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“Is stripping worth the money?” Well, to answer that question, specifically regarding how much do male strippers make, we have to dig deep and understand how the male stripper business works and the financial aspects involved.

Before we dive in, let’s just take an overview of what stripping is and if male stripping is the real deal. Well, yes, stripping is an age-old profession of stripping down your clothes to the music and entertaining your guests. Stripping is done by both males and females and is quite a profitable business in many countries.

Other than a good body, to become a male stripper, you need good dancing skills and also have the ability to interact with the crowd and entertain them to receive tips. The money in male stripping is great, but to achieve that, you need to put in the effort to make it a success. How much do male strippers make solely depends on their performance and abilities.

In general, male strippers make less money than female strippers. This makes many wonder if the time and work they put into male stripping is worth it or not. Let’s find out.

Ways to make money as a male stripper

Male strippers can make good money once they establish their name and get more work coming their way. Stripping is usually a weekend job where a male stripper can make money in various ways. Male strippers need to be fit and healthy to sustain the hard work needed for stripping.

Strip clubs

For anyone who is starting out as a male stripper, finding work at any strip club is your best bet. Check out at your local strip clubs if they have any vacancies for a male stripper. You’ll be getting slots to perform on stage on a male stripper salary in strip clubs and trying to entertain the crowd. You get a fixed amount for each show you do on stage. while the tips you get on stage are extra.

When you’re not on stage, you’ll be serving drinks and offering lap dances to the audience. Lap dances are a great way to make extra money while you work at the strip club. You can offer public lap dances and private lap dances to customers willing for it. Private lap dance is charged higher as it’s for a longer duration, and you give it in a private room.

Male revue shows

Male revue shows are full theater style performances on a stage in front of a big crowd. In the stripping line of work, this kind of show pays the least amount of money as you’ll be doing only 1 show in a night. Male revue shows are done with a bunch of male strippers who take turns to perform and woo the crowd on the stage while the rest support the routine as backup dancers.

Male revue shows usually run for the whole night and require strippers to be present 2 to 3 hours before the show starts to interact with the crowd and sign autographs, and take pictures. The pricing for such shows varies depending on the popularity of the show. Male revue shows like Thunder Down Under and Chippendales are the most popular revue shows and pay well.

Private shows(Strip-a-gram)

In the stripping line of business, private shows or strip-a-gram shows are the most rewarding type of male stripping. It is usually a group of ladies celebrating a bachelorette party or birthday party, expecting you to put up a show for them in different costumes.

For private shows, there is a routine and choice of various types of costumes like a policeman costume, firefighter costume, etc. The more costumes and routines you have, the more bookings you’ll get. A male stripper can earn good money if they get 7 to 8 shows over the weekend.

Online Stripping

Reaching out to your customers physically or on-site is the most common way of operating your stripping business. But with time, the need to start a digital stripping service is the need of the hour. Having an online presence will help you get more customers to provide your stripping services. 

Don’t worry about how to start because there are many online camming platforms that are very easy to use and start with your online stripping business. To select such a platform, you have to know about the popularity, monetization options available and payout methods. 

Out of many camming platforms, such as Chaturbate, MyFreeCams, LiveJasmin, etc., you can select the one you like based on its commission percentage, payout frequency, etc. 

Sexting Platform 

Giving sexting a try can be a jackpot for a male stripper like you. Just think about the customers who can’t call you on-site to see your show for various reasons, and one of the primary reasons would be they don’t want to disclose their identity or they don’t have the budget. Using an online sexting platform can help you with this. 

Choosing a sexting platform with thousands of registered users who are eager to have sex chats is something you should opt for. Platforms like SextPanther can be a good fit because millions of users visit the website every month. 

Being a stripper, creating an account on a sexting platform will make you available to those customers who just want to talk or chat with a male stripper and see them strip naked. As you go online, the rate of services will drop as you don’t have any expenses to make. This will attract more clients to your services, and you can also serve many customers in a day just by staying in the comfort of your home. 

Factors influencing how much do male strippers make

Some male strippers are very famous and make good money through male stripping, while many others are struggling to make ends meet. So what decides if a male stripper can get successful and make good money through stripping? Let’s find out the factors that influence how much a male stripper can make.

Looks & Features

It is obvious that a male stripper should maintain a good physique if you want to be a successful male stripper. But looks play a very important part in deciding how much success you get. Some strippers prefer a clean look, while many others follow the bad-boy look depending on what fits their persona.

A reddit user discussing on How much money do male strippers make on average is depends upon looks and muscular

It doesn’t matter if you work as a nerdy scientist during the day, but the fetish model looks you carry for your shows play an important role in the audience liking your show. Great dance moves along with a distinct look can propel your stripping career further and land you up with the top names in the business.


It is only logical, like in any other job, the more experience you have, the more chances you get to make good money as a male stripper. With experience, you learn about your routine, about what works with what type of crowd and what doesn’t work. Any male stripper who has experience will know much better how to handle situations and how to bring alive the crowd.


Depending on the area of operation of a male stripper, the earnings can vary a lot. Working as a male stripper in big cities like New York, Las Vegas, etc., gives you many more opportunities to make good money as a stripper. Male strippers get more options for a day job too in big cities compared to smaller cities.

Type of parties

The earnings of a male stripper also depends on the type of parties they go to for shows. If it’s a big party with many people in a posh locality, then the chances of earning good money as tips are much higher. If it’s a small party where not many know that a stripper is coming, it might leave them surprised and unprepared for a stripper thus resulting in fewer earnings in tips.

Singing and Dancing

Apart from taking your clothes off or stripping, you need to find other ways to entertain your customers. Being a male stripper, you will have a lot of competition in your own city. To overcome this, you must have some extra skills to showcase it to your customers and give them a good service experience.

Skills like singing and dancing will also help you earn a bit more than a regular stripper. Customers usually tip the guys who have something extra and those who have entertained them well. 


Other than all the above mentioned factors, luck also plays a big role in deciding how much do male strippers make. You might find male strippers who aren’t the best in looks or physique but making good money in shows. A male stripper needs luck along with hard work to find customers willing to spend tons of money on them.

How much do male strippers make on average?

Now we come to the most important question of how much do male strippers make. Well, according to Glassdoor, the average male stripper salary in the US, including tips and commissions, is $82,352/year. Now this figure consists of earnings from the base pay as a stripper in shows and the tips received during the shows and at strip clubs.

Strip clubs:

Male strippers at strip clubs usually perform 3 or 4 stage solos where they get, say, $30 – $50 in tips for each show. Other than that, successful male strippers know the importance of selling lap dances during their off-stage time.

Let’s say you manage to sell 20 lap dances for $7 – $10 each, and out of those 20, 10 want more and go for a private lap dance with you at $50 each. Now, your total earnings for 1 night of stripping at a strip club comes to be $500 – $1000, which is a really great income for a night’s work.

Male revue shows:

Male revue shows operate like a theater company where a group of strippers travel to different places and put up a strip show. Shows like Thunder from Down Under and Chippendales are very famous and pay out well to their strippers. They do shows all around the world, which means the strippers do get to travel to new places along with taking a salary.

Usually, the salary per male revue show can be similar or more than what male strippers charge for private shows. If we have to put a number to it, then the salary per show might vary from $200 to $500 depending on the company and the place of the show.

Private shows:

Private shows or strip-o-gram shows are the major money-minter for male strippers. If a male stripper is able to establish his name, then it is easy to get 6 to 8 shows over the weekend that pay well. The more services you offer, the more versatile your routines are,  the more variety of costumes you use. All this can help a male stripper earn good money through private strip shows.

Male strippers in the UK can make around 100 to 120 Pounds for a full-monty show, i.e., a fully nude show of 15 minutes, while strippers in Australia can make around $250 for the same type of show, and in the US, strippers can make around $50 to $200 per full-monty show. Tipping is a culture that is prevalent in the US, which boosts the overall earnings for a male stripper at private parties and shows.

How much in tips can a male stripper expect?

The tips that a male stripper receives solely depend on his performance and his skills to woo his audience. The tips also depend on where you perform, time of the day, crowd in the club, etc. On average, male strippers can easily make $10 to $20 per hour on a good day.

Pro-tips to make more money as a male stripper

Lap dance

Lap dance is a great way for male strippers to make good money from the stripping business. It is of 2 types – public lap dance and private lap dance. A public lap dance is when you give a lap dance to a customer in front of everyone sitting in the club or bar. It is not very sensual and doesn’t require you to go nude and flap your dick. Depending on the club you perform at, you can charge $5 to $15 for a public lap dance.

Private lap dance is where the big money is. This happens in a private VIP area for which the customer has to pay a fee for the night. It’s usually $10 or $20 to get access to the VIP area. Male strippers can charge good money for private lap dances, which can range from $30 to $60 for each song. Private lap dance is more sensual, and depending on the tips you get, you might consider going naked, too.

Online stripping

Stripping is no longer confined to only brick and mortar businesses. Models nowadays are using the power of the internet and stripping for paying customers online. There are many adult webcam platforms like Chaturbate and BongaCams where you can make a profile and strip for people on webcam.

Online stripping is convenient as you can do it from the comfort of your home. Once you build a good following on such online stripping platforms, then you can easily make good money through this method too.

Pole dancing

Another skill that comes in handy for a male stripper is pole dancing. In this, you use a pole to do some acrobatics and woo your audience. You need to be fit and muscular to go up and down the pole using your body strength. This skill is an added advantage for male strippers if they can manage to pull it off.


Costumes are an essential part of male stripping. Your audience can have fantasies about anyone and any profession. Some like to see a firefighter, whereas someone else might want to see a police guy in action. As a male stripper, you need to expand your costumes and routine to suit the requirements of your audience. Remember, the more variety you have, the more the chances of you getting more bookings for private strip shows.

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Create your own fansite

Having your own fansite is a good strategy to save commission cuts from a middleman, which you have to pay in the case of working in a club on-site. Plus, other expenses like travel, etc., can be saved if you launch your own fansite. Also, you will have many monetization options compared to the conventional on-site service.


As we saw, male stripping is a rewarding profession if you’re ready to put in the effort needed to make it successful. As discussed, with the advancement of technology and the internet, male strippers can look at online stripping as an option to make money. If you’re looking to be an online male stripper and want to start our online stripping journey as soon as possible? Then, using a trusted fanscript is the solution.

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