xCams - Adult Live Streaming Webcam Software

Create a lucrative live streaming site in less than 24 hours! Do you want to run a site like LiveJasmin, MyFreeCams, and Chaturbate? It’s easy with xCams. xCams runs on an extremely secure, super-fast, and scalable platform that was created by tech and adult industry veterans, so that anyone can run a top live streaming site.

Multiple payment gateways are pre-built in, along with various monetization features like per-minute billing, tipping, group chat, memberships, and more. Since it’s all open-source, you always have the ability to personalize and scale—there is no limit.

Want to earn more money by the minute than you ever thought possible? You can with one of the most versatile, fastest, and popular live streaming platforms on the market today!

xCams live video chat software

xCams was created to give anyone the ability to start a cutting-edge live streaming site. Use it to monetize any site that needs live streaming, whether it be adult or non-adult.

Each type of user (end user, models, studios, and the website owner) has their own clean and easy to use dashboard, and each experience on the site is packed with features to make YOU more money.

End users can purchase tokens, watch live webcams, buy products, and follow their favorite models. Models can stream, sell videos and photos, chat, and more. Studios have their own dashboards where they can manage their models and reports.

Get xCams and experience the most popular cam site features bundled into a neat package.

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Start your adult cam empire! xCams can handle a site that has hundreds of thousands of users and thousands of models. That means unbelievable passive income.

Want more ways to use xCams? xCams is a versatile platform that works for any live cam scenario.

You can start these types of online businesses:

  • Remote consulting services
  • Live tutoring services
  • Personal training services
  • Any creative ways that you can charge for live streaming!

Unlike some of our competitors who lock buyers out of content, we give you the ability to customize your platform to your heart’s desire.

xCams – Adult Live Video Chat Webcam Script

xCams comes pre-installed with time-tested monetization modules that simply work.

Use these monetization options to drive massive profits:

    • Private 1-on-1 chat sessions with per-minute billing.
    • Group chat sessions with per-minute billing.
    • Peek shows on 1-on-1 sessions (voyeur chat) with per-minute billing. (Can be Customized)
    • Tip feature for models to receive tips.
    • Models can sell photo sets and videos.
    • Models can sell digital subscriptions like their Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, and private direct messages, etc. (Can be Customized)

Additional revenue models can be built upon request. For example:

Membership subscription: Offer different tiers of membership access, free token offers, and blocked access to exclusive content.


xCams was built by top-class engineers who’ve worked in some high-growth start-ups in the Silicon Valley and also in big name companies like Google, Amazon, etc.

  • * Clean database structure.
  • * Optimized Queries for a super-fast website.
  • * Well-documented and clean code base for customization.
  • * SEO optimized URLs and SEO-friendly web page content.
  • * Video conversion/encoding done in background processes or using external services

The technology stacks that power xCams, drives some of the top live streaming and video conferencing platforms like Twitch, Facebook Live, and Google hangouts, etc.

Backend Stack

  • NodeJS with NestJS framework
  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • WebRTC with Ant media
  • Nginx

Frontend Stack

  • ReactJS with NextJS framework
  • UI/UX with ant design

External Services

  • Streaming: Ant Media Server
  • Payment: CCBill
  • Email: Sendgrid

xCams supports all platforms: Windows, MacOS, Linux. There are 2 web service and streaming media service we need to set up 

  1. Web service 

xCams needs a VPS server with at least: 

2GB of RAM – recommend 4GB 

40GB of HDD 

1 CPU core – recommend 2 cores at least

3 domains / subdomains 

api.[your-domain] and point to server IP address 

admin.[your-domain] and point to server IP address 

[your-domain] and point to server IP address 

  1. Streaming server 

xCams uses Ant media as a media streaming service for broadcast, private and group chat. Recommend server with at least 

Ubuntu 18.04 

4GB of RAM 

2 CPU core 

streaming domain like streaming.[your-domain]

Get the Complete Feature list Documentation of xCams

xCams Power packed features

Create a profitable Live webcam business. Major features of Video chat software.

Fully Rebrandable

Rebrand and add your own business name and logo.

Payment Gateways

Comes with CCBill payment gateway [ CCBill accepts clients from United States, Canada, United Kingdom, or Europe only].

Multiple payment gateways can be customized as per your choice

3 Live Chat Options

Models can start a private 1-on-1 paid chat, group chat, and free chat.

Performer Status

Models can update their status messages

Paid Video and Photo Galleries

Models can upload both free and paid video and photo sets.

Top-tier Technology

xCams is powered by MERN Stack, Ant Media and Niginx

Responsive Template

xCams has a responsive design that adapts to different screen sizes and resolutions.

Performer Pricing

Models always have the ability to set prices for their own content, unless a minimum is set by the site owner.

Private Messaging

Users and models can private message to connect and discuss payment.

Site Owner Pricing

The site owner can set the basic minimum pricing for private chat, group chat, and other items.

Unlimited Models and Studios

xCams is built for scalability and security. Add as many models and studios as you can manage!

Geo-blocking Users

For privacy, the geo restriction feature allows models to block users from certain countries from visiting their cam.


Models can announce their availability to notify users.

6 Reasons why xCams is the BEST

Top reasons why xCams is the BEST Live video chat software available

Superior Technology

xCams uses Ant media as a media streaming service for broadcast, private and group chat.

Scalable, High-End Code

xCams is designed to work reliably even if you have tens of thousands of users connected at the same time. This is accomplished by load-balancing the video stream, database, and static content.

Money-Making Machine

We pack xCams with monetization features that the top sites use, or have used to get to where they are today. These features are tested to grow your site quickly and efficiently.

Enterprise Features

From high load efficiency and scalability, to HD broadcasting capabilities, we’ve got it—or will get it for you in no time.

Mobile Compatibility

We’ve used Ant media and cutting-edge technology for live streaming, so your stream will work on all mobile devices. It works on Mac OS Safari & iPhone devices.

24x7 Support team

Our team is readily available to customize your portal with any changes and add-ons you may need, and to offer technical consultancy in your niche.

Key Monetization Channels

xCams Pro - Adult Webcam Software + Models API Integrated

Create your own live streaming website in a day with xCams Pro, a 100% white label solution with no forced branding. xCams pro supports two different business model at once

Native: You can utilize your native revenue channels to hire webcam models and then generate big revenue by earning commission after your models’ income.

Whitelabel: You can also embed models from other webcam sites such as Bongacams, Chaturbate, Stripchat, and xLovecams to redirect your traffic and earn commission after the tokens sold on your service.

You can also customize your live cam website the way you want to – DIY if you’ve programming knowledge or get in touch with our team of experts. Get started with xCams Pro and own a live streaming website today!

**Available only with the $999 package**

How much can I earn?

Earnings Calculation for xCams

1 Model $1 / minute, You earn 0.50 / minute.

Average 1 model – 3h private in 8h online.
You earn $1800 / month from 1 model ( 8h / day, 20d/ month )
10 performers – $18000 / month
100 performers – $180k / month
**It all starts with $699 Investment.**

Earnings Calculation for xCams pro

Cam Affiliate earnings:

Assuming $1 = 1 credit
If you bring in 500 users per day and 300 of those users purchase at least 2 credits each, you generate-
600 credits Per Day
18,000 credits Per Month
Most cam networks pay up to 45% commission if you are generating more than 18,000 credit purchases.
45% of 18,000 credits = 8,100 credits (i.e. $8,100).
You can easily make over $8,100 per month without managing any in-house models.

Ad banners:

1k visitors per day
CPA – $5 per day
Earnings = $150 per month

Own model Earnings:

Note: Same as xCams Earnings

Total Earnings: 8100+150+180K = $188.4k per month.

**It all starts with $999 Investment.**

PS : Price per minute is usually higher. Video and gift sales not factored in.

OhMiBod / Lovense Toys Integration ( at additional cost )

These are popular toys that vibrate based on the user’s tip amount.

More tips mean the longer the toy vibrates, meaning it’s not only end users that love this feature, but the models and site owners too.

Watch your site’s revenue skyrocket once you and your models integrate OhMiBod and Lovense toys.

What Our Clients Say

I'm not that high tech so i dont even know where to start on my service but i do know this. They have had a lot of patience with me. After changing my domain name and my whole concept of the site in general, i was never asked why the change, they just did it. I appreciate them and all the help theyve given me during this process.. i didnt even know what DNS was and they helped me out every step of the way. Even when i would stalk Nathans Skype all hours of the night he never lost his cool with me and stayed professional the whole way. I would recommend them to anyone who asks about the service and the software. its perfectly clear, mobile friendly, and tons of options in the panels. Thanks, Nathan and Aaron for helping me on this journey, Ill forever appreciate you! Eliteogram
Lindsay Coleman
I purchased Xcams and Xmarketplace I purchased Xcam and Xmarketplace from Adent.io, They are a group of professionals. Their technical support are second to none. They take the time to help me and get my issues resolve. I have my Cam website at lustingfriends.com they have done everything to get me ready. For my XmarketPlace which at mytoysplease.com There is always someone to talk to on the phone or online. Special thanks to Nathan he always there when We needed him Thank you adent for everything.
J Brutus
We have purchased multiple products from Adent and the support we receive is very fast and all queries responded too within 24hrs. Very friendly team, especially Nathan, who we work closely with. All products we have purchased have clear, commented and industry standard code which has enabled us to pick up development and tailor to our needs almost immediately after purchase. Keep up the good work guys.
Gaz Smith
We are Toyxcam.com we have adent.io model Xcams script it's working perfect and the support is great!!!!
Alvaro Porras
Satisfied customer! - www-mycam69-co-il It's a real pleasure to work with Adent.io in ALL ASPECTS! From their great customer service to the professional technical team! I own the site www-mycam69-co-il that is built on XCAMS - They successfully developed every custom request I asked and I had many. It's not that easy to find such a great partner to work with in the adult tech industry like Adent.io.
I have read a few reviews lambasting the company as a scam so was rather concerned about purchasing their xCams product. In the end, I took the risk as the cost was reasonable. My experience with the company has been mostly positive. Their sales and support staff has been good and I have been delivered what I paid for. The installation took a few days longer than I was told, but it was finally completed and all seems to be working as it was promised. This is not a scam though they do seem a bit busy to deal with their workload timeously but that is made up for with their reasonable pricing.
Oliver Genthe

A Premium Product at a Non-Premium Price.

Nobody is too big or too small for us. Get this super-fast, highly scalable, and customizable live stream platform with lifetime support and no hidden fees. Start earning unbelievable passive income and set up your Livestream site today!

  • Cam Software
  • Free Installation & setup
  • 3 Months Free Support
  • 3 Months Free Upgrades
  • Post 3 months, Support at $99 p.m (optional)
  • Upgrades are FREE if you’re under support
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xCams Pro
  • Models API Integrated + Cam Software.
  • Free Installation & setup
  • 3 Months Free Support
  • 3 Months Free Upgrades
  • Post 3 months, Support at $99 p.m (optional)
  • Upgrades are FREE if you’re under support
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Phone +1-(707)-520-4996, +1-(408)-844-4660

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the FAQ before buying! Thanks.

Where can I check the demo?

xCams Demo Details:

Admin Login:

URL – https://admin.myxcams.info/

Username – [email protected]
Password – adminadmin

User account Login info:

URL – https://myxcams.info/
Username : [email protected]
Password -123456

Model login info :

Username – marushka
Password – 123456

For testing – You can login as a model on another computer or another browser on the same computer.

xCams Pro Demo Details:

Front End – https://xcamsapi.com/


URL- https://admin.xcamsapi.com/auth/login
Username: [email protected]
Password: adminadmin

Difference between xCams (Cam Software) Vs xCams Pro (Models Api Integrated + Cam Software)
xCams xCams Pro
– Live Cam Software – Live Cam Software + Models integrated from 4 different cam networks
-Single Income – Make money from your own models streaming – Double Income Make money via affiliate commissions + Make money from your own models
– Fully customizable – Fully customizable
– Modify or Integrate any third-party tools to boost sales – Modify or Integrate any third-party tools to boost sales
Can I customize this script after purchase?

Yes, the script can be altered to fit your needs. 

How many members and performers can I have online at once?

We have not placed limitations on anything in this script. Hosting plays a roll in this.

I don't know what kind of hosting to get, can you help?

Yes, we can help you get setup with exactly what you need to host this script. Email us for more information.

How do members add funds to their accounts?

There is a built in payment gateway that allows members to add funds 24/7 in real time. Funds are available right away. 

Are there live models on the demo site?

No, there are no live models on our demo.

Where can I find performers?

There are many ways to find willing performers. Contact us for more information on finding performers.

Will you you do custom changes to this script after purchase?

Yes, we do custom builds and we also do customizations to our script, email us to get a quote.

How much is custom design?

This depends on what you need done, each job requires a custom quote. 

How much will hosting cost for this script?

Hosting prices vary quite a bit, the monthly hosting cost to get started is rather inexpensive but expect the hosting fee’s to go up as you gain more members and performers. Don’t forget to do the math, members and performers online = income. So hosting fee’s should never be an issue.

Does this script offer live pay per minute video chat?

Yes, That is exactly what it offers. Free & paid chat as well as a tipping system and percentage payout system.

Do you offer hosting?

No we do not currently offer hosting but we do have recommendations listed on our site. Check M3 Hosting – https://www.m3server.com/promo/adent/

Do you offer installation?

Yes, we do offer installation, just email us and we can explain to you exactly what we need from you to start. Installation usually takes 3 to 4 days.

Can I install this script myself?

Yes, If you’re familiar with installing and programming ReactJS with NextJS framework + Mongo DB + WebRTC with Ant media for Live streaming then you can follow our installation instructions to install the script yourself. It is recommended that you avail the Free Installation by our team.

Step by Step Blueprint
Learn the secrets of running a successful adult business.

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