10 Best Male Stripper Outfit Ideas: What do Successful Male Strippers Wear?

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Male stripping is not only a profitable side hustle but also one of the best looking professions out there. Ask any woman; they drool over the hunks with cut-out muscles dancing to the music. And to woo these women, male stripper costumes can get really inventive to put up a great show for them.

Other than a great body, to become a male stripper, costumes and dancing skills play a major role. The possibilities are endless when it comes to male stripper clothes. With imagination and creativity, male stripper outfits can transform the whole look and feel of the strip show.

Male stripping is a very common thing nowadays at many parties around the world. It’s not only popular at strip clubs but has become a household ritual for occasions like the bachelorette, birthday, divorce parties, etc. So it is very important for male strippers to be on top of their game and have multiple male stripper costume ideas. This article will help you decide on the best male stripper outfits that can take your strip shows to a whole new level.

10 Best Male Stripper Outfit Ideas

1) Police Cop

One of the most successful male stripper outfits is the all time favorite cop costume. There is something about the domination that a cop costume brings, which makes the ladies go drooling over it. The cop costume is naughty and ignites the fire of getting punished for the ladies. It is the perfect costume to give form to all the fantasies ladies have.

Police Cop Male stripper Outfit Idea

Although the police costume does look like too many clothes, to begin with, as it’s all gonna be ripped off into the show, and your stripper hunk will be left with only his gun to make your night. The cop costume works all the time as it fulfills the fetish fantasies of many women.

2) Firefighter

Another costume that is quite popular in the male stripping scene is the hot firefighter costume. Once you see the handsome hunks in the firefighter uniform, only then you’ll understand the reason behind the popular trend of shirtless firefighter online strip shows.

Fire Fighter Male stripper Outfit Idea

Many movies have portrayed the scenes of a hot firefighter carrying out a girl from a building on fire, which fuels women’s imagination. The combination of loose trousers paired with the red suspenders on a good looking, hot guy with his chiseled body on display is something that is a part of most women’s fantasies.

3) Plumber

If ever there is a problem with a lady’s pipes(pun intended), then this sexy male stripper costume wearing dude in your man. The sight of a ripped hunk with those tools to fix your plumbing and not afraid to go down and dirty with you is a sight that ladies just can’t resist.

Plumber Male stripper Outfit Idea

There is something about a dude in dungarees with tools to fix your leakage that turns the ladies on. With many clothes to rip off, the plumber costume is a favorite among male stripper costume ideas for hiding the ripped physique well under the baggy clothes.

4) Pilot

Now, who doesn’t like to see a good looking man in a flight suit? Well, yes, that’s every woman out there. Pilots have always been at the center of fantasies for women. The coverall flight suit is something that makes the ladies go weak in their knees.

Pilot Male stripper costume Idea

Tom Cruise, in his flight suit, has been the epitome of a pilot, and ladies have been fantasizing ever since. The pilot costume works great as a male stripper outfit with aviator sunglasses. You can drop off the coverall suit from the shoulders and let it slide slowly, teasing the ladies.

5) Cowboy

A wild western cowboy costume is one of the most in demand male stripper outfits. A rowdy dude in a leather hat swinging the lasso is a desirable fantasy for many females. The naughty glance while tipping the hat is something that turns on the ladies.

Cow buy Male stripper costume Idea

A cowboy takes control of the situation and runs things on his lasso. Let the man do his thing, and the ladies can enjoy the show while fulfilling their fantasies. By the end of the show, we’re sure he’ll have only his leather boots on.

6) Commando

A rugged killing machine is the object of desire for many women out there. Those stone-cold piercing eyes looking at you makes the ladies go weak. The army man outfit is one of the most desirable male stripper clothes among women.

Commando Male stripper costume Idea

Let the man rip off his uniform and show you what a stone-hearted killer can do with his moves. We’re sure he’ll come out all guns blazing with this male stripper costume idea.

7) Sailor

Many women fantasize about being lost at sea and then being rescued by a sailor dude who can fulfill all your fantasies. Well, that’s exactly what the sailor costume does. A sailor can travel nautical miles to get naughty at your party.

Sailor Male stripper costume Idea

With the dixie cup and neckerchief, the sailor uniform has many layers to remove, which make it a strip to watch and drool over. The sailor outfit is a hit with the females as the love for whites is common all over.

8) Pizza delivery guy

Who is the one who satisfies your hunger? Of Course, it’s the pizza delivery guy. Many women fantasize about pizza delivery guys in cute uniforms to feed their hunger of all kinds. It is one of the most sought-after male stripper costumes in the world.

Pizza Guy Male stripper clothes Idea

The entry to the party for a pizza delivery guy is absolute fun, with everyone wondering when the delivery guy changed to a stripper. Ladies can enjoy and wait for a hot serving.

9) Biker

The rugged look of a biker in his leather vest and denim is something that many women dream of in their fantasy world. It’s time to make their fantasies real. Turn up in a biker costume and let the ladies drool over you.

Biker Male stripper clothes Idea

Everything about a biker smells like sex, drugs, and rock and roll, bringing the feel of Sons of Anarchy or Hell’s Angels. A male stripper in a biker costume can drive you all night.

10) Superhero

Everyone loves our superheroes, and all ladies want to be saved by them. A superhero male stripper outfit is one of the most popular outfits that are in demand by the ladies. This costume goes well for all occasions and gives the women a chance to live their fantasies.

Superhero Male stripper costume Picture

Show up as Spiderman spreading webs or with your red underwear on top of your Superman costume; you’re gonna be a big hit. A superhero costume is fun, popular, and takes some time to strip, resulting in a great strip tease show.


Male strippers are in demand for multiple occasions across the globe. Be it a bachelorette or a divorce party, a male stripper lights up the occasion and makes sure every lady has a great time with their smooth dance moves and ripped body. Every male stripper should have at least 5 to 10 male stripper outfits to be able to provide variety to their clientele.

Nowadays, online stripping also has taken a front seat, and male strippers can do multiple shows in different costumes from the comfort of their homes. Male strippers can, in fact, choose to create their own platform for online stripping and keep all the money they earn without paying a commission to anyone.

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