How to Promote OnlyFans on PornHub

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This article will explain how to promote OnlyFans on PornHub as well as offer other marketing strategies to highlight your OnlyFans profile. Let’s first take a brief look at the origins of OnlyFans and PornHub before moving on to the topic of promoting your OnlyFans account on PornHub and other platforms. 

OnlyFans, launched in 2016 and based in London, is a subscription-based online content-sharing platform where models can upload their explicit content and earn from it. Fans pay a subscription fee to get access to models’ explicit content. 

PornHub, on the other hand, launched in 2007 and based in Canada, is the first website to make porn available to all on the internet. Porn stars earn from the number of views their videos get. With time, billions of users joined PornHub, making it the world’s largest porn tube site.

Why Should you Promote OnlyFans on PornHub?

When we promote something, we want more and more people to see our promotion. Thus, using a platform that has a high user base makes sense. PornHub has a website traffic of more than a billion per month. 

Using PornHub to promote your OnlyFans account can be a good strategy for the following reasons:

  1. High Visibility – As the traffic in PornHub is insanely high, implementing promotional strategies can be extremely fruitful. Your promotion will reach a vast crowd via PornHub as compared to any other platform of the adult niche. 
  2. Builds Trust – When you sign up as a model and create content to promote your OnlyFans account, your potential users get to see the type of content you usually post. This can help your promotion as the users already know you now, and if they would like to see more of you or not, interested fans can go to your OnlyFans profile and take a subscription plan. 
  3. High ROI – Investing in promoting your OnlyFans account on PornHub can give a high ROI as compared to any other platform in the adult niche. Due to its higher website traffic, the number of users viewing the OnlyFans promotion and actually landing on the OnlyFans account page is high. 

How to Promote OnlyFans On PornHub

We will now discuss the steps you should follow to promote your OnlyFans account on PornHub:

Step 1: Sign Up as a Model

To start promoting your OnlyFans on PornHub, you have to first create a model account on PornHub. Opening an account will require you to upload or present some legal documents to PornHub, which declares your present age and other necessary information. We can divide this process into 2 simple steps:

1.  Create a Free PornHub Account- You can start a free PornHub account, and for that, you need to be at least 18 years old. Try to be creative while choosing a username for your account, as it will be the same name by which your fans will search for you on PornHub, so the easier it is, the better.

Once you are done entering your email address and user name, you will get a confirmation mail from PornHub to verify your email ID, and then you are all set to go for the further steps of signing up as a model.

2. Fill and Submit Model Application – After getting access to the platform, you have to now fill out a model application. From the “Menu” option, select “Get Verified.” You will then be redirected to the model application form. Fill out the form with the correct personal information, address, preferred method of payment and other optional services as asked on the form and click the submit button. 

Step 2: Optimize Your PornHub Profile

After getting yourself verified as a model, it’s now time to optimize your PornHub profile to highlight your OnlyFans account. While setting up your PornHub profile, you can promote OnlyFans by adding text, links, and images. Adding texts on your profile description regarding your OnlyFans account and the type of content fans can expect in your OnlyFans helps promote your OnlyFans. 

Links are another useful means for promoting your OnlyFans account. You can attach links to your OnlyFans on the profile description of your PornHub account. Fans usually check out the profile of models or porn stars they like, and if you attach your OnlyFans account link to your profile, some interested fans will surely click on the link to get themselves redirected to your OnlyFans account. 

Step 3: Produce Content To Promote

As you have signed up as a model, you can now produce content to promote your OnlyFans on PornHub. Be creative while producing content for OnlyFans promotion so that you get a positive response from your fans. Let us discuss some content ideas that can help you promote your OnlyFans account efficiently:

  • Teaser Videos – Uploading teaser videos on PornHub and letting your viewers know that you have uploaded the full-length video on your OnlyFans account may lead to good traffic on your OnlyFans account. 
  • Behind The Scenes – Shoot behind-the-scenes videos while you make full-length porn and share it exclusively on your OnlyFans. Alert your fans, letting them know these sneak peeks are on your OnlyFans. Those who enjoyed your videos may find behind-the-scenes content intriguing, adding an extra layer of engagement and interest.
  • Series Of Content – Releasing content in a series can help you hook your viewers for the next episode. You can easily do it by dividing the full-length porn video into 2 or 3 parts. Upload 1 part of the video on PornHub and the other part on OnlyFans, and ask your PornHub viewers to watch the other part from your OnlyFans account. 

Step 4: Collaborate With Other Models 

Collaborating with other models can help you increase the reach of your promotion. Partnering with a model who promotes his/her OnlyFans account on PornHub and has a solid fanbase on both platforms can significantly increase traffic to your OnlyFans.

You may need to invest some money based on the followers and subscribers of the model you want to collaborate with. If you find a model to collaborate with who has a good fanbase on both platforms, then you can expect a high ROI. 

Step 5: Join PornHub Forum Discussion

Taking participation in the forum discussions of PornHub will help you understand the current trend in the porn industry. It will also give content ideas and an overview of what fans want from models. You will have various opportunities to promote your OnlyFans account in discussions regarding a particular niche. 

Sharing your candid pictures on the forum can also draw the attention of users, and if you put your OnlyFans username along with the picture, the users may reach your OnlyFans account to see more of your sexy pictures and videos. 

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5 Other Ways To Promote Your OnlyFans Account

After seeing the steps on how to promote OnlyFans on PornHub, let us now see some other platforms where you can do the same:

a) Social Media

Social media comes as a natural notion when we want to promote something these days. But do you know that most of the social media platforms that you know don’t support explicit content? Now! How will you promote your OnlyFans account? No worries, we will discuss some social media platforms that support explicit content. 

  1. Reddit – With over 6 billion visitors every month, Reddit is one of the biggest social news, content rating, and forum social network platforms ever launched. Since its launch in 2005, it has worked on its mission to bring communities together and provide a platform for people to share their ideas, opinions, and experiences of the people.
  2. MeWe –  It is a global decentralized platform launched in 2012 in California. Since its launch, it has seen tremendous growth, and now MeWe is experiencing solid traffic of more than 12 million visits per month. MeWe’s mission statement is to give users more control over their data and social media experiences.
  3. Mastodon – It is a crowdfunded open-source software platform that allows people to express themselves the way they want. Their mission is to establish a social media platform that can’t be bought or owned by any billionaire. Launched in 2016 by a group of developers in Germany, Mastodon now experiences more than 9 million platform visits every single month.  

b) Adult Cam Sites

Promoting your OnlyFans account using adult cam sites is a great idea to increase your OnlyFans traffic. The users of an adult cam site will be more attracted to explicit content as they are already consuming the same type of content on the adult cam site. If you select the top adult cam sites like Chaturbate, BongaCams, CamSoda, Stripchat, Flirt4Free, etc., you may see an increase in your OnlyFans followers.

c) Adult Ads

You can promote your OnlyFans on different adult platforms with the help of adult advertising. The process of rolling out ads works completely the same as Google ads, but it is not connected to Google Ads as these Ads networks are specifically designed for the promotion of adult content or services or products. ExoClick, TrafficStars, Push.House, etc., are some of the top adult ad network houses that can help you get millions of impressions on your OnlyFans. 

d) Newsletters 

Using newsletters may sound like an old idea to promote your OnlyFans account. But a newsletter is an effective approach that helps models keep connected with their fans and lets fans know what new content they can expect in the future or any other casual updates or information about the models. You need to find a model who has a good newsletter subscriber base and pay the model to promote your OnlyFans account in their newsletter. 

e) Affiliate Program 

Starting your own affiliate marketing program can be another way in which you pay a certain percentage of earnings to your affiliates when they bring in new subscribers for your OnlyFans account. This method is, so far, the best way to promote your OnlyFans account, as you will have to make an investment or make a payment only when you get paid. 

Wrapping Up 

We have now reached the end of this article, and so far, we have discussed a lot of ways to promote your OnlyFans on PornHub & why you should consider promoting your OnlyFans account on Pornhub.

It is also not hidden that the platform fee charged by OnlyFans takes a big sum of your hard-earned money. Do you want to stop it? If yes, then you should have a fansite of our own. 

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