How to Become a Male Stripper – (An Ultimate Guide)

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If you are someone who has been pondering over questions like how to become a male stripper and what’s it like to be a male stripper, then you’ve come to the right place. Becoming a male stripper is not only a profitable side hustle but also helps you gain confidence in your general life. Stripping now is not just an offline brick and mortar business but has expanded its wings to the online strip club business too.

So who is a male stripper? What does he do? Well, a male stripper is someone who embodies the fantasies of their clients. As a stripper, you’ll dance, strip your clothes, and entertain your customers. As generally perceived, just having a good body doesn’t make anyone a male stripper, there are many other things to consider and evaluate before becoming a male stripper.

Male stripping is a profession that is rewarding but needs efforts from your side to make it a success. If you’re not confident about yourself or you don’t like to socialize, then maybe male stripping is not the right job for you. But if you’re someone who loves to interact with people and maintain the energy of a room, then you should try out to become a male stripper. This article will help you decide and decode what it takes to be a male stripper.

Types of strippers

Before we start with how to become a male stripper, it is essential that you know and understand the various types of strippers that you can become.

Types of strippers

Stage strippers

Strippers who usually perform on a stage or at clubs in front of a big crowd can be deemed as stage strippers. They work for the club and follow a fixed routine that is set up for them. As a stage stripper, your acts will be choreographed, and you’ll have a set of backup dancers with you for the performance.

Stage strip shows are mostly done till you strip down to your underwear or G string. These shows can go up to 2.5 hours, and you can earn anything between $100-$500 per show, depending on the experience you have. You’ll be performing your routine as well as contributing to group routines as a stage stripper.

Strip-a-gram strippers

Strippers who work alone on private bookings in hotels, homes, and private rooms are considered strip-a-gram strippers. In this scenario, you’ll mostly be working for an agency that will send bookings for private strip shows to you. The agency lets you know the time, date, type of show, contact details, how many people, and how much money to pick from the client.

These strip shows can be for any occasion like hen’s nights or a divorce party, or a birthday party. The group is usually of 5-20 women, and you’re expected to put up a 15 to 20 minutes show for them. If you manage your timings well, then you can easily do 4 to 5 shows every weekend and make good money from it.

Strip club work

Male strip clubs are a professional setup where you’ll entertain customers by giving lap dances and getting tips from them. Such strip clubs are targeted towards the female crowd where they come in to celebrate any occasion, from a bachelorette night to a birthday.

You will need to pay some charges to the club to work there and sell lap dances to the customers. When choosing the club to perform, make sure to check beforehand about how busy the club gets, how many shows you can do, etc. Competition is usually high in strip clubs, so it’s better to have something special about yourself to stand out and get more tips from customers.

Requirements to become a male stripper

Many people have this misconception that only having a great body can help you become a male stripper. Although having a great body is absolutely essential for becoming a male stripper but isn’t the only criterion for it. There are many other traits too that you need to work on before you become a male stripper.

become a male stripper

Toned body

A well-toned body is a basic requirement for a male stripper. No audience would want to see a flabby body with tits bigger than theirs doing a show for them. You need to work on your body and get in shape. Also, keep your body well-groomed and clear of any body hair unless your audience specifically has asked for it.


Doing a show in front of a crowd will need you to be loaded with confidence. If you’re not confident in yourself, your body, or your moves, then the audience will be quick to catch it, and the show will be a flop. Work on your confidence and be street smart to sail through tricky situations.

Social skills

When the basic necessity of your job is to please the audience, then you need to be on top of your social skills. You should be able to interact with the audience and be nice, smart, funny, witty, and flirty at the same time.

Dancing skills

Dancing is an indispensable skill required to become a male stripper. Your dance moves are what will get the moolah for you. If you don’t know how to dance, then join some classes and see if you can pick it up. Create your own sexy dance moves to woo the audience that’s eager and hungry for a sexy show.

Stage name

Getting into the male stripper business with your real name isn’t a great idea as you’ll expose your real name, and also, it won’t be attractive and catchy. Come up with a fancy stage name for yourself, something like Beefy Andre or Magik Johnson.

How to become a male stripper

The journey of becoming a male stripper isn’t as easy as it looks to be. First of all, there is stiff competition to get a job as a male stripper. Secondly, you’ll need some great qualities to make a name for yourself as a male stripper. Here’s what the journey of a male stripper career looks like.

Work on your body and personality

Your body is the most precious part if you plan to become a male stripper. The first criteria for any male stripper is to have a well-toned and fit body. In very rare cases, you’ll see any male stripper who’s chubby or unfit, making it big as a male stripper. You’ll have to maintain a good physique to attract your customers, who are mostly women.

Your food habits play a big role in maintaining your body. You should eat well and try to stay away from all the junk food to lose fat in your body. You need to maintain a diet that’s a mix of veggies, fruits, and whole grains. Also, include meat in your diet for the much-needed protein.

Maintaining a personality is also very important for a male stripper as your interactions with the clients will decide on how many tips you get. Most of the time at work, you’ll be half naked, so you need to feel confident about yourself and your body.

The tips you get and the money you’ll make as a male stripper depend on how well you can entertain and keep your clients happy and engaged in conversations. Here is where your personality is tested as the audience can be quite loud, drunk, and rowdy too sometimes. Practice talking to strangers and see how well you can engage them in interesting conversations to build your confidence.

Create a dance routine

Dancing is another indispensable skill of becoming a male stripper. If you don’t know how to dance, then it’s very difficult to succeed as a male stripper. If you still want to become a male stripper, then we suggest you take some dance classes to get a dance routine to entertain your clients.

Let’s say that you know how to dance, then you need to create a dance routine for your strip shows. Usually, the shows are for 15 minutes, so you need to prepare a dance routine that lasts for 15 minutes minimum. Your dance routine should be decided carefully, taking into consideration the costume you wear and the act you’ll put on.

Decide on a costume for your strip show. It is always a good idea to have multiple costumes in your repertoire for different acts. Some customers might want to see a fire-fighter show while others might like you to do the police act, and some might have a special request for you to dress up as a fetish model. Easy velcro costumes or tear-away clothing are usually the norms for male strippers.

Now depending on the costume you choose, your dance routine needs to be tailored for that. Choose songs that go well with your act and costume. Once you have a list of songs, next is to mix them up to make a 15-minute routine. Now you will need to create a dance routine around this mixtape and practice it over and over again till you get it right.

Take a look at some videos of popular male strippers and see how they choreograph their dance routines. You should learn how they manage their routine and how they entertain their crowd and pick up tips. You can find a lot of information and learn a lot by watching popular stripping videos and including them in your dance routine.

Find a job

Once you have your dance routine set and your costumes ready, the next hurdle is how to get a job as a male stripper. Before you start hunting for jobs, you need to make a portfolio for yourself. Get some pictures clicked by a professional photographer for your portfolio. Mix up your portfolio with some headshots, some full-body shots, and some black and white pictures along with colored ones.

Once you have a solid portfolio built, you can look out for male stripper jobs. Your best bet will be to contact agencies that hire strippers for work. Do your research and find legitimate agencies in your area. Look for agencies that do regular shows and have enough work for you.

You can also contact individual establishments that do male stage performances. They might hire you as a topless waiter or maybe give you an audition. Also, try and interact with as many male strippers as you can. They can help you by referring you to their employers or maybe direct you in the right direction to look for jobs.

Keep clients happy

The final step in your journey to becoming a male stripper is keeping your clients happy. Try to socialize as much as possible with your customers. Maintain eye contact with them and always have a smile on your face whether you’re speaking to them or not.

You will have to make your clients feel special so that they can recommend you to others and you can get more customers. Treat everyone with respect while maintaining your charisma. As a stripper, you need to spread the word about your services. Go to the places your clients hang out and try to socialize with people there. This can help you in getting more clients for your shows.

Maintain a professional relationship with your clients and avoid any kind of romantic relationship with them. This might affect your job in many ways. You will find many types of people coming for your shows, focus on those who reciprocate. You cannot please everyone, so it’s good to walk away from people who are not interested in your shows or you.

How to make money as a male stripper

Before you start making good money as a male stripper, you’ll need to make a name for yourself in the market. If your performances are good and the clients like your shows, then they will spread the word about your work. This, in turn, will lead you to earn more money as a male stripper. Here are a few ideas to maximize your income as a male stripper.

Topless waiters

Being a topless waiter can be considered a stepping stone on your journey to becoming a male stripper. You can work as a waiter in places that do live strip shows and make money. Not only you’ll be earning as a waiter, but you’ll be getting a golden chance to interact with the audience and see how other strippers are performing on the stage.

Pole dancer
Pole dancer

Another skilled job that you can do to make money is work as a pole dancer. Pole dancing requires special skills and good muscular power to go up and down the pole. You can check out places where they have pole dancing shows and learn the trade before applying for a job there as a pole dancer.

Private parties

The major income of a male stripper comes from stripping at private parties. It is usually a 15-minute gig in front of 20-30 females for a bachelorette or birthday party. If you can manage to do 5-6 private shows over the weekend, then you can easily earn good money as a male stripper.

“Inspiring-Fact: Chris Pratt, Star-Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy, worked as a male stripper back in the day. He even performed at his grandmother’s birthday party for $40.”

Strip clubs

Another place where you can make good money as a male stripper is strip clubs. In strip clubs, you can get solo shows or do group shows. The better you perform and entice the audience, the more chances you get big fat tips. As you’ll be performing along with other male strippers, the competition will be high, so you’ll need to put in your best performance.

Webcam model

You can also try your hands at becoming a male webcam model to make some extra money. In this, you perform live on a webcam for customers who tip you for your show. The good thing about being a webcam model is that you can do this from the comfort of your home.

How to be a male stripper – Scale your stripping career!

With the advent of technologies and the adult industry being a pioneer in embracing new technologies, slowly, the stripping business has moved into the online space too. Now, rather than visiting brick-and-mortar strip clubs, people are more comfortable watching you strip on a live cam. This does work well both for the audience and the stripper alike.

You can also try to get into the online strip club business by creating your own website using turnkey solutions like xModel. Once you have established a name for yourself in the male stripping world, you can go for the option of creating your own online strip club using xModel.

xModel is easy, affordable, and quick to launch your website that provides you with multiple monetization methods than just live strip shows. Once you have a fanbase, you can divert all that traffic to your own online strip club and make good money from the comfort of your home. Moreover, you can hire other male and female strippers and together can make money by doing live strip shows on your website.

If you want to scale your stripping career, then xModel is your best option. Other than live strip show streaming, you can sell subscriptions, premium content, and eCommerce store items and also make money from affiliate marketing. xModel gives the much-needed boost that your stripping career needs to scale new heights and make more money.


So here is our take on the male stripping business. Although it does look easy and convenient and people might think just having a good body is enough to become a male stripper, the reality is different. 

Becoming a male stripper has its own set of requirements and struggles. But once you find a footing in the stripping business and make a name for yourself, then you can see the audience flowing in for your shows. And we all know when that happens what comes next; more and more tips for you!

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Hope we have made it easier for you to decide if becoming a male stripper is the right choice for you. And if it is, then this article should help you figure out your way in the stripping business. Good luck!

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