Niche Adult website: How to Pick a Niche for your Adult Website?

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New Year Resolution

I recently bumped into one of my friends. I asked him about his New Year resolution. He passionately replied, “I want to make money friend. I have been poor throughout the 2016. Do you have any advice?” I gave him a solicited advice- Start your adult website. He seemed amused by the idea of starting an adult site and he inquired regarding the details. While I shared my insights with him, I would like to share the same insights with you all readers and here is a brief on my two cents.

Biggest Mistake

One of the costly and biggest mistakes that you can ever do is starting an adult website without choosing any niche. There are many established players in the market and if you think that a general tube site is shall unlock the doors of fortune, you are at a great disadvantage. There are millions of general tube sites and outranking them is nearly impossible. Therefore, I recommend you to start your adult website business only after choosing a particular niche.

Pick a Niche

Definition of the term ‘Niche’

To put in simple terms, niche is something which your adult website business completely focuses on. It can be any topic associated with or related to porn. For your information, enlisted below are the various porn niches:

  • Babes
  • Blowjob
  • Big Cocks
  • Monster Cocks
  • Big Black Cocks
  • BDSM
  • Celebs
  • Butts
  • Webcam
  • Voyeur
  • Fisting
  • Cum Shots
  • Hardcore
  • Incest
  • Step Mom
  • Step Daughter

Difference between your adult website and other websites

I have been in the business of turnkey adult websites for the past 15 years. I have an understanding of how the adult industry works. I have made an important observation- Most of the porn sites claim to have a niche. However, they do not have any niche in reality. For instance, there are porn sites which claim to be catering to Babes niche. However, they feature content related to step mom and step daughter. So, the lines of distinction are fading every day. If anything, the blurring lines of distinction annoy the customers.

It is therefore important that you target the right niche customers by providing only the right niche content.  It just doesn’t make sense to fill your BDSM niche website with gay videos. Well, are you still thinking about how impactful niche websites can be? Take a look at the following advantages:


Advantages of a niche website

Less Competition

Ever heard of the word ‘ultra – competitive’? I am sure that you must have heard it. Porn industry is an ultra – competitive industry. You cannot escape from the ruthless clutches of competition. That being said, your competition gets filtered if you choose a particular niche.

Target Audience

If you fail to identify who your target audiences are and what they are looking for, you will fail miserably in any business. By choosing a particular adult niche, you will be able to cater to the concrete requirements of target audiences. Most of the porn sites fail to do this. This is a long term strategy. This will help you earn more money.   

Conversion ratios

While getting traffic to your website is a gargantuan task, converting the traffic into full time customers is another gargantuan task. Well, to be upfront, as far as conversion ratios for big niches are concerned, the figures are awful. A few niches are very tight and hence finding content may be a difficult task. However, you are expected to take pains and find the relevant content. Customers will be willing to pay from their wallets for premium content.

Adult Stories

You can find erotic stories pertaining to your adult niche. If there aren’t any, you can start your own adult niche blog and link it to your website. People like reading erotic stuff. The thrill they experience is beyond words. Should they like your adult erotic stories, I am sure, they will like adult videos uploaded to your site.

Identification of Keywords

If you do not have a porn niche, you will be in a state of dilemma – It becomes difficult to identify correct keywords. Keywords can help you achieve better traffic. In the absence of niche-specific keywords, the prospects of having an optimized website are gone for a big time toss. SEO is affected. On the other hand, competition for niche specific keywords is relatively low. Ranking your website becomes easy.

Chances of success

If you do not choose a niche, you are competing with millions of websites. Your chances of success are almost close to zero. There will be no concept of unique content in a non-niche tube site. Smaller is your niche, smaller is the competition. You can always count on the concept of unique content in a niche specific adult site. Your chances of success are high.

Does niche only matter?

Let me ask you a question- Does niche only matter? Definitely NO! Let us assume that your adult niche is say ‘Gay’ porn. If an online porn viewer searches for ‘Guys with monstrous dicks sucking cocks’ and if your website features in the search results, your target is only half achieved. The catch lies here- If your website contains videos where the porn stars have average penises, conversion rates will take a toll. In other words, do not feature hairy-pussy videos when users are interested in viewing clean-shaven pussies.

Live Search Feature

There are various dedicated search engines for porn. is one such dedicated search engine that is known to provide reliable results for porn searches. Under its live search feature, users can view what porn viewers are searching for live all around the world. You, as a webmaster, can leverage this resource to pick a niche category for your adult site. Be it a tube site or a cam-site or a membership site, it is recommended to focus on the niches live in You will get an idea of what adult niches people are vouching for.

Also, most of the popular tube sites have live search or search trends displayed on their site – use these to get ideas for your niche

Bottom Line

Porn viewers will bookmark your site only if your site contains niche – relevant content. Start your adult website after choosing a niche. To start your adult website, I recommend you to use products. To build an adult tube site, use xStreamer product. To build an adult membership site, use xMember product. To build an adult toy store, use xMarketplace product. To build a live webcam site, use xCams product.

If you have any concerns, feel free to drop a line or two in the comments. I will generally respond within 24 hours. I can help you build a porn site as well. I wish you good luck. Cheers!