How to Start Online Strip Club Business Successfully?

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Strip clubs date back to the 19th century. Back then, strippers would work for the kings. Today, they are open to all for public entertainment. However, sexual preferences are not the same all over the world. People have varied sexual inclinations and they seek the striping services accordingly.

how to open a strip club
In fact, the entire porn industry’s survival and growth rest on this fact. That’s why we see so many adult websites survive in parallel, as they cater to the altering preferences of different people. The strip clubs are not any different. They too work in different models and different configurations to please their customers.

This article attempts to impart a detailed understanding of strip clubs and their business models. If you are interested in starting a strip club business, we will together find answers to the most important questions that might pop in your minds. Questions like-

  • How to open a strip club business?
  • How to start a gentlemen’s club business?
  • What are the legal formalities for starting a gentleman’s club or a simple strip club?
  • What is an online strip club and how can it modernize the ancient strip club models?
  • How much does it cost to open a strip club business profitably in an online environment?

Why you start a Strip Club?

The configurations in which strip clubs entrain different kinds of people vary from place to place and from time to time. That’s why strips clubs nowadays come in all shapes, sizes, and preferences. There are clubs for men and women, while some reserve services only for specific groups. For example, women-only clubs, men-only clubs, and clubs for the LGBTQ community.

Besides, due to social stigmas, many individuals may not want to visit strip clubs in public, but they indeed carry the desire to be in one of these. Hence, some clubs differentiate themselves from typical strip clubs and present themselves as more of a social club. Gentlemen’s club for instance is a kind of social club with services extending beyond stripping. Besides strippers, they provide some socially conventional services such as dining, reading, conferencing, and accommodation to blend in the mainstream markets.

Moreover, these gentlemen’s clubs attract customers based on shared interests, which may range from similar occupations to shared likes and dislikes. For example, clubs for graduates, schools, lawyers, executives, football and golf lovers, etc. Only the members can enter into these clubs. Members pay subscription fees, which clubs utilize for managing the services and overall expenditure.

You might ask why I took you through the above information. Well, if you want to know how to start a strip club, you must know about all the traditional as well as modern approaches towards it. We talked about the traditional business model and saw how important is it to mold as per different scenarios. After understanding the foundations, it would be easier to include modern tactics to open strip clubs that are contemporary, profitable, and adaptable in the current scenario.

Market Research and Studies of modern trends

One of the most important factors to consider while starting a gentleman’s club or a traditional strip club is the location. Traditionally, you should look for highbrow areas with active social life at its peak. Locations where people interact with each other, party together, and meet often in groups. Of course, safety concerns like security and fire code is important, too.

However, the traditional strip clubs are gradually fading away and poised to lose their charm due to inadaptability. The brick and mortar blubs are indeed the heritage in most of the regions of the US, but the traditional way of operation is getting obsolete. You must read the article that I have written about how strip clubs need to adapt to the online model to get their charm back in the present scenario.

If you read the article linked above, you now understand that American style strip clubs operate under closed curtains and for a good reason. They haven’t changed a bit since World War 2. Although the gentlemen’s clubs have adopted a few socially accepted modus operandi, the modern world is no more limited to brick and mortar establishments.

Experts have analyzed that the strip clubs industry is in the mature stage of its economic life cycle. Both strip clubs and gentlemen’s clubs need to expand beyond the closed walls and transform as per the preference of the millennials. That’s the only way to enlarge their contribution any further in the market.

Modern-day strip clubs are on the internet

Technology can completely transform the modus operandi of traditional strip clubs. Besides, the recent growth of the webcam modeling industry is a clear insignia that millennials are changing their preferences. Webcam platforms are coming as the new strip clubs of the modern world.

Cam industry is one of the largest segments of the adult industry and it is attracting both models and strip show lovers at the same time. When models can work right from their home and earn better money, it’s hardly possible they would prefer to work in brick and mortar clubs. No doubt, the classic love for strip clubs is still alive, but it’s certain that strip clubs need to expand their presence beyond the wall and to the web world. It’s no more about how to open a strip bar but an online strip club.

Clubs can use webcam modelling as an opportunity for modern-day marketing and operate under either of the configurations simultaneously. Renowned strip clubs can use their brand name and create online strip clubs with webcam modelling. They can use the same in-house strippers on their webcam site as well. Even if somehow the strip clubs could ignore the need for online expansion, the situations amidst and after the COVID-19 pandemic are not going to allow traditional strip clubs to function normally. Instead, the owners must take webcam modelling as an instrument to survive the pandemic and stay in the business for as long as it is possible. This year is a great time to start an online strip club business though where people can enjoy live fun online.

A Successful Online Strip club –

Knowing the added benefits of using the technology, was a result of some great business plan. It’s an online strip club, and as their tag line says, “it’s just like being in the club…only hotter”.

We at helped building this incredible online strip club as its technology partner. No doubt, the owners of the website had a great plan. We just helped them to realize their ideas into an actual tech solution.

The website operates in a perfect micro-niche of strip clubs and employs hundreds of strippers and webcam models to perform live for their uses. With a combined experience of both, physical strip clubs, and webcam modeling, attracts millennials at its best.

They use on-site currency called as Tokens to generate revenue and offer N numbers of ways to the users to spend these tokens on their online strippers and strip shows:

Users use tokens to pay for-

  • Sending tips to the models
  • Booking private strip shows
  • Sending direct messages to the models
  • Purchasing club membership subscription

It’s a marketplace of strip clubs.

The best aspect of is it’s not an individual strip club but a group of multiple strip clubs. Yes, the website has four types of users on it:

  • Users: Regular users who visit the website
  • Members: Premium users who subscribe to the membership of this online strip club for exclusive benefits
  • Individual models: Independent models who sign up on the website, engage the users, and make money from the website
  • Studios and strips clubs: Studios and professional strip clubs who join the platform with their in-house strippers for exposure and of course making money

Renowned strip club brands around the globe

America has the most renowned strip and gentlemen’s clubs on the planet. Owners of these clubs in the US must adopt the new configuration if they want to thrive.
how to start a strip club
Just imagine, if the following biggest names in the US come up with their online strip clubs, they can take the market by storm:

  1. 4 Play Gentlemen’s Club: West Los Angeles
  2. Clubhouse: Dallas
  3. Mary’s Club: Portland
  4. Lollipops Gentleman’s Club: Daytona Beach, FL
  5. The Penthouse Club: Sauget, IL
  6. Scores: New York City
  7. Penthouse Executive Club: New York City
  8. Sam’s Hofbrau: Los Angeles
  9. Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club: Las Vegas
  10. Spearmint Rhino: Las Vegas

Legal procedure to start a strip club business from scratch
starting a gentleman's club

Knowing how to start a strip club business is not just about hiring employees and choosing a location. The legal entities go a long way in determining the success of your business. It doesn’t matter if you are operating in the brick and mortar model, webcam model, or in a combination of both, you must not leave any stone unturned on the legal aspects.

Registration: You can start with considering the Limited Liability Company model aka LLC, or gain a sole proprietorship. If you are considering a moderate startup capital, a sole proprietorship is an ideal option for business registration. However, if you are eying on a bigger scale of investment and expansion across both the physical and online channels in the long term, go for LLC or even bigger models.

Although operation in a purely online environment as a webcam modelling site need not any complex registration, it’s always advisable to get one for future considerations. It would be easier to establish a trust factor among the users and models with a registered business.

Insurance: Not just the US but in almost every major region of the world, it’s compulsory to have at least a basic insurance policy for your business. I would advise you to consult an insurance broker to get you the best and most appropriate insurance plans. Be advised that you need most of the following insurances to operate as a strip club in the US. You must include these costs in your overall budget of how much to buy a strip club:

  • General insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Hazard insurance
  • Fire Insurance
  • Workers insurance
  • Overhead expense insurance
  • Policy group insurance
  • Payment protection insurance

Intellectual property and trademark: If you are considering a traditional strip club business, you might not need any intellectual property protection or trademark. However, if you are thinking about expanding into an online strip club business with webcam modelling, it’s always wise to get some protection and trademarks. For example, your company’s logo, software that you use, and operational concepts, etc.

Documentation: It’s an important step and you must complete it before launching your business in the market. You must have a well-documented ward of everything you need for operating in the US or anywhere. Most of them are for your own purpose and not required in pure online models:

  • Certificate of Incorporation/registration
  • Business License (for all the regions of operation)
  • A Documented Business Plan
  • Security Clearance from local authorities
  • Non – disclosure Agreement
  • Employee Handbook
  • Employment Agreement (offer letters)
  • Operating Agreement for LLCs
  • Insurance(s)
  • Online Terms of Use
  • Online Privacy Policy Document

Manpower Recruitment

If you were looking for the answers on how to own a strip club in brick and mortar model, you require procuring every supply ranging from furniture to interior designing, sound systems, bar supply, kitchen supply, lights, and a lot of uncountable stuff. Besides, you would need to hire a large number of the workforce for everything.

However, starting an online strip club via webcam modelling requires none of these. A good website, a small team of web-tech experts, and a few webcam models are enough to kick start your business.

Use Technology and save money

Like, you can use our xCams script to build your online strip club in a few days. It’s a readymade script that you can install on a web-server of your choice and use a graphical user interface (GUI) to set up the entire online strip club without writing a single line of code by yourself.

Models: Many women are looking for options to work as webcam models. The internet is full of questions like how to start a stripping business, how to become a webcam model, or how to make money from webcam modelling. You can recruit these women to perform on your website and engage your users

Users:  Users will visit your website and pay to watch your models performing live via webcam

Revenue channels: The models get N numbers of revenue channels to generate income:

  • On-site token: Users purchase on-site token, which they use to send tips to the models.
  • Private Messages: Users can send paid DMs to the models
  • Private cam shows: User can book 1-1 session with the models by paying per minute
  • Sell video clips and nudes: Models can sell their video clips and images to the users
  • Custom requests: Users can place custom video or nudes requests to the models

In short, the xCams script has everything you need for taking your traditional strip club to the webcam world. By spending just a few bucks on a good script, you can save not only the cost of setting up a brick and mortar club but also the cost of building a massive website from scratch. The entire mission of our xCams script is to let strip cub owners transform a dying business model into a more modern and millennial stream of revenue.

Marketing Plan

The marketing plan for running a physical strip club and an online strip club business is different in most aspects. However, in both kinds of business, you need strong brand-identity to attract more and more members.
how to start a gentlemen's club businessHence, whether you are launching a traditional or online strip club, invest most of your efforts in its marketing; it’s the only way to thrive. Here are some tips for the marketing of your online strip club though:

Besides website development, we also provide marketing consultation for adult websites and businesses. You can always get in touch for any kind of assistance on the same. So if you are a strip club owner looking to expand your prospects, or a new entrepreneur looking to start a fresh adult business, webcam modelling is a great niche to achieve your goal. You should do some more research on this concept. In fact, our blog is full of adult business guides. Spend some time on it, you might find your dream business idea here.

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