How to Find Cam Girls for a New Webcam Business?

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Online porn industry took a new turn when internet connected cameras came into play. Websites like Chaturbate, Bongacams and came into existence, and it was just a matter of time that they became one of the leading websites in the porn industry. Before webcams, porn was served using the old fashioned VHS/DVD way, and although it never became boring, adult camming business was something new for the porn viewers. It gave the viewers the so-called ‘freedom’ to have a one-on-one conversation with porn stars. Also, it was a whole new way for the porn actors to earn money, along with a taste of new kind of fun.

One of the biggest advantages of adult camming business is that you can get camming models quite easily. Why? Because it is a very easy way for them to earn money. Thanks to camming, adult performers do not have to work in any porn movie, where the money has deliberately decreased in the past few years. Camming also gives them the freedom to perform from their own bedroom. They don’t have to go to a different location and record or shoot a porn movie to make money. It is also safe for them.


While starting a camming website, there are several things which are important. You first have to find an adult video script, which is a must to run an adult website. As you are starting a site which deals with video streaming, you will also have to find a video streaming server script. Once you have found the best video tube site script, you are now ready to run your very own camming site. But the most important part about having a camming site is the cam girl. And not just one, you will have to get at least 20-30 camming girls to work for you. There several freshers as well as experienced camming girls looking for work. Freshers will work for a low percentage, but professional cam girls will bring more traffic. So, which one should you go for?

Experienced or Freshers?

As I mentioned earlier, finding cam girls is not such a difficult job. There are several new models who are eagerly waiting for a chance to embark on a camming profession. Also, there are a number of existing cam girls looking to change the company (porn site) they work for. Let’s take a look at both these options –

  1. New Cam Girls: One of the best ways to recruit cam girls is to look for the new faces in the industry. When you think of starting an adult website, the budget is always an issue at the start. Also, your website won’t just begin earning loads of cash right from the start. It takes some time to develop some traffic. And to keep things in balance, you can start your cam site with some freshers, as they won’t be expecting a huge amount of money right from the start of their career. You can give them less share, which will in turn, give you more profit. However, this might take some time because you are having new models who do not have any or enough experience in front of the camera.
  2. Existing Cam Girls: Keeping freshers on your new site is a must, but that doesn’t mean you should just stop here. Contact a few experienced cam girls and ask them to do some guest shows on your cam site. They will probably invest 2-3 hours on your site and it will get you some extra money along with a lot of traffic. Of course, you will have to pay them more than the freshers, but the important thing is that this strategy shall get the name of your site out among the users.

Keeping both freshers and a few experienced cam girls on your website will create a balance, generate a lot of traffic and very soon your website will start to grow rapidly.

How to Recruit Girls?

Grabbing the models is one of the most important tasks of starting an adult website. Many new adult website owners don’t how where to start the searching process. And that is how their dream of becoming successful in camming business drops before even getting started. There are many ways to find and recruit models and girls who are interested in becoming a cam girl. Let us take a look at a few ways –

  1. Classifieds: You can start looking to hire new cam girls in the industry by posting ads on classifieds. There are several adult classified websites, where you can post your job listings. You will easily find many new camming girls there. Also, if you are lucky, you might find a few experienced girls on classified as well.
  2. Model Agency: Another option is to hire a modelling agency to get you models who are interested in working as cam girls. Many models are in constant contact with several modelling agencies and they are looking for a job. You can grab several models from such agencies.
  3. Strip Clubs: Stripping is no more a safe business for strippers. The regular groping and touching from the viewers is something which has been bothering strippers for many years. Moreover, many stripers get followed and are humiliated in public by people. Due to such reasons, many strippers consider camming a better option. You can approach them to become a full time model on your website, or you can ask them to do camming during their free time. You might have to convince them a little, but surely you will get a few strippers to act for you.

How to Be a Modelling Agent?

Becoming a modelling agent for models who want to act in movies and sitcoms requires you to go to several parties and get in touch with celebs. But becoming a modelling agent of cam girls isn’t such time consuming. All you have to do is to setup a landing page and target the third world countries or countries like Columbia, Czech Republic or European Countries. You will find hundreds of models. Also, you can look out for models in your local are or even your contacts. Just think of a number of people who you know and how many of them will be interested and comfortable in getting naked in front of a camera. This way you can get in contact with several camming girls and then you can show them the right way to become a professional camming girl by referring them to several camming sites.


How to Become a Model’s Studio?

Many camming girls prefer a location other than their home, for of course, privacy reasons. They go and look out for model studios where they can perform their shows for a few hours every day. All you have to do is to find a place which has a minimum of one or two rooms. Then you have to get some equipment which is required for camming shows, such as a webcam, a computer, few lights and a bed or a couch. You can charge models for the equipment and space for a few hours.

How to Find Experienced Cam Girls?

Finding experienced camming girls can be a tough task, as these models are most probably already working for one or more than one website. But still, even if they are working someplace else, you can hire them to perform on your website for a few hours per day. The best place to find experienced camming girls is social media, which is also completely free. But how, where on social media? Let’s take you through how and where you can find some professional cam girls –

  1. Twitter: Twitter is known to be the best site to promote your recruitment programs. Many camming girls chose twitter to look for job openings in the adult industry. As twitter is adult friendly, there is no issue of getting blocked or making it difficult to look for the girls. Here is how you can find camming girls on twitter:
  • Hashtags: Search for the hashtags that are relevant to the programs you are trying to promote. May cam girls are looking to switch cam sites and you will find hundreds of such girls here. You can even tweet with some relevant hashtags about your job opening. If you are unable to find them, they will find you. Try to experiment with different hashtags and figure out which one works the best.
  • Direct Messages: Twitter has a direct private messaging option as well. Recently, twitter has allowed sending large messages as well, which makes it easier for you to compose longer messages with information about your program, along with links to your website. Find a cam girl and contact her instantly through direct messages.
  1. Reddit: Reddit is another great way to reach professional camming girls. Search and you will find several subreddits which are dealing with different types of an adult industry niche. Through them, you can find several camming models by posting your classified advert on the subreddit. Just avoid posting spam links and be respectful, and it won’t be a difficult task for you.
  1. Quora: Basically, Quora is a question and answer site, and it also has tons of questions regarding different adult industry niche. All you have to do is search for the desired question like hiring cam girls or cam girls interested, and soon you will find a question which has results with answers from cam girls looking for a job. As Quora does not allow affiliate marketing, you will have to find a way around by being creative with your searches.
  1. Yahoo! Answers: Yahoo! Answers is one of the greatest ways to find cam girls. Just like Quora, this is also another question and answer site, where you have to look for a question which is similar to what you are looking for. Find such questions, post answers on them and use a link to your website. On Yahoo! Answers, there are no such restrictions like those on Quora, so it is much easier to find cam girls here.

Other than social media, there is one other way to grab professional camming girls. Go through a number of camming websites and look for the models who you think might be interested in changing cam site or would want to earn some extra cash by doing a show or two every day on your cam site. Make initial contact with them and then try to convince and persuade them into working for you. If you are good at convincing and bargaining, you might get lucky and end up getting a number of pro cam girls, at a less percentage sharing.

We have mentioned several ways which you can go through to find and recruit models, to work for your website as cam girls. While all of these ways are helpful, there is going to be a lot of trash before you find the gold. There will be a number of models who are bad at being a cam girl, or many people who will just waste your time. It will take some time before you find the right girl. The key to doing that is to have a little patience and keep looking till you find what you are looking for.