How to Get More Views on PornHub?

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Are you trying to figure out how to get more views on Pornhub like models Kissa Sins and Autumn Falls? You’re not alone—many content creators face this challenge. With the vast amount of content on the platform, standing out can be tough. But don’t worry, there are proven strategies to boost your income and visibility.

From optimizing your video titles & tags to leveraging social media and engaging with your audience, you can significantly increase your views and build a loyal following. Let’s dive into the tips and tricks that can help you succeed to get more views on Pornhub.

Understanding Pornhub Platform

Pornhub is among the world’s largest and most popular adult entertainment websites, drawing users from across the globe. Major traffic comes from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Europe, and Latin America. The site sees over 140 million visitors daily

Mobile devices, like smartphones & tablets, account for over 60% of Pornhub’s global traffic, with some regions, such as the Southern U.S., seeing nearly 80% of mobile usage. Additionally, game consoles are becoming an emerging platform, with around 1-2% of viewers in certain U.S. states using them to access Pornhub on their TVs.

Pornhub Top Categories
Source: Pornhub’s Insights

How to Get More Views on Pornhub?

Tip 1 – Optimize Your Profile

Your profile picture serves as your virtual first impression, so make it count! Opt for a clear, high-quality image that highlights your best features and personality. Steer clear of blurry or poorly lit photos—after all, you want to catch viewers’ eyes, not make them squint. A captivating profile & cover pic can spark curiosity and drive clicks.

In the “More About Me” section, write an engaging bio that gives viewers a sense of your personality and niche. Use relevant keywords that fans might search for. Mention your turn-ons, fetishes, and unique selling points to attract your target audience. 

What sets you apart from the rest? Flaunt those distinctive physical attributes, talents, or content styles in your bio and profile. Whether you specialize in amateur POV, BDSM, or cosplay, make it crystal clear. Highlight what makes you one-of-a-kind.

Official Pornhub Profile of Brooke Tilli

An optimized profile significantly elevates your visibility and draws more viewers to your Pornhub channel.

Tip 2 – Consistent Content Creation

Keeping your audience engaged on Pornhub means keeping those videos rolling in regularly. Shoot for at least 1 fresh upload per week to keep your viewers hooked and coming back for more. When they know they can count on you for a steady stream of content, they’re more likely to hit that subscribe button and stick around.

While having your niche is great, don’t be afraid to mix it up. Throw in a variety of styles like solo, boy/girl, fetish, POV—whatever floats your viewers’ boats. Variety keeps things spicy and ensures there’s something for everyone in your audience.

Take it from Rhyheim Shabazz, a Top-Ranking Model on PornhubGay

“I think it is good to mix things up as much as possible. I try to add full older movies and nice-sized clips from newer scenes. I also do photo dumps when I can even though I hate taking photos. I think that variety is key.”

Quality over quantity, always. Focus on creating high-production-value videos with good lighting, cinematography, and imaginative scenarios to increase views on your pornhub channel.

Tip 3 – Maximizing Thumbnail Appeal

Your video’s thumbnail acts as a virtual billboard, determining whether viewers will click to watch or keep scrolling. A captivating and high-quality thumbnail is essential for driving click-through rates and views on Pornhub.

Hannah James Video Thumbnail in Pornhub
Design Tips for Eye-Catching Thumbnails (Source:
  • Maintain Balance – Ensure any text, logos, or added images don’t dominate more than one-third of the thumbnail’s space.
  • Use Tempting Image – Opt for suggestive yet tasteful imagery that hints at your video’s content. Close-up shots of bodies or specific assets often attract attention.
  • Vibrant Colors and High Contrast – Bright colors and high-contrast visuals stand out as viewers scroll through content. However, avoid cluttered designs that overwhelm.
  • Add Engaging Text – Include concise and intriguing text overlays using clear fonts to spark curiosity about your niche or content type. But don’t go overboard with words.
  • Stay True to Your Brand – Use consistent styles, colors, and imagery that reflect your unique personal brand. This ensures instant recognition from your fans.
  • Adhere to Platform Policies – Follow Pornhub’s guidelines regarding imagery, text size limits, and avoiding misleading content. Avoid using clickbait phrases like “top video” or “recommended.” Instead, using bit descriptive terms like “compilation” or “full scene” are acceptable as long as they accurately represent the video.

A/B Testing for Optimal Performance

Experiment with different thumbnail variations and conduct A/B split tests to pinpoint the designs with the highest click-through rates. 

Analyze your Pornhub video analytics to identify which thumbnails drive the most traffic, then keep refining your approach for optimal performance. Keep pushing boundaries and trying new ideas to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.

Tip 4 – Strategic Tagging Techniques

Choosing and adding accurate tags to your video is crucial for driving search results and increasing exposure to users seeking that content. For example, if a user searches “spork” and your video has that tag, it will appear in the search results. 

Each video can have up to 16 tags—use them all and choose wisely. Select words that describe actions (e.g., deepthroat, fingering), positions (e.g., 69, doggystyle), settings (e.g., office, kitchen), objects (e.g., Butt plug, vibrator), and attributes (e.g., curvy, inked). Avoid tags that are already categories. Proper tagging affects your video’s rating, views, and ad revenue.

Furthermore, keep your tags concise, like texting shorthand. For example, use “BJ” for “blowjob” or “3some” for “threesome.” Tags automatically selected by the site can be removed if needed. Thoughtful tagging enhances search results, boosts views, and improves ratings, ultimately building trust with your audience.

Shot of Adult Video Tags on PornHub
Shot of Adult Video Tags (

Tip 5 – Harnessing the Power of SEO

Pornhub’s search algorithm prioritizes videos based on well-optimized titles, tags, descriptions, and thumbnails that accurately portray content. Titles and tags that mislead or exaggerate are demoted in search results. 

The algorithm also prefers consistent, high-quality content from verified uploaders, as Pornhub transitions from an open tube model to a fully moderated platform.

To enhance visibility, use keyword research tools like Moz Keyword Explorer or Semrush to identify popular search terms. Incorporate these keywords into titles, descriptions, and tags for optimal ranking. 

Long-tail keywords (3+ words) tend to have a low search volume, highly-specific and are easier to rank for, making them ideal for driving targeted traffic to your videos.

For example, “busty blonde teen fucks step-brother” is more specific and likely to attract viewers looking for that exact content compared to just “teen sex”.

However, exercise caution to prevent keyword stuffing or using misleading tags.

Tip 6 – Leveraging Social Media Platforms

Link your Pornhub profile with your social media accounts like X, Instagram, TikTok etc. By adding these links to your profile, your fans can easily discover and follow you across multiple platforms.

Enable X (Twitter) automation so Pornhub automatically notifies your Twitter followers whenever you upload a new video. You can set limits on tweets per video/day.

Create Teasers and Trailers

Create short teaser videos or photo compilations highlighting your best content and post them on social media, driving traffic back to your full videos on Pornhub. Use tempting thumbnails and strategic hashtags to increase visibility.

For paid sites like OnlyFans, post brief trailer clips on Pornhub periodically to give fans a free sample and drive subscriptions. Ultimately, increasing visibility and driving more views on Pornhub.

Tip 7 – Collaborating for Mutual Growth

Partnering with other popular models on Pornhub opens up opportunities for collaborative content creation. These collaborations could range from threesomes to swapping for POV scenes or featuring guest-starring roles This strategy automatically exposes the content to both fan bases, resulting in increased reach and views.

Use  Pornhub’s social media presence by tagging @Pornhub, @PornhubModels, or @PHModelsGay in SFW photos or videos featuring your collaborator. This increases the chances of being retweeted and promoted to Pornhub’s extensive following.

Hosting Interactive Q&A Sessions and Live Streams

Host live Q&A sessions or streams on platforms like Pornhub Live or social media. This real-time interaction helps fans feel a personal connection to you, fostering a dedicated fan base. Promote these events in advance to maximize viewership.

Participate in Adult Industry Events and Conferences

Attending major adult entertainment expos, conventions, and industry events provides valuable networking opportunities. Meet fans, engage in face-to-face networking, give talks or panels, and explore potential sponsorships or collaborations. These events are crucial for staying updated on industry trends and expanding your professional network.

Join the Discord Community of Pornhub

With over 400,000 members, the Pornhub discord server offers a dedicated hub for models to connect, showcase their content, and engage with fans. Join the community and get verified to access all channels.

Pornhub Discord Community
Pornhub Discord Community

Engage in Adult Forums

Look for active online forums like F95zone or Adult DVD Talk, where people discuss and exchange adult content. Engage in relevant conversations, offer insights, and make connections with fellow creators and fans.

When appropriate, share sneak peeks or previews of your latest Pornhub videos on these forums to boost your channel’s visibility. However, adhere to community guidelines and avoid excessive promotion.

When appropriate, share sneak peeks or previews of your latest Pornhub videos on these forums to boost your channel’s visibility. However, adhere to community guidelines and avoid excessive promotion.

Build Long-Term Fan Relationships

Go beyond content creation by building genuine relationships with your most loyal fans. Offer exclusive behind-the-scenes content, personalized merchandise, or paid virtual experiences to reward and engage your top supporters. Building a strong connection with fans fosters loyalty and ensures sustained support.

By strategically collaborating through content you can significantly amplify your reach and draw more viewers to your Pornhub channel.

Tip 8 – Using Analytics for Insights

Understanding Metrics and Demographics

Assess key metrics like total views, unique viewers, average view duration, and audience retention to gauge content performance.

Examine viewer demographics such as age, gender, and location to pinpoint your target audience and tailor content accordingly.

Use demographic data to create buyer personas and understand the interests, pain points, and behaviors of your ideal viewers

Identifying Trends and Content Strategy

Identify trends in view metrics and audience demographics to  see what content resonates best.

Modify your content strategy based on these findings by producing more of the successful content while optimizing underperforming content.

Experiment with various approaches, including titles, tags, thumbnails, and video length, to determine the most effective engagement drivers.

Monitoring Tag and Title Performance

Track the impact of different tags, titles, and metadata on view metrics and audience engagement.

Refine tagging and titling strategies based on this data to enhance discoverability and click-through rates.

Continuously experiment with diverse approaches and meticulously analyze results to consistently optimize content performance.

By leveraging the rich analytics data available, you can gain deep insights into your audience, identify high-performing content, and continuously refine your strategy to get more views on pornhub.

Bonus Strategies To Get More Views on Pornhub

To get more views on Pornhub, you can leverage several strategies beyond the standard methods. Here are some bonus strategies:

Tip 9 – Content Syndication

Embed your Pornhub videos on other popular adult tube sites such as XVideos, RedTube, and others. This can enhance your visibility and reach a larger audience.

Furthermore, you can partner with other adult models or content creators to share and promote each other’s content. This collaboration can help you tap into each other’s fanbases and expand your reach.

Tip 10 – Paid Ads

Leverage adult ad networks likeTrafficJunky or ExoClick for precise audience targeting and broad reach within the adult content sphere. Benefit from advanced targeting options to ensure your ads reach the right viewers, maximizing impact and boosting views on Pornhub.

Tip 11 – Create Your Own Fansite

Create a personal fansite to showcase your content and provide a central hub for fans to find and support you. This can help you build a loyal fanbase and increase your views.  

xModel by, offers a user-friendly fansite script tailor-made for porn stars, cam girls, and adult creators like yourself. This ready-to-use platform helps you to create your own website effortlessly, putting you in control of your content and income.

Tip 12 – Email Marketing

Create a newsletter to keep fans updated on new content, promotions, and behind-the-scenes insights. This can help you build a loyal fanbase and increase engagement.

Offer exclusive content or promotions to subscribers to incentivize them to stay engaged and share your content with others.

By incorporating these bonus strategies into your marketing efforts, you can increase your visibility, reach a broader audience, and boost your views on Pornhub.


Learning the ins & outs of how to get more views on Pornhub isn’t just about making a quick buck – it’s a strategic move that can lead to bigger opportunities. Plus, with a dedicated fan base, establishing your personal brand with xModel by becomes effortless. Whether you want to sell videos, photos, stories, or even create a wishlist for your fans to fulfill, xModel has you covered. Plus, you can take advantage of affiliate marketing opportunities to further boost your income. So, keep learning, keep growing, and watch your views – and your earnings – skyrocket!

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