How to Create Online Adult Toy Store in 3 Easy Steps?

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Have you ever thought where do the porn actors get those sex toys that they use in porn videos? Just like everybody else, I also had the same curiosity and it led me to do some Google search. Apparently, there are several websites where one can get similar sex toys, and they don’t come at a cheap price. Earlier, there used to be sex shops where everything related to porn was available under a single roof. But there were always chances of being caught by some neighbour or that nagging relative, and when people did get caught, it was always embarrassing.

Now as the world has gone online, even the sex toys can be bought easily at your convenience. It is quite interesting that whoever thought of this online sex toy store idea must have been a genius. Why? Have a look at these stats first. Did you know that there are hundreds of different types of sex toys available? And that it is a 15 billion dollar industry, which is expected to become above 50 billion dollar industry by the end of the year 2020? I myself was quite astonished to see these stats. And straight away, my first thought was, why shouldn’t I open an online sex toy store of my own? I did some research of my own on this topic and looks like it isn’t so different from starting a porn site.

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How to Start an Adult Toys Online Store?

Anyone like you and me can open an online sex toy store. It is very similar to starting an adult site which sells porn. It is an easy source of income and the money flow is too good. Actually, the money generation technique in this business is a little different from that of a porn site. A porn site contains videos and pictures, which gives their owners several different ways to make money. But when you create an adult toy store site, the ways to earn money are limited. Basically, this business works on a simple fact: money sells money. Why and how? Here, SEO is quite pointless, and it is all about paying $5 to earn $7.50. The key to winning is to generate traffic. As this resembles an ecommerce store. Hence, you got to have traffic to make money. There are ways to buy traffic, but it requires spending money on PPC marketing and on long keywords. It is legit and it actually attracts a lot of customers. Many websites use this technique, especially when they are new to the business.

Another important thing to remember is, don’t ever go with a free hosted solution. Any hosting provider who offers free hosting is bad for this business. A free hosted solution can never provide you with enough bandwidth. It is a complete waste of time. It makes your website look old, and they take a percentage out of your sales. It is like you pay them for their bad services. There is no point in giving them your hard earned money, especially when their services are so bad. As you cannot trust a free hosting provider, then how are you going to start your adult turnkey websites? I’ve found a simple solution to that.


xMarketPlace is a script software which is specifically made to setup and run adult toys store websites. It comes with tons of features and its service is one of the best. It has got all the necessary features to run a business ready adult toy store. It has also got drop shipping API and adult payment gateway integrated by default. So, you do not even have to look for certain drop shippers on your own. What makes it different than any other similar script software are the features it has. You know what make a website more flashy and attractive so that they can attract customers on first sight? The design and landing pages.

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There are very few websites that are doing a good job in this business. Rest are all just crap. They all have similar products at competitive prices. What makes them different from one another is their design and the way they present their products. Those websites are doing a shitty job because they have an awful and outdated design, and they haven’t updated themselves with the cutting edge technology to be ahead in the business. You see, technology is something which runs the world. And if you are not updated and you are not doing it the right way, then you are going to fall behind. xMarketPlace comes with several new templates which you can use to design your website. It comes with next gen features. Have a look at these features of xMarketPlace and see what else it is offering –


  1. Fully Customizable: The xMarketPlace uses the most popular WordPress framework and most trusted WooCommerce platform to run your business. Design, theme, logo, colour and content block, everything is completely customizable.
  2. Responsive Design: This script software makes your website accessible across all the platforms and multiple devices. xMarketplace uses bootstrap 3 responsive system.
  3. Drop Shipping API: You get a bundled adult toys drop shipping API with xMarketplace from their wholesale drop shipper. It has more than 70,000 products in their inventory, which are manufactured by world’s best brands.
  4. Adult Payment Gateway: You PayPal integration in xMarketplace. It makes your website collect payments in an easy way. You can also use cash on delivery system with it.
  5. Robust Admin Functionality: You will have the full control over your website. xMarketplace has the most powerful and best responsive admin back end which controls the system. You will have the power to create unlimited sub admin access, manage products, users, orders, payment configuration, invoices etc.
  6. SEO Optimized: xMarketplace is hand crafted by Adent for Adult SEO. It comes with search engine friendly URL structure, which makes your website to rank better in search engines. You can add the description, keywords and Meta title for every product all by yourself.
  7. XML, CSV Importer: You can even bulk upload products if you have XML or CSV feed. If you don’t have it, you can select a product category and download product data feed in XML or CSV format. Then you can upload it from your admin dashboard.
  8. Coupon Code: Coupons are in trend and can be seen on almost every offline store and online store. You can also use this coupon system to increase the number of customers. xMarketplace comes with coupon code module where you can offer discount coupons to your customers. It is up to you to use it as flat price or on a percentage basis.

These are some of the important features of xMarketplace, but there are many more things which it offers. It also comes with a number of modules. The basic job of xMarketplace is to help you create the best and a highly profitable adult ecommerce website. The amazing design and high performance functionality make it the best in the market. You also get a 24/7 staff support, in case you ever run into some problem. You can buy services of xMarketplace today at absolutely affordable prices (no hidden charges), and you will get free installation along with it. The good thing is, you can use it on multiple websites. Free upgrades forever are also part of the package, so that your website always stays updated with the latest technology.