10 Things Most People Don’t Know About Webcam Business

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The invention of internet has brought a revolution all around the world. Thanks to advancements in technology, almost the whole world is connected. Internet isn’t just being used for interaction and exchanging emails. It is being leveraged for entertainment. Undeniably, porn has been one of the oldest sources of entertainment for people. Adult turnkey business came into existence in the late 90s, and it has been constantly evolving ever since then. Adult website business took a big turn when the internet connected cameras came into existence. Earlier, people were able to “watch” porn, but with the cameras connected on both the ends, people are now able to interact directly with the models. It also paved the path for the porn lovers to have a chat with their favourite porn stars. People ask them to perform according to their whims and fancies. And it isn’t just a boon for the general public, it has several underlying benefits for the porn stars as well. In other words, webcam business has become the heart and soul of adult industry.

There are a lot of things most people don’t know about the webcam business. It actually has many profits, and it is quite easier to establish adult website business. We will take you through the information regarding webcam business, which you have no knowledge about. And, at the end, we shall also disclose a secret about how to start a webcam business on a budget.

How Do I Build a Webcam Site


10 Things People Don’t Know About Webcam Business

  1. It is the most loved porn niche.

Yes, it is true that adult web cam business has become quite popular in a matter of few years. One of the popular camming sites is being visited by over 30 million visitors every month. Thanks to the live performances of adult performers, the vicarious happiness and excitement of porn viewers is reaching a crescendo. Earlier, they were only able to watch recorded porn, but now, with camming sites, they are able to watch it live.

  1. Models and Porn Stars Love Camming.

The number of porn stars and new models jumping into the camming business is increasing rapidly. Every day, several actors who have appeared in many porn movies and new models are signing up for camming sites. The reason behind it is that camming business is quite different from regular porn business. Here, they do not have to perform in front of a whole direction team for hours, on a location which is hours away from their residences. They get to pick their own working hours and can perform right from their home. And yes, the pay is good. Most of the camming girls perform for about 2-3 hours per day, and they get a good amount of money for that. There is never a pressure to perform for long hours.

  1. There is no camming site which could be considered as the Best Camming Site.

Exactly, there is no such site which could be considered as the best camming site to earn money for a camming girl. Every network offers different features and appeals to a different demographic. You can determine the best network by looking at its traffic, or maybe by highest payout system. It is very difficult to determine the best camming network because the attributes that make a network the best are not clear and open to interpretation. You can compare different networks and decide the webcam site of your choice. The list of adult camming sites looking for models is mentioned in the next point, and it also conveys their payout percentage and Alexa Rank.

  1. Wanna become a Camming Model? Have a look at these sites.

If you are attracted towards this business and want to become a camming model, we have information at our disposal. To become a successful model in camming business, you should start your career with a webcam network that has:

  • Good traffic
  • Good payout rate
  • System and design which suits you. Here is the list of websites which are recruiting new cam models, along with payments, network details and their Alexa Rank.

Tips To Become an XCams Model

List of Adult Camming Sites Hiring Models

 Network Payout Network Details Alexa Rank
 AmateurCommunity 60% AmateurCommunity 24,680
 BongaCams 60% – 90% BongaCams 110
 CamFuze 5¢ / token CamFuze 26,969
 Cams.com 30% – 100%  9,483
 Chaturbate 5¢ / token Chaturbate 339
 Customs4U 60% Customs4U 153,972
 Flirt4Free Varies Flirt4Free 1,274
 FreeWebCams.com 50% FreeWebCams.com 6,638
 iFriends 50% – 100%  iFriends  76,272
 ImLive 30% – 100% ImLive 5,500
 Livejasmin 30% – 60%  LiveJasmin 278
 MyFetishLive 50%  1,519,652
 Naked 50% Naked.com 17,744
 SkyPrivate 75% – 80% SlyPrivate 126,265

European Adult Camming Jobs:

 Network Payout Network DetailsAlexa Rank
 AmateurCommunity 60% AmateurCommunity 24,680
 MyDirtyHobby  50% MyDirtyHobby 10,073
 XCams 40% – 60% XCams 2,328
 XLoveCam 50% – 70% XLoveCam 3,156
  1. Confused about Alexa Rank? Alexa is actually a company.

There is a column mentioned in the list of websites as “Alexa Rank”, but what exactly is Alexa Rank? Alexa is actually a company and Alexa Rank is the data which is provided by them. Alexa tracks the number of page views and different visitors visiting a particular site. Alexa Rank is a metric which is calculated using traffic on a particular website or network. The lower the rank of a website or a network on Alexa, the better is the website or the network.

  1. Camming Business has a lot of $$ for Cam girls.

The earning of a cam model vary greatly. There is actually no fixed earning in this business. You will get as much as you put in. Higher the time you spend camming, the better shall be your pay. Other things which matter are the looks of the model, personality and her ability to perform and entertain visitors in the chatroom. If her performance is good, then she shall earn more money from tips. Due to the several criteria, it is very difficult to calculate the earnings of a cam model. But on an average, a cam girl can easily earn about $500 per day to even a thousand dollars per show. Most of the models earn $500 to $1000 every day, but it is not the case with everyone. Cam girls who have been in this business for quite some time and know it pretty well can earn $50,000 to $60,000 per month quite easily.

  1. Becoming a Camming Girl requires just a handful of things.

Camming business does seem quite interesting and has a lot of money. But, what are things you need to start camming? After selecting your desired network, you will need a few things to start your camming career. A computer with high speed internet connection, webcam and two ID’s of your (different forms) profile. We recommend using an HD webcam. In fact, it has been made compulsory by some networks, but not all of them. You will also need a clean environment to perform. You can use your room, but it must be clean and you should not be disturbed in the middle of the show. Choose a location which is clean and where you can perform comfortably without any disturbance. Most of the cam models perform from their bedrooms. These are the basic requirements to start camming.

  1. A camming girl can Block their shows from whole countries.

Every camming network offers privacy control. Different camming sites have different policies regarding the privacy settings of your shows. Some networks allow their models to block specific zip codes and cities, while some networks allow models to block entire state or a whole country. Models should carefully check and read all the terms and conditions of different camming networks they are genuinely interested in. The privacy part should be dealt with utmost attention. Check out for the proper privacy settings you are seeking across different camming networks.

  1. Can anyone start a Camming Site of their Own? Yes!

Starting an adult website business like a camming site is not a difficult task as it seems. Firstly, you need a name for your website. When you are done with that, you just need a live cam script software. That’s it. There are innumerable live cam script software available over the internet, and to make it easier for you, we know a camming script software which is known as the best and second to none in the porn industry. xCams – Adent’s xCams is a very helpful live cam script software that can be leveraged by anyone who is interested in starting a new camming website. It has everything from templates to advertisement offers. Usually, when a person starts a new camming site, it is almost impossible to have 50-60 models in the starting few weeks. With xCams, you can use the models performing on other websites. You’ll just have to pay them their cut, and rest of the revenue will be yours. And not just that, you will have complete control over your website. You will be able to block anyone by his / her IP, city or country, with just a few clicks. Even the cam models can be managed through this script software. From their payments to their profile, everything can be done easily with xCams.

xCams software from Adent

  1. How to make money with Porn?

Well, one question which stands in every niche of porn ishow to make money with porn?Creating and hiring models is the easy process, but making money requires dedication and patience. Dedication is required in generating traffic, and to generate traffic, you need to advertise and spread the good word about your website. You can use affiliate marketing to advertise as it is one of the best ways to generate traffic easily. You also need to make the previous visitors visit your cam site again and again. And to do that, you will have to hire new models every few months. This will keep away the viewers from getting bored with the same models and it shall provide a variety for new visitors. Now coming to patience, generating traffic is not an overnight process. It takes some time. It could even take months or years to have a good amount of traffic and subsequently fetch revenue from your website. You just have to be patient and keep working hard. Cheers!