3 Affiliate Programs to Monetize Indian Traffic

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It’s not an exaggeration to consider Affiliate Marketing as one of the most powerful marketing tools in today’s digital world.

But what’s Affiliate Marketing? – It can be understood as a process of marketing where I sell a product on behalf of a company or business or my friend. Then what’s in it for me? – A small percentage of profit from that sale.

Affiliate marketing has grown by leaps and bounds in recent times wherein every product requires additional selling talent.

Let’s understand it better.

affiliate program india

Assume that my friend (who happens to be my product owner) wants to sell a product but he doesn’t have a huge advertising budget. So, he allows me (the affiliate) to sell his product and in exchange, he gives me a percentage of that earning. This is how both of us win and make money online.

 More often than not, affiliates promote e-books, online courses and software programs.  

Let’s now understand how it pans out for adult industry and how one can monetize the adult traffic in India through various affiliate programs India.

Benefits of being an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate Marketer

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Being an affiliate marketer has many underlying benefits.

Major benefit – Make money without having your own product. You just need to promote products.

Other benefits are:

  • Starting an affiliate marketing program doesn’t cost a fortune. It acts as an ideal business model for both experts and beginners alike. It doesn’t discriminate.
  • The only underlying costs involved are that of website hosting ($5 USD per month), a one-time website set up and an autoresponder subscription for email which could cost $20 USD per month.
  • The foremost benefit of being a marketer is that of scalability. The business model has huge growth potential wherein you can make the whole world your market.
  • At the same time, you can learn to manage the business, scheduling of tasks and taking care of the customer’s sales, accounts.

Adult Affiliate Programs – a gold mine?

Affiliate marketing in the adult niche has a huge potential with room for scalability. With it being a $100 billion strong industry, affiliate marketing can have huge growth in this vertical.

But getting a foothold in the adult industry as a marketer is not that easy. This is because the adult industry, often, has issues of copyright infringement and legal issues often take longer to get resolved.

But if you cross the pond of viciousness, the other side is a goldmine. This can be attributed to the massive amounts of web traffic that can be targeted and tapped.


Source: CrakRevenue

However, the adult niche has its own set of problems for affiliate marketers.

Firstly, the adult niche is full of spams and for finding any reasonable information, you are coerced to get into a sea of clickbait links which offer zero value.

Secondly, you would find deafening anonymity which raises questions on the credibility of the information.

Other problems that affiliate marketers often find within this adult niche are that of the advertisements displayed here. According to some experts, most bizarre, confusing yet engaging ads tend to work better than articulated ones. Psychologically, it might make sense as people while visiting here might have thought it otherwise. While watching porn, you are more focused on the basis needs and hence, cognitive functions are not fully activated.

This is where you get more access to manipulation of content and advertisement. Thus, ads like ‘hot single mothers near you’ or ‘single moms in your area’ tend to attract you even if you knew it’s just a clickbait. The immediate feelings tend to work especially when the hormonal activity is at its peak.

So, the important takeaway from here is – most affiliate marketing tips and ideas might not work here. Therefore, the affiliate marketers must think in different terms while getting into this information.

How to Monetize the Adult Market?

So, as an affiliate marketer, when you decide to venture into this niche, there are few things you must keep in mind. You might have to do a lot of tracking and testing than for usual products.

There are various aspects that you have idea about such as Demographics, age groups, NSFW (Not Safe for Work) label as well as geolocation of the traffic coming from.

Most adult affiliate marketers tend to divide the countries into three tiers.

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The first tier contains popular countries such as the US, Australia, the UK, France and Germany. The second tier countries are Russia, Mexico, Turkey, Argentina, and South Africa where the traffic is slightly lesser and hence, the competition is quite low.

East and South Asian countries such as India and Pakistan tend to have significant volumes of traffic in porn industry and yet, considered to be third tier countries.

India recently became the second highest consumer of adult content after the US. But still, the country remains as a third tier country for monetizing the traffic – the reason being fewer tools available for monetizing.

Monetizing the Adult content through Affiliate Marketing

affiliate program india

So, if you are an eager adult affiliate marketer and want to grow your foothold in the adult niche, you might want to start with Tier 1 country with initial investment of at least $3000-$4000. The competition here would be extremely stiff but the payout is really handy.

If you do not want to spend that much, then go for the Tier 2 countries because they don’t have as much traffic as the Tier 1 countries and the payout is decent.

Countries like India have huge web traffic. Competition is lean. Payout rates are moderate. This is true for countries such as Norway, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Brazil and the Netherlands.

India also ranks 10th among the countries on multiplayer 3D sex game Yareel with maximum number of purchases per month. Therefore, it makes India a country to look for while monetizing adult traffic from India.

For all intents and purposes, the potential of these countries can be exploited by means of proper optimization, testing with lower budget programs, and competition analysis.

Let’s say, you want to monetize Indian traffic, better start with some research.

 There are tools such as VPN software to engage in competition analysis.

Some other spy tools such as AdPlexity or AdPlexity Adult throw an insight into aspects such as the traffic inflow to competitor sites, marketing assets being used by competitors, etc. You can know the types of banners these successful sites are using. You can keep yourself abreast of strategies being deployed by competitors.

Another snooping tool worth using is WhatRunsWhere.

Landing pages are important given that you would want to make sure that your CTR is on higher side.

Then go on to perform split A/B testing on different banners, their placement, landing pages etc.  

3 Affiliate Programs to make money in India.

affiliate programs to make money in India

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India ranks second in consuming adult content after the US and its traffic has slowly been recognized as a potential money making entity.

There are 3 affiliate programs to monetize Indian traffic in the adult niche.

Here’s a brief run-down on the same:

Cash In Pills

Who can be a better master of geo-targeting than Cash In Pills which offers persuasive products to lure the local markets. Promoting them on your site can assure that you get the best conversion rates worldwide.

The following list of features and benefits further strengthens its case as one of India’s best affiliate marketing programs –

  • Access to generic and insightful stats. Their graphs and data will enable the marketer to evaluate the effectiveness of actions at any time.
  • Wide range of offers for products according to the needs of consumers. Match your audience with their offers and get success.
  • The website is optimized for mobile devices to enhance the consumer experience and generate more sales.
  • There is a dedicated account manager to answer all the doubts and help to boost the profit.
  • Geo tagging is used by Cash In Pills to see the ads in the native language and be directed to the local versions of the offers. This helps in greater conversions and more sales.


Another comprehensive program to monetize Indian Traffic for adult content is Paysale. With varieties of services at its helm, it becomes an easy program to go after. The website offers different offers for publishers and advertisers.

The company offers exclusive and scalable offers with monthly payments through Paxum, PayPal and Webmoney.

You also get personal managers to boost the profit and answer any issue. You get a whole lot of contests and programs to make your ad interesting. The Paysale provides a large volume of worldwide traffic that anyone would love to get as affiliate marketer.


One of the best programs to get success through affiliate marketing is iMonetizeIt.com. The site provides exclusive offers to monetize Indian traffic at any scale.

The program provides for awesome distribution, optimization, and promotional links a well as performance of the ad.

Here are some of its features:

  • You get real time stats at your fingertips with global coverage from 50+ countries.
  • The program helps you go for advance geo tagging to maximize your ROI.
  • You would get 24 / 7 (round the clock) customer support for any of the issues that you have come across.
  • It has a user friendly interface to get your data uploaded quickly, thanks to easy integration with Cake, AllAffiliatePro and more.
  • Timely and flexible payment options are in the offing

To monetize Indian traffic, consistency is required. To better the fortune of your affiliate marketing endeavors and make BIG money, it may take some time. Just keep promoting the right quality content on the right platform. Cheers!

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