How to Find the Hottest Niche in the Adult Industry?

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While porn could be a sin for many, it’s a great business opportunity for a lot of others.

Let’s be honest, people love adult content. It doesn’t matter if you are straight or gay; hundreds of porn sites attract your attention in one or the other form. An industry 100-billion worth couldn’t have been this massive without people giving the love it seeks.

Hottest Niche

If you are an entrepreneur looking for a profitable online business idea, you know that there are dozens of them in the adult industry. From the most searched pornstar to the hottest porn niche for business, everything is about preference and inclination of the content lovers.

I mean, the adult industry is not limited to selling sex toys alone. In fact, the biggest contributor to this industry is adult entertainment, which deals with the production and distribution of adult content, such as porn, magazines, and live camming. Just ask Google that ‘how much of the internet is porn?’, and it will tell you in its own way that it is 30% of the entire World Wide Web:

hottest niche

An industry so huge that it attracts way more traffic than Netflix, Amazon, Twitter, and Hulu combined. Not to mention that porn is one of the most profitable business ideas of the millennium.

all about porn

However, not everything is easy here…

If something is profitable, it’s obvious that entrepreneurs would have their eyes on it. Each day, dozens of new porn sites hit on the internet to claim a share from this multi-billion-dollar pie. In such a case, even an industry so gigantic cannot provide a fair share to everyone.

Take Advertising money in Tube sites for instance. The money you make in Ads-model depends entirely on the website traffic. The more is the traffic the better is the Ad-money. However, you can’t just expect your new site to drive massive traffic overnight and make money like those of Pornhub, Xvideos, Youporn, and other popular tube sites. These are massive sites with a colossal network and are home to top searched pornstar and porn niche on the internet.

Hence, it’s tough to steal traffic from them. It goes to subscription-money from paysites like RealityKings, Brazzers, DigitalPlayground, Mofos, and others as well. The giants have already taken most of the business models in the adult market. In such a situation, your new porn site is poised to struggle if you don’t know the correct way around the business idea.

Niche is the master key to the adult entertainment industry

There are dozens of fetishes and inclinations when it comes to picking porn content. Despite hundreds of popular porn sites on the internet, not all sites can attract all kinds of people. Even a site that caters to the most searched niche cannot attract all kinds of audiences. People are very fussy about the adult content they watch; it’s in their biology.

This is one of the biggest reasons why so many porn sites exist and why most of them perform decently despite the harsh competitions. People who run these sites analyze the heck out of people’s preferences and cater to varied fetishes, top searched pornstar, and top searched niche accordingly via niched business ideas.

Niche is the master key to open secret doors to all adult entertainment business models. Irrespective of whether you want to make money from ads, subscriptions, or tips, if you can master a profitable niche, you can thrive in a highly competitive market either.

Hence, knowing about the latest porn trends and most searched pornstars is the best way to uncover top searched niches you can tap for your next porn business idea. Identifying the stats around top searched pornstars and top searched keywords can uncover dozens of ideas to build a site around a niche and cater to the people with the right content that most people search on the internet.

Pornhub is the biggest adult entertainment site on the internet. Analyzing user behaviors on this site alone can uncover dozens of adult business ideas. Here are some stats from Pornhub’s annual report of 2019 that you should follow to identify your profitable niche:

Top searched pornstars 2019:

  1. Lana Rhoades
  2. Mia Khalifa
  3. Riley Reid
  4. Abella Danger
  5. Brandi Love
  6. Jordi El Nino Polla
  7. Mia Malkova
  8. Kim Kardashian
  9. Nicole Aniston
  10. Adriana Chechik
  11. Lisa Ann
  12. Angela White
  13. Alexis Texas
  14. Lena Paul
  15. Lela Star
  16. Leolulu
  17. Dillion Harper
  18. Ava Addams
  19. Elsa Jean
  20. Kimmy Granger

The trends about top searched pornstars show a clear inclination towards female actors. Interestingly, there is only one male pornstar in the top 20 list. Hence, focusing on female names would be a wise idea for your niche for starters. Moreover, it’s also surprising that some of the retired actors like Mia Khalifa are still among the top contenders.

Top searched niche of 2019

  1. Amateur
  2. Alien
  3. POV
  4. Belle Delphine
  5. Cosplay
  6. Mature
  7. Bisexual
  8. Apex Legends
  9. ASMR
  10. Femdom

The Amateur category continues to lead the charts. However, keywords such as Apex Legends coming into this list is a clear suggestion that video game fetish could be a great trend to tap onto. We saw a similar kind of stat for Fortnite too in 2018.

Yet, there is a massive vibration in the trends when we move from one geographical region to the other. For example, the overall North and South America seem to be into Lesbian porn, but if we break the numbers by the regions of the USA, we can also see that categories like Latina porn, Japanese porn, and tattooed women are significantly popular. We get a strong proof of this in the report for most searched terms in 2019 on Pornhub:

  1. Japanese
  2. Hentai
  3. Lesbian
  4. Milf
  5. Korean
  6. Asian
  7. Stepmom
  8. Massage
  9. Anal
  10. Ebony

While hottest adult niches are mostly the ones catering to these above-mentioned categories and pornstars, you shouldn’t neglect the local trends either. Compare the trends that grab attention both locally and internationally to analyze the category-wise performances on Pornhub and other popular sites, you will learn about the hottest porn niche, porn types, and genres that attract most of the attention.

Consider the age demographics

While trends about most searched pornstar and category can uncover most of the niches, you shouldn’t give up on demographic analysis. We have seen categories climbing and falling massively in these lists over the past decade. For example, the trends for the Amateur category grew by a massive 108% in 2019, which led it to the top position.

Moreover, sometimes, the growth in one segment of the industry can trigger the growth in many other related segments. For example, new categories such as Verified Couples’ became trendy with a growth of 93% in 2019. The rising popularity of couple cam shows is a big reason for this.

Nevertheless, these growth factors and big fluctuations in the trends happen because of one strong catalyst, and that is Age Demographics. You can see a colossal deviation in the preference of your audience when you compare the variations as per age demographics. For example, 36% of the Pornhub users are between 25-34 years age, that is, millennials. Hence, whenever there is a mainstream trend among the millennials, it’s more likely to affect the porn trends too. Videos game trends are a perfect example of this.

To conclude

While many of the porn trends have stayed in the top lists for a long time, the changing demographic of the new users are also presenting new trends in the list. In addition, with the liberalization of the LGBTQ stereotypes, niches related to the LGBTQ community are also catching up quickly; this could be a great niche to invest in 2020

Still, we don’t recommend simply following the biggest trends and targeting the audience on a broad spectrum, not even for the top searched pornstar or top searched porn category. Instead, take a cue from these trends and target their micro-niches. For example, don’t go for the Amateur as a whole. As an alternative, create a sub-niche such as LGBTQ Amateur, Asian Amateur, Blonde Amateur, and so on.

A niche in the porn industry is not about a trending broad spectrum of categories and most searched pornstars. Instead, a good niche is the one with micro-targeting and personalized content for a segment. With proper digital marketing, you can establish yourself as a preferred destination for the micro-segment in time.

Finally, don’t worry about technology and website development. Once you have your niche sorted, building an adult website for your niched business idea is our job. We have customizable turnkey solutions for any adult niche you may want to target. Focus on identifying your niche first. You should also read other articles on this space. We have tons of articles, tutorials, and guides here. You never know, you might find your perfect business idea here.

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