Top 10 Free Sources to Generate Adult Website Traffic

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Adult tube sites receive more traffic every month than Amazon and Netflix combined. Adult SEO is brimming with too many challenges. Adult niche is hyper competitive and excessively obsessive. Also, most directories and social sites are averse to accepting links from adult tube sites.  More often than not, adult webmasters have a difficult time finding the right PPC (Pay per Click) programs that entertain porn sites.

This brings me to the following couple of questions:

Ready to launch your adult tube site but do not know how to get adult traffic?

Adult Website Traffic

Are you concerned about adult website traffic?

Don’t worry. Relax.

This article sheds light on how to promote a porn site and different ways of acquiring adult traffic.

Read on.

#1: Backlinks

Off-page SEO is all about building quality backlinks. There are many proven strategies to build backlinks.

Reciprocal Linking

The first and foremost strategy is reciprocal linking. Reciprocal linking is where you link to another site that deals in similar type of fetishes, niches, products, services and offerings. The site in turn reciprocates to your link by linking to your site.

Instead of getting 100 low quality backlinks, it’s best to get a couple of high quality backlinks.

Site Submissions

Another important strategy is site submissions. There are many free and paid directories. Do not submit your site links to all directories. Do some research, cherry pick those directories that cater to your adult tube site niche and submit your site links.

Site links submission can be an expensive proposition. If you can afford submissions to paid directories, it’s safe to bet your chances on this strategy.


adult web traffic

If you have an adult blog that contains well written articles, well thought-out opinionated pieces and informative reviews that are thorough in relation to your adult tube site content, you can get great backlinks by submissions to sites such as and  


The next strategy is to post comments on relevant porn blogs and tube sites. Before commenting, check with the site admins if placement of comments is allowed. Quite a few admins don’t care. Many admins care.

If you don’t adhere to the rules, you are likely to get banned. Do not just copy and paste your site links. Be informed that nobody is going to click on the links that hardly have any context. Do not spam.

You just need to be creative. All you have to do is write a few insightful words that entice readers to learn more about your adult tube site.

#2: Image Sites

There are many reputed porn photography sites. Upload your watermarked images to popular porn photography sites such as

I’ve tested this method numerous times. A small watermark is enough to attract quality adult traffic. However, do not overdo. Image Fap has policies against mass promotion and advertising. Too many images with too many watermarks and too many links will undoubtedly get you banned. You should have all the rights for the watermarked images that you had uploaded.

Here’s a list of other popular picture porn sites:

#3: Pin Sites

Ever heard of pin sites? Pin sites are one of the most important sources of adult web traffic. is a reputed porn pin site. It lets its users to collect pictures from other tube sites, membership sites and share them with others to see. The best thing about such pin sites is that they allow click through links to the original sites from which the pictures have been collected.

If audiences love your pictures, they are likely to visit your adult tube site.

#4: Adult Forums

Online Adult Forums

Forums are internet channels wherein loads of discussions and debates happen. 

Adult web masters are at liberty to post videos and pictures to popular porn forums such as Small watermarked content is accepted. However, you are required to open several bunches of threads to get large volumes of traffic.

You can drive adult web traffic from your own forum signature.

Let me explain.

To begin with, register an account. Incorporate your adult tube site’s URL in your forum signature. Now, slowly and steadily, make a few posts.

If people like your posts, then are likely to check out the links in your forum signature. Be informed that a few forums do not allow any site URLs in signature. Understand the rules and adhere to them.

Here’s a list of the most popular adult forums:

#5: Tumblr


Tumblr incorporated as a great source for creating high-quality adult web traffic in the past, however, it has restricted uploading of any content, including images, videos, GIFs, or illustrations, that depict sex acts. The new guidelines prohibit adult content.

You can read more about what kinds of content are not allowed on Tumblr in our Community Guidelines.

There are certain examples of exceptions that are permitted in the website related to breastfeeding, birth or after-birth moments, health-related conditions like Mastectomy and post, written contents such as erotica, nudity related to newsworthy speech, and sculptures etc.

But Yes! There are several ways to post adult content in an indirect manner, and you should use them to avoid being banned.

  • The landing page must be appropriately cloaked with the latest version complying with its rules.
  • Collect and combine the IP address range of reviewers and connect with it to your cloaked page.
  • Examine the referral domains and redirect it with the reviewers and developers to your cloaked page.
  • Deflect the hits from different geographical areas where the reviewers are based on your cloaked page.
  • Avoid the audiences who find the real content offensive and provoke bad reports for inappropriate content. This can increase the chances of being banned.
  • Ensure the rules for dating sites. Do not imply anything directly about cheating, casual sex, hookups.

#6: Reddit

how to promote adult website

Promotion on Reddit is a whole new ball game. You have to identify all the sub-reddits that cater to your niche. Let’s say your niche is Busty. The keyword here is Busty. Do a search on Reddit for multiple sub-reddits that accept content and discussion on Busty niche.

Do not just promote your content. Genuinely care for your sub-redditors. If they are looking for any assistance, share your two cents. Provide useful and informative content that’s not too broad. Keep it tailored to the sub-reddit.

Be informed that short and generic content will fetch you down votes. As a result, you shall lose your valuable reputation points. In Reddit parlance, it’s called ‘karma’.

Here’s an unwritten law – Your first and second posts should never be promotional. Behave like a redditor and not a marketer.

Do respect the rules. Don’t abuse the guidelines. Otherwise, be ready to be banned.

Be active on this forum. Activity breeds activity. If someone posts relevant content, reply and share your thoughts. Do it for every relevant post. When posts have significant number of comments, redditors will join the conversation.

Be humble and take criticism constructively. Many redditors take criticism as a bad thing. This is where you can be truly different and inspiring. Go ahead and thank your critics.

#7: Twitter

Many adult webmasters do not know how to promote adult site on Twitter. As a result, they get either completely banned (terminated) or shadow-banned (also called ghost-ban).

 Here’s what you are required to do:

  • It’s clearly mentioned in TOS (Terms of Service) that Twitter doesn’t encourage or entertain any nudity in profile avatar and banner. Adhere to this guideline.

Mark your Twitter account as sensitive for viewing. This can be done in the settings area.

  • Spammy automations are obnoxious. Avoid them.
  • Too many hashtags can trigger a shadow ban. Use relevant and not more than 3 hashtags per tweet.
  • Twitter allows one pinned tweet per user. Your pinned tweet should contain links to your web properties.
  • Organize Twitter competitions. Get retweeted by cam girls, porn stars and other adult industry influencers.

#8: Sharesome

Sharesome is yet another amazing platform that’s dedicated to adult industry. Verified models, porn stars, content producers and studios can post links to their respective clip sites, social media accounts, and other profiles.

This platform has got adequate features to let you create an awesome profile page with a custom profile photo, bio and website link, and newsfeed. This platform doesn’t cater to the requirements of adult affiliate marketers.

If you are posting content on this platform, it’s mandatory to have ownership rights along with 2257 documentation. There’s a built-in token system. Fans can tip their favorite models by using the token system.

#9: Kinkcell

Adult webmasters often ask me this question – how to promote adult websites on Facebook?

It’s a known fact that Facebook is the least adult friendly social networking platform. Despite knowing this fact, adult webmasters do their best to promote new models and amateur porn performers only to get banned eventually.

This is where Kinkcell comes handy. It’s completely free. It has great features.

Kinkcell is the kinky version of Facebook. If you are into kinks such as bondage, BDSM lifestyle, BDSM events and other similar fetishes, you can get your profile created in this adult fetish social networking platform. You can provide links to your adult tube site, blog and adult forum. You can drive great traffic.

#10: Tube Uploading

This method is as old as online pornography. In this method, you upload your adult tube site videos to popular tube sites. Underneath the uploaded videos, provide your website links.

Your videos should also contain a watermark of your adult tube site. This method works the best for bulk videos. Instead of uploading videos manually, use a software or a plug-in.

#11: Bonus: Switter

There’s a social networking platform called Switter. It’s built specifically for sex workers. Ever since the crackdown on various reputed classified listing sites such as Craigslist in the wake of SESTA / FOSTA, Switter rose to popularity. This platform is built on an open source social media site called Mastodon. Mastodon resembles Twitter in many ways. 

Dear amazing readers, I hope you liked this article. Share your thoughts. Shoot your questions and doubts in the comments. I shall reply in a day or two. Cheers!

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