Cam Girls and Adult Performers – Use Instagram to Make Extra Money

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Life is a roller coaster that makes you scream and tumbles you into all kinds of dives that you have to go through triumphantly to live like it was meant to. One such element of your ride is money. It is very much necessary to earn not only satisfactory but good money, to live your life large!

Cam Girls

But it is not fair to assume that everyone will have a keen business sense, now is it?

Everyone one has their own different set of skills that they can use to earn money. For some, it is their financial prowess, for some, it is their unprecedented singing quality and then for some, it is their confidence to appear naked in front of an audience and still be sexy enough to make hundreds of people get off at once!

Cam Girls. Now, this might sound like taboo to you if you are new to this, but believe us, it is more accepted than you think. Today, we will tell you how you can easily learn how to make a webcam site, how you can make money through different adult cam software and especially, how the world is doing it through Instagram. So let’s go!

Business Model of Making Money through Webcam

Before understanding how Instagram can be used to make money through adult content, we must first understand the whole model of how adult content such as live shows, etc. which is shown through webcams, actually monetize for the performer!

Webcam modeling has become a very easy and surprisingly, a very acceptable profession in the area of adult content. To define in a nutshell, it is uploading explicit content from your own house’s webcam to different chatrooms where people are willing to buy access to view them. This makes out for pretty hefty subscription revenue that the pornographers can then thrive upon!

Some chat rooms also allow live sessions where there are members of the site viewing their favorite porn star live and then tipping their porn star to show appreciation or to get attention. A well-rated webcam model can earn up to $1000 in a single live show!

It has become incredibly easy to learn how to use different adult cam software and how to make a webcam site!

And now, with the evolving times, webcamming has also spread its wings with content offered on many other social platforms like SnapChat and now, even Instagram!

Requirements to Consider Before Becoming a Cam Girl

Although this is not a very demanding job, it does have a very strictly followed practice. The legal age of becoming associated with any kind of adult content is 18. And this law is followed very stringently for two reasons. Firstly, this is very seriously actionable against the employer who can get in serious trouble for hiring an underage. Secondly, this is also followed as common practice since it would also be unethical to hire children!

Other than age, you only need a computer, a network connection and webcam and you will be good to go! Also, If you really get into it, you might need stuff like toys, lingerie, etc., but that is a later stage.


After all said and done, it is a tough world out there, and you need to be ready for anything life throws at you! So it is always advisable to take some precautions before starting any new work.

First of all, in this business, you will find many freeloaders that might deny payment that you have honestly earned. You should be careful with your payment regulations, whether you want to take full advances or partial advances or anything that works for you. Also if anyone does con you even after your full measures, you should not feel down. You should always be ready to take on more!

Then, there is a major concern for safety in this business. There are millions of people you are exposing yourself to, and some of them are bound to be a little “abnormal”. There are some sociopaths out there whom you would want to stay away from. And thus, you need to implement proper safeguards around you like, watchmen, security guards, huge gates etc.

There was this girl once who was named Sarah and when she fully exposed herself online, around four different people were clever enough to notice her first name tattoo on her body and the medication that she had in one hand, and then they tracked her down and sent the photos to her family! You can only imagine how traumatizing that must have been for the girl!

Can Guys Get Into This?

The question is why not? If guys have urges, do girls don’t? Yes they do, and some rich, bratty and kinky girls are even ready to pay to see a guy perform explicit content on a webcam! Being a male even gives you an added audience of the homosexual gays who also want to have a look at your prized possession!

You can be an instant hit if you have something unique to offer like if you have a big dick or a marvelous sculpted body.

How Can Some People Earn More Than 100K With This?

The WebCammers put on a show with explicit content online, either live or recorded and there are many people who pay willingly to gain access to that content. There is a big scope for women in this profession right now because there are a lot of people who wish to see nudity in many different ways, but there are much fewer women who are ready to join such type of adult platforms.

It is basic demand and supply. There is great demand but less supply, so the price can be unusually high.

How to Earn On Instagram!

The meaning of webcam modeling has expanded in the past couple of years. People have taken to social platforms that can display images and videos, to open their own channels where they directly receive money through the clients, without the cut of a site on which they were earlier operating.

Now the only middlemen Cam Girls have in getting to the clients are the account selling sites which have become one-stop marketplaces for the potential customers of this, where they review many different accounts of different porn stars and then decide on the subscriptions to buy.

After paying the required amount, these customers are then provided with the details of the porn star’s account where they can then go and view their content, or chat with them or even video call them and have a live session too!

These social platforms have a far wider outreach and an expanded market because the people who do want this kind of stuff but are too shy to go on webcam pages, do not shy away from having a little something on the side on their Instagram itself! Therefore, there is a scope for greater earnings.

Let’s understand some important things about earning through Instagram from adult content:

  • Alternative to SnapChat

Instagram is not the first social platform this type of adult content was tried upon. The first was SnapChat where models spread out their snap codes to get reach and then added friend after getting subscription money. But Instagram, nowadays, has caught on as a superior alternative to SnapChat. We will see ahead what factors might have been causing this.

  • Insta Live

Insta live is a feature similar to Facebook where the performers can go live to be viewed by all of their followers at once! It makes it much similar to a live webcamming session, where the members can even comment while live feeds and wish for their porn star to do something specifically for them. Many people pay huge bucks in the name of such tips where they can tell the performer to do something kinky or intimate for them.

  • Insta Stories

SnapChat introduced a revolution in their “Stories” feature where you can record short videos or snaps that your added friends can view for the next 24 hours only! Instagram stories work exactly the same as SnapChat but there are some differences in experience. Although SnapChat has lucrative face filters, Instagram stories have more customizable features such as effects, photo editing, fonts etc.

You can even take polls and hashtag your videos on Instagram. This also gives somewhat of a kick to your members and keeps them engaged, which ultimately leads to more value of your account.

  • Insta Feed

There is also insta feed of course where you can post pictures and videos to your account which will be there permanently and will not go away like the stories. Although you can’t monetize from this feature, you can use it to keep your members happy and engaged when you are not able to do a show for a long time.

You can upload the videos or photos that you put in your stories on you feed so that your members can see them whenever they want. The feeds have more of a promotional use rather than monetizing. You can also attract new members by keeping a good and sexy profile that your existing members can show to their friends!

So basically, even if you don’t feel like doing a show one day or don’t feel like going online, or even if you are busy with something else, you can always be ensured that your members are not hung out to fry. They will always have your content to view and masturbate to!

  • Cons

With every great advantage, there comes a cost, a disadvantage that you have to bear in order to take benefit of the good things. The story of Instagram is no different. With great features like live sessions, feeds and stories, Instagram also comes with certain cons. Let’s explore into them one by one:

  • Nudity Detector: Since it has a far wider outreach, and since it is a direct affiliate of Facebook itself, Instagram has to maintain a clean image, so that no one would feel uncomfortable in opening the app at any time! It has to be suitable for even children to use it. So what its development team did as a solution was develop a computer algorithm that detects nudity in any photos uploaded on the server. Its nudity detector detects tits and pussies in any photos uploaded and this is obviously a very big disadvantage for adult performers, who are in the profession of showing such explicit content itself!

But one of the notable things is that the nudity algorithm is not able to detect genitals in videos! So you can easily be naked in the videos for your members. But it is advisable that you don’t stay in the same position for a long time because that might trigger the detector and you might face some problems. But if you lie down and record horizontally, then even this problem does not trouble you.

  • Wider Outreach: A wider outreach is as much of a disadvantage as it is an advantage. It depletes the privacy of your members and increases the risk of their info getting leaked to other members in your profile. For instance, when your members like your posts, their name might show up on others feeds as “Mr. X liked this” and this might reveal their identity to others.

A simple solution to this is that you advise your members to keep their accounts private so that no unwanted person can view their profile!

Sites on Which to Sell Instagram Subscriptions

There were numerous sites which acted as mediators between Cam Girls and the customers and supported the sale of Instagram subscriptions. Now that SnapChat has updated into chaos, and people are switching over to Instagram, these sites have also adapted! As a result there are many different sites that let you sell your private Instagram subscriptions for a small percentage of commission. There are many players in the market for this, but the most notable ones are FanCentro, Indiebill and Membershyp. Among these, FanCentro has a very user friendly interface that eases you through the site as a newbie. We recommend this one if you do not have much knowledge about computers and are trying the Instagram way for the first time!

These sites list your accounts on sale among all others and their system automatically ranks you, where your fans can find you at. Or else, there are also sponsored listings where you can pay a certain advertisement fee to be seen among the top ranked accounts.

Tips To Become a Top Performer

When you are a part of a crowd, a community, it is a human impulse to have the urge to stand out! You will always find yourself wanting to be unique and the most loved! Well, we recognize what you need and here are some tips for you to enhance your image in the market:

  • Do Something Unique: Well obviously, if you want to BE unique, you have to DO something unique. Analyze what your competitors are doing and do something different from them. For instance, in the porn industry, massages were a very good example of this! Somebody somewhere thought that watching something as normal as a naked massage can also be erotic and erotic it was! In today’s date, a massage category is included in almost every porn directory among the top rated categories!
  • Urge Your Audience To Follow: You might have your fair share of fans but as humans normally are, they are most probably lazy too! You should remind them constantly and encourage them ardently to follow you on your social pages to get more reach!
  • Be More Hardcore: To be among the top, you have to sacrifice more too! You should seriously consider into getting more and more hardcore stuff to attract more subscriptions!
  • Free Samples: It is what every business is built on! Free Samples! From time to time you should also upload free stuff for your existing members to keep them happy of course, but also to attract new members!
  • Get a Niche: Any digital marketer worth his salt would give you the advice to find a particular and very specific niche to be the best in, if you are a newbie in the business and want to grow from rock bottom. If you work in a particular niche, it is easier for customers to find you.


Being a cam girl is no longer a taboo in today’s modern era. It is very widely accepted and even more than that, used! It is very easy nowadays to learn how to make a webcam site and there is much adult cam software to help you through your journey even if you are a beginner.

There are all kinds of people that are ready to pay for adult content and pornography, for whatever reason might that be, whether they are eternally horny or lonely or are into kinky stuff, it is a real business opportunity that you should not fail to recognize! One such opportunity is providing adult content through Instagram and it is our hearty recommendation to monetize it as early as you can. We hope this article helped!