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xAggregate lets you create a site like Tubegalore and GiantTube that brings in major traffic and passive income! Use xAggregate-driven website to direct traffic to your paysite, send users to third-party sites on pay per click.

The xAggregate script is integrated with SEO and auto-scraping tools to set you up for success. It pulls content from the most popular adult sites daily. Just turn it on, sit back, and watch xAggregate grow your adult business!

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What xAggregate Can Do For You

  • Easy Video Imports

    Leave content sourcing hassles behind. You can simply import, embed, and aggregate millions of adult videos giant porn affiliates using CSV or direct partner imports.

  • Run Ads Galore

    Monetize the site traffic by configuring different types of banner ads throughout the site that are neatly integrated at various positions and look like they belong.

  • Handles Massive Traffic

    Being highly scalable, you just need to increase your server capabilities when your site starts gaining traction and handle any volume of traffic.

  • Sphinx Search

    It's an open source search engine with Sphinx's full-text capability, high speed indexation, and rapid search performance, users can search videos on site with ease.

xAggregate’s Amazing Opportunities

Beat the competition by going to Niche! xAggregate is a versatile solution to help you set up either a general aggregate site or one that targets and caters to one or more niches of today. This gives you an upper hand over other players on the playground due to the advantages offered by a niche website.

Use the in-built tools in this porn tube aggregator script to source tens of thousands of videos that fulfill only certain niche categories and your site will automatically become a magnet for users who know what they’re looking for. This helps your site flourish immediately and have an organic edge over other players.

  • Better ranking in search results to help gain massive traffic day in and day out
  • Best click-through rates and commissions on the niche-targeted ads
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xAggregate Sneak Peek

xAggregate is an adult search script built with cutting-edge technology to handle massive traffic. It has been developed in-house with our team of adult and tech industry veterans.

It is written in the Laravel Framework in PHP. Laravel’s template engine can be easily tweaked like editing an HTML. xAggregate has clean DB, optimized query returns, and SEO-optimized URLs and content.

Frontend Stack : HTML

Backend Stack : PHP Laravel, Sphinx

Revenue Streams

Earn serious cash with xAggregate. At its core, it is a content marketing machine. Add videos from popular tube sites with few clicks and use the assortment of tools to monetize the incoming traffic -

  • Affiliate commission – Earn when users click and visit parent sites
  • Banner ads – Place different affiliate banners and earn commission

xAggregate’s Impressive Features

Using the following features, xAggregate enables you to easily create and launch a highly profitable porn tube aggregator business.


Built with advanced SEO tools that will give you the leverage to rank for long-tail and main keywords. And SEO-friendly URLs ensure your site is indexed well by search engines.

Robust Admin Panel

Configure all crucial or trivial aspects of your platform from the admin panel - create static pages, rebrand, add meta info, configure Google Analytics, manage categories, etc.


xAggregate is built with Bootstrap, HTML5, and CSS3 features, xAggregate ensures a great viewing experience for users on all types of devices and screen sizes.

Actionable Analytics

Utilize the comprehensive analytics dashboard to gain actionable insights based on top-performing categories and affiliate sites to boost site traffic and improve CPC rate.

Auto-populate Categories

Categories from other websites are auto-populated from CSV files. Show categories for users to enrich their browsing experience and allow them to reach content they want quicker.

Customizable CMS

Built with the Laravel Framework, the code is clean, powerful, and due to the templating system, it’s quite easy for anyone with HTML knowledge to customize as required.

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How Much Can I Earn?

Calculate your estimated profit and see how much xAggregate can earn you...

Assume you get 1k visitors per day

Affiliate Commission Per Day
$ 5
Affiliate commission from banner ads per day
$ 5

Monthly Revenue Calculation

CPC - Affiliate Commission (From Traffic Redirection)

$ 0

Affiliate Banner Ads (CPA)


Total Earnings

our 27,000+ customers, using Adent software on 9,000+ different live sites!

What Customers Say?


Currently, I am using xAggregate & xStreamer Script. xStreamer Adult Tube Script Competition in the current era is possible. Everything here is made in a very high-quality responsive design. The thing I like best is that everything can be customizable from the admin panel. No coding knowledge is required for this. I am impressed with their service.




Excellent Software, Highly Recommend! Some of the features their softwares offer simply cannot be found elsewhere (or not that I could find in months of searching..), particularly for such a good price! We would highly recommend using the software and services of this company. Thanks again Nathan & Steve and we look forward to continuing to work with you in the future!


United States


Definitely recommended. Our experience with the company has been positive. If you're looking for good value for money, professionalism, and brilliant client service it's definitely the right way to go. It is nice to work with them, and I am sure will come back for more when expanding my sites to earn bigger passive incomes.

Mateusz Bulgajewski



They support the software institution. A good team, I'm just excited and I'm sure it will give me good news as soon as possible. Because I have a global understanding, it is a slow system because of the corona. I will add good news again soon. I have no doubt that I will regain the money I gave thanks to the relevant staff and a respectful team. Good job. My referral score is 5 stars.

Emirhan Oruç


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  • Tube Aggregator API Integrated
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  • 6 Months free product upgrades
  • 1 Free domain
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xAggregate + Coaching Program

  • Whitelabel API Integrated
  • Lifetime license
  • 100% software source code
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  • 6 months free support
  • 6 Months free product upgrades
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  • 45 Mins 1-on-1 Coaching Program

Flat 25% off - Pay via crypto coins

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Frequently Asked Questions

For best results, read below before ordering.

Username – [email protected]
Password – adminadmin

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You can also check tech stack, software and server requirements, release notes, upcoming features, and more here.

Recommended Hosting provider - M3Server. Use our coupon code – “ADENT50FOR3" for 50% off on first 3 months & also get a domain name for free.

Note: If you are not going with M3 hosting - xAggregate Script requires Un-managed VPS with ROOT ACCESS for installation.

We offer 100% unencrypted, white label solutions. You can customize it to your heart’s content.

If you have your own developers who know the technology, they can customize it for you.

And of course, we’d be happy to customize it for you as well. Very few things bring us joy as watching our clients’ vision come to life.

Contact us with your requirements. Our Sales Manager will give you an estimate for customization depending on the work involved. We can also set up a call if you have elaborate customization needs.

Just let it all out, then kick back and relax while we get to work for you.

Yes, all of our products can be purchased using crypto as well.

We accept BTH & ETC. Contact our sales team to know our BTH / ETC wallet address.

Once you’ve done the deed, please share the payment screenshot with our sales team.

Yes, we offer free installation and set up of the software on your first domain. You have to provide us your domain name and server details to install. Post purchase, our support team will reach out to you to assist with the installation and let you know the ETA for the same.

If you are not sure, you can check our recommended hosting provider, M3 server.

For any enquiries or concerns during purchase, feel free to contact us.

Software is a one-time purchase with full ownership thereafter.

We provide free tech support for 6 months. If you need extended support after 6 months, please reach out to our support team to know the yearly fee. This also makes you eligible to receive site upgrades for free.

As for the running costs you will encounter, there is only the hosting and domain you will need to get separately.

xStreamer : This is a tube site platform like redtube. You can upload videos, members can register, watch videos within the site, pay for premium videos, comment, like, share, and favorite videos. Videos are uploaded to your site’s server. There is a pornstar and channels section. Members can also upload videos and have their own channels.

xAggregate : This is an aggregate site like tubegalore that pulls videos from different tube sites. Videos aren’t stored on your site’s server. You redirect traffic to other sites and make affiliate income out of it. No pornstars, no channels, no member login, or registration. An aggregator site is mostly for traffic generation and traffic rotation among your tubes.

xShows : This is a cam aggregator site cam4joy. Think of xAggregate but sourcing and redirection happens only from and to cam sites. Similar to xAggregate, traffic redirected from your site to the parent cam site earns you affiliate commissions.

Yes, we do offer a coaching program. Our domain expert will get on a call with you to explain everything about the business. Contact our support team to book a session.

You can source and embed videos from sites belonging to affiliate networks like TubeCorporate and AWEmpire. We are on the constant lookout for adding APIs for the newer affiliate networks and site grabbers so you never face any dearth of video sources ever.

No. With xAggregate you can automatically populate videos from affiliate sites alone. Uploading videos of your own is not possible on xAggregate.

The software is built using LAMP stack, PHP, Laravel framework. It's not compatible with wordpress.

Please note that we DO NOT GUARANTEE a 100% permanent functionality of the video grabbers. The 3rd party websites that we use to grab content from may change their structure at any time, which will cause our grabbers to stop working. As soon as a grabber stops working because of a 3rd party website modification, we will re-investigate the download method and update the grabber code ASAP in order for it to work again.

Please purchase only if you agree with the above. We are not responsible if the grabber stops working, since it relies on the 3rd party website which may change at any time, but we will do our best to fix it in no time.

Note : Last checked & updated video grabber on Feb 2022.