited by around 30 million visitors every single month. When a site is being visited for umpteen times, then it becomes quite easier for a cam girl to earn a lot of money through it, even if she does only a few shows per day. Also, it is a nice way to earn money, as the cam girls do not have to act in some movie, where the earning has become deliberately less in the past few years. One of the reasons why cam girls have become so popular is “live interaction”, which is not possible in porn movies. Watching and interacting on a live shows with a porn star is like sitting with an artist. Also, cam girls get to work from their independent and safe places.

Best Live Streaming Applications to Build Adult Video Chat Site

Millions of websites are dedicated towards camming, and all of them use one or the other kind of adult live cam script. Basically, an adult live cam script enables the owner of an adult website to run their own adult cam site with ease. They can create their own live video chat portals with the help of such scripts. It also has multiple payment gateways, which are very useful, as visitors pay to watch live shows, and they pay through these payment gateways. There are several types of live cam scripts available on the internet, and only a handful of them are best. Here we shall discuss 5 of the best live streaming apps or adult script software, which are helpful to create an adult video chat site. If you are thinking of creating your own camming site, then read the below-mentioned list of best scripts for adult video chat sites, carefully.

Best Live Streaming Apps or Scripts to Build a Video Chatting Website

These live streaming apps or better known as adult camming scripts have many different uses. Not only they help you to start a camming show or adult video chat website, but they also help you to choose the best design for your website from their adult website templates. First and the best adult video chat script is Adent’s xCams. Let us delve into the details.

xCams from Adent

The xCams software from Adent is a Live Cams Script software, which helps in creating a live adult cams site. With this software, anyone can easily create and maintain a porn cam site. The streaming technologies used in this software enable the owner of the site to create his / her own video chat portals along with pay per view cam system.

xCams Features

There are many adult porn webcam performers who want to earn more money, and Adent’s xCams is one of the best ways to create and own website, and subsequently start earning with ease. They can not only start their own website but also they can hire more performers for their site. With xCams, the owner of the website can easily manage the number of user signups, the time spent on each model, the total amount of money spent by each user and much more with this software. If you yourself are a camming model, or if you are interested in becoming one, then xCams can be very useful for you. Here are the main features of xCams:

  • You can always keep an eye on all the chat rooms. Get real time analytics and list of people watching any cam show at any time.
  • If anyone is abusing or not behaving properly, you can ban or remove that person from your website. You can ban their IP, city or country, which just a few clicks.
  • Cam models management: Add new models to your site, edit their info or delete them. You can manage their bio page having their images and videos on your website.
  • Setup different pricing for per minute for every model. You can also set different pricing for a model according to the time of shows.

xCams software from Adent

  • Private paid sessions will always be requested by users and you can keep track of them with logs of all the chats.
  • Model revenue management: The amount of money each model earned in a day, the total amount earned by all the models, the number of shows performed by every model, the amount of commission you earned and the amount which has to be paid to each model, this can be easily managed with xCams.
  • Different payment gateways, so that every user can pay and watch easily.
  • You can choose the best design for your websites from various adult website template available.

It might not sound so important, but adult website design is one of the most important ways of attracting a customer, and keeping him / her on your site. The adult web designers at Adent have created a number of awesome designs to choose from. You can select any from the list of adult website design. These designs are created after taking various famous porn sites into consideration by Adent’s adult website designers. Other than design, this software is very useful for both models and clients as it enables them to have a direct conversation, along with live video show. xCams is a paid script, but it doesn’t cost much, as there are tons of features in it.  It is worth every penny that you invest. The other camming script software have similar features too, but they lack in a number of great templates and management.

  1. Video Chat Script: It is very easy way to deploy your own camming network. Everything which is required to run a camming network is deployed with this script software quickly. It is used by many camming websites on the internet.
  1. ModelNet: It is a feature rich live streaming software. By using this live streaming software, you can tap into the network of models, and then you can also feature them on to your camming sites. It is a promising way of starting your first camming site because, while starting your site, it is very unlikely that you will have many camming models willing to work with your adult site. ModelNet works on a reverse share system, and the models along with their site, get a part of the revenue she earns from your site. You can also feature your models on other sites, which will earn you and your model more money.
  1. CamScripts: Just like every other adult camming script software, it has all the important features. With camscripts, you can earn easy money through their pay per minute program, along with many other money making techniques. You also get free lifetime 24/7 technical support.
  1. FluffVisoon: Fluffvision offers regular updates, and their pay per view adult webcam software is wonderful. They also have a number of adult website templates for you to choose from.

The aforementioned software are the best adult video chat script software, which you can use to create your own adult camming site. They all have different offers, and they come with some very good bunch of features. Browse through each of them, and select the one that caters to your requirements. Cheers!