Sex Toy Dropshipping: 10+ Best Adult Suppliers for Getting Started

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Out of all the money-making adult businesses in the world, if we have to pick one business that needs the least amount of work and gives you a good passive income, then it has to be dropship adult toys. You ask why? Well, it is lucrative, easy to set up, and all you have to do is take orders for sex toys and ask your dropshipper to ship them to the customers. Easy peasy!

If you plan to dropship and sell sex toys, the only important thing to ponder over is finding reliable dropshippers for adult dropshipping. After all, it’s your business, and you don’t want to spoil your name by selling substandard products. 

If you search on Google, you’ll find hordes of available dropshippers. Beware because not all of them will be reputed or trusted dropshipping companies. You’ll have to do your research, find the one whom you can trust to dropship sex toys, and then market sex toys well to achive success. In this article, we will tell you the 7 best suppliers for adult products from around the world to make your choice easier.

Why Dropshipping Sex Toys?

The realm of sex toys is a fiercely competitive and cutting-edge international market that generates billions of U.S. dollars each year. 

As per the report by Statista (2023), the revenue of the global sex toy market exceeded a staggering 34 billion U.S. dollars in 2021. Experts predict that by 2030, the market will witness a further surge, reaching a whopping 80.7 billion U.S. dollars.

In addition to the undeniable increase in market value, there exist several compelling reasons to contemplate the decision to dropship sex toys.

Less taboo: As a result of modern society’s sexual liberation, sex toys are much less taboo.

Increased commercialization: Businesses selling sex toys have seen steady growth due to increased commercialization, changing perception, and availability to purchase items both in-store and online.

Rising demand: When people have more money in their pockets, they spend it on sex toys. When people don’t have the money to go out, they stay home and use their sex toys.

After careful analysis, it is evident that the potential for dropshipping sex toys is promising. With the continuous evolution of society and its liberalization, the toy industry can experience parallel growth. 

As consumers become more open-minded and accepting, the demand for diverse and innovative adult toys will only continue to rise.

How To Choose the Right Sex Toy Dropshipper?

When it comes to dropshipping sex toy products, selecting the right ones is of paramount importance, and it demands careful consideration. Here are some tips that can help you choose the right sex toy supplier. 

1. Safety Standards

The first and foremost aspect that requires your attention is ensuring that the sex toys conform to the safety standards and regulations to avoid any legal or financial liabilities. 

This step is critical as it will help you avoid any potential issues that may arise later on.

2. Reputation of the supplier

The second crucial factor is to purchase sex toys from reputable suppliers. This step is vital because it ensures that the toys you sell have a high level of quality and longevity, and you can avoid any negative feedback that may harm your brand reputation. 

Therefore, it is imperative that you spend time researching and finding reliable suppliers with an excellent track record.

3. Popular sex toys

Thirdly, it is essential to sell sex toys that are popular among women and couples. This can significantly increase your chances of making successful sales.

 Therefore, it is crucial to analyze the market demand for the adult toys you plan to offer and confirm their popularity before making any purchase.

4. Profitability 

Fourthly, the profit margins for sex toys can vary significantly based on the supplier, product, and demand. Therefore, it is essential to prioritize sex toys that offer high-profit margins. This can help you maximize your profits and grow your sex toy business exponentially.

5. Brand image

Lastly, the sex toys you sell can significantly impact your brand image. Therefore, it is crucial to choose toys that align with your brand values and messaging. This can help you establish a positive brand image and gain the loyalty of your customers.

Now that we understand how to choose the best sex toy supplier, let’s get down to the list of the 12 best sex toy dropshipper around the world.

12 Best Dropshipping Suppliers of Sex Toys

1. Inventory Source

Unlike your actual sex toy supplier, Inventory Source provides an automated supplier directory for sex toys. You simply subscribe to their inventory automation service as a dropshipper, and can immediately start searching for your favorite sex toy suppliers.

Inventory source offers a full automation plan that does all the work for you, from mapping sex toys that fit your store category to filtering the products that don’t fit your dropship sex toy site. With these services, you never have to worry about the supplier approval process, hidden costs, or unpredictable shipping fees. They do all that for you.

Furthermore, you get auto order routing, automated dropship tracking, a managing interface, and more. Inventory source also provides integration for Amazon, Shopify, Stitch Labs, and more, depending on the subscription plan you select. If monthly orders exceed the limit of the subscription plan, they charge you an additional fee of $0.20 – $0.40 per order.

2. SexToyClub

Sex toy club is a wholesale adult dropshipping company that hosts more than 40000 unique dropship adult toys at wholesale prices. They ship sex toys all over the US and around the world too. Sex toy club has great user reviews, which tells you about their credibility.

Sex toy club Sex Toys Dropshipper

You can resell their products on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay by easily downloading their products through a CSV file. It’s easy to integrate products from the Sex toy club that you want to sell on your website. Furthermore, the Sex toy club provides integration for Magento and Shopify so that you can resell sex toys.

Sex toy club doesn’t charge any extra dropshipping fee and also provides an affiliate program and whitelabel products. If you want to dropship sex toys, then you can contact the Sex toy club to get more details from them.

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3. Nalpac

Nalpac is based out of the US and is one of the most trusted dropshipper in the states. With over 40 years of experience in dropshipping sex toys and adult gifts, Nalpac stocks close to 20000 different sex toys in its warehouse and has a product-fill rate of over 90%.

NALPAC Adult Toy Dropshipping

You can find products from a wide range of brands on Nalpac like Dona, LA Pump, We Vibe, Calexotics, Lovense, and many more. Located centrally in the US, the shipping time throughout the US is usually 1 to 3 days. They do provide you the option to customize your packing slip shipped with the order to customers.

4. XTrader

Established in 2000, XTrader has been the front runner in dropshipping sex toys business in the UK. They sell a wide range of 6336 adult products spread over 164 categories making it easier for you to choose which category to display on your website.

XTrader hosts a variety of popular adult toy brands on their database like Pipedream, Njoy, Doc Johnson, Jimmy Jane, Private, Nexus, Doxy, and many more. They don’t charge any dropship fee, and their packaging is very discreet. You can add your company’s branding on the packing slip if you want too.

5. XSales

One of Australia’s biggest wholesalers, XSales delivers a wide range of products throughout Australia and other parts of the world. The best part about XSales is that they offer products that serve all kinds of fetish and communities. Right from bondage toys and uncut DVDs to novelties and sex games, XSales sells everything.

XSales homepage screenshot

As a dropshipper, XSales takes a $12.50 charge for domestic orders, which can be a little on the higher side. Registered customers can avail a 75% discount offer on weekly special products on XSales, which is quite an advantage.

6. AliExpress

AliExpress is a world-renowned wholesaler from China that collectively sells products from wholesalers all over China. They have a huge collection of sex toys, and they sell almost every other thing too. You name it, and AliExpress has it. They ship worldwide and take no charges for dropshipping.

AliExpress screenshot

You can integrate the products you want on your website and sell them with your margin. When a customer buys sex toys from your website, you keep the margin, and AliExpress ships the product at the wholesale rate. You can find dropship sex toys of all varieties and quality on AliExpress, so it’s recommended to tick the option of seeing products with above 4-star rating.

7. 1on1Wholesale

Started in 2000, 1on1Wholesale is one of the largest adult sex toy wholesalers in entire Europe. They host sex toys of 70+ brands like Bound, Doc Johnson, Fleshlight, LovingJoy, NassToys, Sliquid, Zuyosa, and many more. You can find anything from lingerie to bondage toys in their wide range of categories.

There is no extra or hidden charge for dropshipping on 1on1Wholesale, and you can easily sync your website with their data feed and dropship sex toys. The tracked delivery service can take 3 to 5 days for delivery within Europe and 7 to 10 days for deliveries around the world.

8. Honey’s Place

Honey’s Place is a wholesale distributor of adult toys and romance products, ranging from lingerie to party supplies. They are positioned as the premier sex toy distributor on the West Coast and an esteemed wholesale partner for top-tier adult products and lingerie brands. 

Honey’s Place is the largest adult distributor on the West Coast and specializes in bath and body products, sex toys and accessories, lingerie, CBD products, and party supplies. 

They take pride in offering a diverse and impressive assortment of adult toys, lubricants, bath & body products, lingerie, and more. Honey’s Place is a full-line wholesale adult toys distributor that supports brick-and-mortar stores.

9. Dreamlove

Dreamlove is a sex shop wholesaler/distributor of erotic items, including sex toys and intimate cosmetics associated with sexual health. The company is based in Spain and was founded in 2007. 

Dreamlove manufactures and distributes erotic products to sex shops and wholesale sex toy retailers throughout Spain and Europe. They sell their products only to professionals specialized in physical stores, companies dedicated to dropshipping, and sexual advisers dedicated to TupperSex. 

Dreamlove provides a one-stop sex toys wholesale service and professional customization service. They are known for their competitive prices and ability to offer stock. 

Dreamlove mainly promotes sexual education as the main value for the sale of their products and considers training essential to turn any business into a success.

10. Blue Rabbit

Blue Rabbit is a sex toy supplier based in China and they offer a wide range of sex toys, including vibrators, dildos, BDSM, sexy lingerie, sexual wellness products, and other sex products. Blue Rabbit is a comprehensive sex toy supply chain in China that provides cheap and safe shipping solutions. 

They are a strategic partner with some big manufacturers and dozens of small sex toy factories, and you can wholesale sex toys with low MOQ at factory prices from Blue Rabbit with ease. 

Blue Rabbit is located in Shenzhen, China, and their core competencies include realistic dildos, G-spot vibrators, AV massagers, anal plugs, and more. 

They offer completely waterproof sex toys, so you can enjoy them in the bath or shower. The Rabbit Company is a different company that offers luxury rabbit vibrators and rabbit dildos.

11. TopDawg

TopDawg is a wholesale/dropshipping hybrid platform that provides dropshipping for sexual wellness products and adult toys to anywhere in the U.S. and worldwide. 

They offer a giant wholesale catalog loaded with over 500,000 products listed by the best dropshipping suppliers in the USA. Suppliers can list their products with TopDawg with wholesale pricing, and TopDawg will markup the wholesale price to the retailer. 

TopDawg sources products from multiple suppliers and manufacturers around the world, and product return policies are determined by each supplier independently.

12. Tendance Sensuelle

Tendance Sensuelle is a French wholesaler that specializes in sexy lingerie, cosmetics, and accessories for adults. They have been in business for over a decade, making them a reliable supplier. 

They offer a wide range of quality adult toys from the best brands on the market. Tendance Sensuelle provides a one-stop sex toys wholesale service and professional customization service. 

They are friendly and welcome new sellers while providing five-star customer service. They dropship worldwide and have a dropshipping program that allows for lower prices and a higher profit margin.

How to Start Dropshipping Sex Toys?

Starting a dropshipping business for sex toys can be a profitable venture. Here are some steps to start dropshipping toys:

1. Decide on your niche

When starting a dropshipping sex toy store, it’s crucial to choose which niche you want to focus on. Creating a store that looks like Lovehoney isn’t the best approach because it’s essential to be an expert in something. 

Your goal is to establish a specific reputation for a product or service where customers can rely on you to provide solutions to their problems.

Here are some sex toy niche examples:

  • Lingeries
  • BDSM toys
  • Sexual wellness product
  • Sex education product
  • Sexual fantasy toys

Remember, selecting a niche that you are familiar with is crucial in today’s sex toy market. It is imperative to have a comprehensive understanding of the product or service you intend to sell or promote. Without this understanding, it is challenging to market effectively.

2. Find a supplier

To proceed with your sex toy business plan, your next course of action is to locate a dropship supplier based on your location. You can utilize our curated list as a starting point, which covers a wide range of sex toy niches. 

However, if your niche is not included, you can conduct your own research on Google to find potential suppliers.

Here are some popular sex toy suppliers:

Once you have a list of suppliers, you can make direct contact with both manufacturers or retailers and inquire about any potential discounts. It’s important to introduce your business and explain your intentions to form a partnership.

Furthermore, to ensure you select the most suitable adult toy dropshipping supplier, we have included a dedicated section within this article that provides detailed guidance on how to make the best decision.

3. Build an online store

The next crucial step in establishing your business is to create an adult online store. You may want to consider xMarketplace by, an adult ecommerce website script designed specifically with dropshipping APIs. 

It’s important to note that building an online sex toy store with xMarketplace is very affordable, starting from $199. This cost covers 100% of the source code of the software, free installation, free product upgrade and support for 6 months and many more.

Purchasing xMarketplace comes with additional perks, including multiple adult payment processors, analytical tools, shopping carts, product pages, blog pages, and many other features that will make your online store stand out. 

Thankfully, you don’t need to have any coding knowledge to create an online store using xMarketplace. The platform is user-friendly, with a drag-and-drop feature that makes it easy to design your store. 

4. Promote your online store

The final step in this process is marketing, which is crucial for attracting new customers and generating sales. One of the most effective ways to market your products is through Google Ads and Adult Ad Networks. 

However, it’s important to note that there are many other marketing strategies that can be utilized as well. For example, creating social media accounts on platforms like Reddit, Snapchat, TikTok, and Twitter can be a powerful way to promote your goods for free. 

In addition, writing informative blog posts that rank highly on search engines and recommending your products within them can also be an effective marketing tactic. 

Lastly, consider implementing an affiliate marketing program, in which you incentivize other individuals to sell your adult products and receive a commission for each sale they make. 

Starting a dropshipping business for sex toys can be a profitable venture. By following these steps, you can start your own online store and begin selling adult products without the need for inventory.

Benefits of Dropshipping Sex Toys

The dropshipping of sex toys business model boasts numerous advantages that make it a highly appealing choice for entrepreneurs. 

Low Start-up Costs

Firstly, this model allows sex toy businesses to start with minimal capital as there are low startup costs involved. With no need to buy inventory upfront or manage a warehouse, entrepreneurs can focus on growing sales instead of worrying about managing finances.

No Inventory Required

Secondly, dropshipping sex toys eliminates the need for inventory management and staging space. Entrepreneurs only purchase items from reliable suppliers when customers place an order on their website. 

This offers a significant advantage as it frees up time that would otherwise be spent on managing stock, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on other essential aspects of their business.

No Need to Handle Shipping and Logistics

Finally, the best dropshipping sex toy suppliers offer the advantage of not being responsible for shipping and logistics. Suppliers take care of these tasks, saving entrepreneurs both time and money. 

However, it is still essential to keep track of orders and ensure accurate order fulfillment, even if the supplier manages shipping and logistics. 

Overall, the dropshipping of sex toys model offers entrepreneurs a highly efficient and cost-effective way to start and grow a successful business.


Sex toys dropshipping is one of the most convenient and easy businesses in the adult industry. All you need to do is get yourself a website and then easily dropship adult toys. You can also consider readymade scripts like xMarketplace that come preloaded with 20,000+ dropship adult toys to help you kick-start your business.

xMarketplace is the perfect choice for you if you want to run your own dropship sex toys business. You can even add your own products or products from other dropshippers and sell them from your website. You get 100% control of your website and can brand your website as you want.

If you’ve been looking to earn some extra passive income, then dropshipping sex toys is an excellent choice to get the ball rolling. You can choose any of the above-listed dropshippers for a profitable sex toy dropshipping business.