5 Best Adult Webcam Software to Start PPV Cam Site

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Ever since the inception of the internet-connected cameras, live sex shows have become the new face of the porn industry. Live camming has become a lucrative profession. Online porn had already suffered in the past few years as many porn sites offered erotic movies for free. While many websites still continue to offer free content, there are quite a good number of websites that indulge exclusively in camming niche. Thanks to the new technologies and high-speed internet, camming has become a new profession, where the adult performers can earn a good amount of money by performing in their own room. One of the popular adult cams site gets visited by as many as 28 million visitors in a month. With a web traffic like this, a cam girl can easily make huge money with a few shows every day.

Adult cams girls can easily earn more money through this way, without having to work in regular porn movies where the earning has become significantly less. One of the reasons why cam girls have become so popular is “live interaction”, which is not possible in porn movies. Watching and interacting on a live show with a porn star is like sitting with an artist. Also, the cam girls enjoy the privilege of performing from independent and safe places.

Best Adult Webcam Software to Start PPV Cam Site

A large network of porn websites is dedicated towards live sex cam shows. They allow amateur porn actors to perform live shows on their site for chatroom audience. The people pay using virtual tokens which are converted into dollars by the website. Then the websites distribute the money to the performers, after taking a cut for themselves. This method of paying applies a soft pressure on everyone to keep spending, which they do. The money is also far better than normal / conventional porn. On an average, a cam girl can easily make $500 in a day to $500 in a single show. Many models earn $500 to $1000 in a single day. While not every model makes that much of money, an exceptional cam girl can earn $50,000 to $60,000 in a month, quite easily. Every camming site has at least more than 50 camming models, and they take some percentage out of their daily earnings for themselves.

And yes, this is not the only way a custom porn cam site makes money. Another way they make money is by PPV (Pay per view) system. You can guess by the name itself that the viewer has to pay for each time he / she visits the site. This way, they don’t need to subscribe to the camming site, and whenever they want to watch a show, they just need to pay for that one show. This concept is loved by many porn viewers, as this saves them a lot of money. How? Suppose, a person wants to view porn but he or she doesn’t have enough time to watch porn every day. He or she is only able to view it once or twice a month. PPV system gives people that leeway to pay only when they have enough time to watch porn. This saves them a lot of money. Earlier people used to spend on a monthly membership plan, even though they had not enough time to view porn more than 3-4 times a month.

You can also start webcam business by starting a custom porn cam site of your own. It isn’t much costly. One of the biggest advantages in this business is that you will be able to find models for your camming site, very easily. Many college going girls are already working as a camming model on different websites, and many more want to start their own camming business. Camming gives them the freedom to perform from their own bedroom, along with easy money. They get to choose their own schedule of performances. And they don’t even need any costly equipment to start shows. They just need an adult webcam software, and a webcam attached to their computer which has high speed internet connectivity.

To start a camming site you just need to buy the best adult turnkey website package. There are several websites that offer adult webcam software for a mere price. The adult turnkey website package includes several features. Let us take a look at some basic features which every adult webcam software offers.

Features of Adult Webcam Software

  1. Free Updates: The script versions come with the latest updates and they release regular updates which save your website from several threats and keep it updated.
  2. Customizable: The scripts are completely customizable. In other words, you can make any and all changes you intend to in order to customize the script as per your requirements.
  3. Flash Stream: The adult webcam software offers flash streaming video chat complemented with two way video chat facility, along with high definition (HD) streaming capabilities.
  4. PPV Billing System: Along with the two way video chat session, the script software offers pay per view billing system. This means that you will be able to keep the records of which model is being visited by how many visitors, and how times her show has been viewed.
  5. Tips: Tipping feature is also available in most of the adult webcam software. This feature allows the visitor to tip the camming girl.

Features of Adult Webcam Software

There are several more features available with different adult webcam software. You will be able to find different features in different software. And it also depends on the package you choose.

From a list of more than hundreds of webcam software, we have created a list of top 5 adult webcam software. With these software, you won’t need to do any separate adult website marketing as well. This software include, and you just have to select the option within the software. Take a look at 5 best adult webcam software, and select the one which suits you the best adult website marketing

5 Best Adult Webcam Software

  1. Fluffvision
  2. Odyssey Cam
  3. Red5Cam
  4. Camscripts.com
  5. Video Broadcast Software

Well, to earn the most with any website, you need to focus on the traffic. You will normally require to advertise about your website on other porn websites. But with adult webcam software, you won’t have to waste time on that. Although, to keep the previous visitors and new people to visit your site, you will have to add new camming models to your site on a regular interval. Many people get bored by watching the same performer every time. You can also attract more viewers by giving them some free tokens to spend. It is proven that people like free shows, and by giving them some free tokens, you are giving them a peek to premium shows. This will make them buy virtual tokens.

Visit the websites of the afore-mentioned adult webcam software, and go through their features and services. You will easily find the best software among these.

Adult camming business is very easy to setup and it is easier to earn money from it. Everything will be done by the software, so you do not have to worry about keeping logs and finding separate ad companies to promote your website. It is a complete adult turnkey website package.