Best 10 sex blogs

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Best 10 sex blogs

Call them with any name, adult sex blogs represent an authentic and reliable source of information related to sex, fetishes, sexual exploration, and health. With experienced professionals and skilled writers sharing their knowledge, one can follow such spaces to know everything about the sexual world.

From sex toys, BDSM, bondage, kinks, and fetishes to adult business opportunities, there is no limit to the original advice you can leverage by just following top sex blogs on the web.

This article will cover 10 such spaces you can follow and know about best porn blogs on the internet. Check out our top adult blogs list to know about interesting sex facts and information about everything related to porn, the adult industry, fetishes, sex toys, adult business, and many more.

Best sex blogs to follow in 2019

Below is a list of top adult sex blogs on the web today. Please note that we have organized our sex blogs list in no particular order. All of them are best in their class without any order.


Owned by – Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan

If you are fond of comics, you would love the authentic comic style blogs on oh joy sex toy. It’s basically a sex toy review blog but they make it so much fun.

Besides this, they also talk about other adult and sex education topics, which includes but not limited to birth control, sex life, kinks, fetishes, and various How-To articles. They also accept content from guest authors, which make the blog quite diverse.


Owned by- Epiphora

Epiphora is almost a 10 years old adult sex blog now. They have been publishing sex toys reviews for so long. The blog carries a deep influence in the sex toys industry and is trusted by the consumers for honest sex toys reviews and various How To article related to sex and adult life.

Epiphora has also published in reputed titles like Best Sex Writing of the year, volume 1 and storerotica. She has featured in XBIZ, Playboy, Bitch, Vice, Slate, The Secrets of Great G-Spot Orgasms, Female Ejaculation, and Kinkly top sex bloggers. She was also quoted in Tristan Taomino’s book as well.


If you want to read about sex toy reviews, sex blogging, sex tips, the adult industry, and masturbation, etc., this blog is a perfect repository for you.


Owned by – Sinclair Smith

Sinclair Smith is a well know erotica blogger and sex education teacher. He has been writing about sex, sex toys, erotica, fetishes, and many more for over 10 years. On his blog Sugar Butch, you can find several forms of content such as reviews, stories, short essays, and many more.

One of his best works Sweet & Rough: Queer kink Erotica was nominated in 2016’s finalist for the Lambda Literacy award. If you want to read from the genres like BDSM, gender explorations, kink, fetish, and explicit sex queer, Sugar Butch is a perfect destination.

4.     GIRL ON THE NET – Touch me… Yeah, like that.

Owned by – Owner prefers to stay Anonymous

Girl on the net is one of the best sex blogs in the UK and despite the owner prefers anonymity, her blog requires no introduction. She is one of the best sex bloggers on the internet and her space is live since 2011.

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If you don’t know what sex is, or want to learn anything about sex, this blog is an ultimate destination to learn about sexual problems. She uses genres like dirty fantasies, Real-life sex stories, and fun rants to communicate really useful information on sex.

She has also authored some great books on sex. Her latest publication is “How a Bad Girl Fell in Love”. The blog also accepts the contributions from guest authors.

5.     The Redhead Bedhead

Owned by – Joellen Notte

Joellen Notte is one of the top names in the sex blogging world. Also known as The Redhead Bedhead, she writes about everything related to sex. She is a well-known writer, researcher, and certified sex educator.

With her unique way to talk about sex toys, sex life, kink, and fetishes, she can make even plain articles interesting and kinky. You would love her articles if you are looking for top sex blogs and well-researched sex education articles on the internet.


Owned by – Dr. Justin Lehmiller

Sex and Psychology is a well know and one of the top adult blogs you can read to follow to read about scientific information on sex, romance, and relationships, and general sex-life. The blog is a trusted stop to find authentic and responsible works on sex education, sex myths, and misconceptions.

You can rely on the blog to offer you the correct information about sexual health and mental well-being. Dr. Justin Lehmiller is a qualified social psychologist and has authored the award-winning book called Tell Me What You Want. He has been honoured three times with the Certificate of Teaching Excellence from Harvard University.


Owned by – August McLaughlin

Girl Boner is not just a blog but also a popular adult brand. It constitutes of a big community of writers who write on the niches like exploring sexuality, pleasure, and inclusivity. The writer’s works have been featured in the Huffington Post, Dame Magazine, live strong, and many more.

The blog features the highlights of their podcast, tips for sexual pleasure, and way to lead authentic sexual life. If you are an introvert woman, don’t know much about sex, don’t know how to explore your sexuality, and want to lead a healthy sex life, this blog is for you.  


Owned by – Elle Chase

Lady Cheeky is a popular and award-winning image blog focused on erotica, sensuality, sex education, and professional sexual images. If you want to explore the passion in sex, read this image blog for the best information. It is one of the best porn blogs you can find on the internet.

The blog is all into women sexual empowerment and kinky stuff to explore desires and passion in sex. It was featured on distinguished websites like,, The blog has also secured the nominations and awards in the niches such as LA weekly award (2013) – Best sex blog, the best of thumb porn, Domi dolls true tales of erotica competition.


Owned by – Cara Sutra

If you want to read and explore BDSM sex, Cara’s blog is an award-winning destination for your cause. The blog has been awarded the titles such as best erotica journalist 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2017, and Xcite Books’ Best Sex Blog 2012.

The regular posts on the blog include sex toys review, adult industry updates, relationship advice, BDSM tips, Guest posts, and other original erotica stuff. There are different categories dedicated to Kink, fetishes, and Bondage. The site is also full of hundreds of honest sex toys reviews.


Owned by – Lorrae Bradbury

You can rely on this blog to seek any kind of sex advice and discuss sexual problems openly. The blog is all about educating the readers while also entertaining them with an interesting writing style.

It focuses on sexually empowering women and making them confident, take control, and feel independent about their sex life. She posts regular sex guides, dating tips, and relationship advice. It’s quite easy to become addicted to her engaging and interactive writing style.

The writer has been featured on the Cosmopolitan, Maxim, playboy, elite daily and many more spaces.

Interested in adult business blogs?

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