Ultimate Guide to Build Traffic to Adult Video Chat Website

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There are many challenges in adult video streaming business. One of the prime challenges that adult webmasters face is lead generation. Lead generation is related to targeted traffic initiation. Adult video chat websites sites designed by using adult video script software should have many built-in SEO features. Otherwise, driving members to such sites is impossible. If there is no traffic, there isn’t enough money rolling in. In this blog post, I would like to discuss the process of targeted traffic initiation.

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Website creation isn’t a challenging job. Building an adult video chat website from scratch can be overwhelmingly challenging if you do not use video streaming script software. There are dedicated tools available to build different types of websites. For instance, if you are looking to build an adult membership site, you may purchase xMember script. If you are looking to build an adult tube site, you may purchase xStreamer. Similarly, if you are looking to start an adult webcam site, you may purchase xCams.

You may engage in camming on one network and engage in selling on a different network. You can sell your homemade webcam videos, pics and shows on the following websites:

  1. BongaCams
  2. Camgasm
  3. CamSoda
  4. Chaturbate
  5. iFriends

There is another website called XLoveCams that allows you to sell your videos and shows but not pics. Do not forget to place your website-watermark at the bottom-right corner of the video stream. People who like your cam shows and videos will visit your website. Not only does this strategy fetch you enough traffic but also protection from copyrights infringement.

Custom Porn – The hottest trend

The hottest trend in adult entertainment industry is custom porn. In other words, users will type their fantasies and porn performers should fulfill their fantasies. For instance, some porn viewers may request for a Captain America parody in which Captain America ends up fucking Wonder woman. Porn performers may wear the costumes of the Marvel superheroes and engage in sexually erotic activities. Believe me, custom porn can help performers attain glory and stardom. This leads to immense traffic initiation which results in potential lead generation. Some of the websites that accept custom content requests are:

  1. Customs4U
  2. ExtraLaunchMoney
  3. ManyVids
  4. MyPornoMovie
  5. YouKandy

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

You don’t have to be an SEO expert to do SEO. Learning SEO is easy. Implementing the best SEO practices is tough. I would like to discuss some SEO tips. To begin with, I would like to answer the question- Why is SEO important? SEO is all about getting your video content feature in the first search page of popular search engines such as Google Chrome, Yahoo! and Bing. Once a piece of content is ranked, it shall generate adequate traffic forever. SEO is a great source of organic traffic.

7 Things must know about adult SEO

For your information, traffic is divided into two categories: Organic and In-organic. Organic traffic is the traffic from unpaid search results. In-organic traffic is all about targeted traffic initiation from paid search results. One of the main objectives of SEO is to improve organic traffic.

Here are a few important onsite SEO ranking parameters:

  • URL Structure: Just be careful about not having too many words in the URL structure. If you are working on a WordPress platform, do not forget to incorporate permalinks to your web pages. Permalinks are nothing but permanent static hyperlinks to a specific web page. The format of any URL should be “text-keywords-text”. In other words, text and keywords should be separated by dashes. Do not be too verbose.
  • Header Text: There are six header tags for SEO. H1, H2 and H3 are the most commonly used header tags. A typical web designer uses only one H1 tag. Follow the same notation. Do not use more than one H1 tag. You are at liberty to use more than one H2 and H3 tags. All the header-texts should contain keywords.
  • Image Name: Popular search engines such as Google Chrome always use crawlers to understand the content of any file. It is therefore recommended to name all the image files in this format- “text-keywords-text.jpg”. As a best SEO practice, do provide meta-description and alt text to every video and image file you upload to the website. Apart from helping webpages rank better in organic search results, image optimization is also actuated.
  • Text: I often see adult webmasters focusing too much on keyword density. Of course, keyword density is important. But do not jam-pack the content with keywords. Focus on writing some good quality content. Content shouldn’t be too generic. It should pertain to a specific topic.
  • 301 Re-directs: I am surprised that many adult webmaster are oblivious to this important SEO factor. Many a time, adult webmasters delete a page or two from their sites. In such cases, adult webmasters should 301 redirect the pages to relevant pages. A 301 redirect informs search engines that the content has moved and hence, all the ranking power should be transferred to the new pages.
  • Website Age: It is a well-known fact that older websites usually have better rankings when compared to the newer ones. Older websites have many backlinks. Backlinks are nothing but incoming hyperlinks from one web page to another website.
  • Internal Linking: Hyperlinks are classified as external and internal hyperlinks based on the target or destination they point at. If a hyperlink points to a different domain, it is an external link. If a hyperlink points to a domain on which it exists, it is an internal hyperlink. Within a website, a search engine crawler crawls from one page to another page via internal links. While doing so, the search engine crawlers make use of anchor texts. Anchor texts should therefore be relevant. For your information, anchor text is nothing but the clickable text in an internal hyperlink.
  • Website Performance: Website performance and end-user experience are inter-related. All search engines give better rankings to those websites that run faster. Some of the methods of making a website run faster are as follows:
  • SQL optimization
  • CSS optimization
  • Better hosting
  • Site caching

Let us now look at off-site SEO:

Offsite optimization entails the challenge of building backlinks. Why is this a challenge? Almost everybody watches porn but nobody likes to talk about it. Everybody likes linking to good content and porn is considered a taboo. Following the same train of thoughts, no normal website or blog links to porn. However, it is slightly easy to build links as a webcam model. Here is how you can get backlinks:

  • Personal Blogging: Webcam models should definitely do personal blogging. Tumblr is a very good platform to gain following. You can divert the traffic to your webcam site and profile. Write guest blogs on various hosted blogging platforms such as Blogger and WordPress. You will soon find yourself in the good books of your followers.
  • Porn-sharing sites: There are many porn sharing sites such as Sex.com, ImageFap and Tumblr which can give you many backlinks. Leverage such porn-sharing sites.
  • Social Media: You cannot use Facebook to promote porn. However, you can use twitter to promote your adult shows. Change your twitter profile to NSFW and start tweeting about your cam-shows. Divert your social media followers to your adult video chat website. Snapchat is another social networking tool which can help you with semi-nude content.
  • Webcam directories:There are many webcam directories on the net. You should seek the approval of admins to promote your adult video chat website.

Here is a list of sites to get DoFollow backlinks:

Trade traffic with other webcam girls: It isn’t a bad idea to make friends with other webcam girls. I am well-aware of the fact that adult entertainment industry is competitive and obsessive. However, there is nothing wrong on helping each other. You may severe ties in the future.

Promotion through tube sites

There are many tube sites such as Pornhub.com, xvideos.com etc. Just create a profile and start uploading your videos. Once your videos get traction, start posting links to your adult video chat website. Stick to the foundational and fundamental principles of SEO. Organic traffic will definitely materialize.

If you have any doubts or concerns, feel free to drop a line or two in the comments section. I shall reply in a day or two. Do not hesitate to approach Adent.io for guidance on adult ventures. Keep watching this space for insights on adult affiliate marketing and adult website development. My best wishes are with you and your adult video chat website. Cheers!