Best Vibrators for Webcam Models – Comparison

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Tip Activated Vibrators

Vibrators are among the greatest sex toys the adult entertainment industry has ever seen, but within the contours and rhythms of sex toy business, tip activated vibrators have their own charm. The fact that tip activated vibrators are being used not only by casual porn visitors but also by couples entangled in long distance relationships speaks volumes about the key role of vibrators in passionate love making. When it comes to traditional sex toys such as Dildos, the very size and design can seem daunting to women. But vibrators are a delight to vaginas.

Best Vibrators for Webcam Girls

Adult Cams Sites Where Tip Activated Vibrators Can Be Used

Some of the adult cams sites where you can use tip activated wireless vibrators are enlisted below:

  • Chaturbate
  • My Free Cams
  • Bonga Cams
  • com
  • com
  • Flirt 4 Free
  • Cam Soda
  • Cam 4
  • Euro Live
  • My fetish Live etc.,

Functioning of Tip Activated Vibrators

To use tip activated vibrators to your advantage, it is imperative to understand their functioning. All the tip activated vibrators are associated with certain smartphone apps that are equipped with enough provisions to control the intensity of vibrations. And yes, there are enough options to control the movement of the vibrators. Yet another charming feature is that tip activated vibrators can be controlled over Bluetooth.

Another bubbling feature pertaining to tip activated vibrators is that their controls can be downloaded from Google Chrome. Models on various adult cams can set the intensity and vibration depending on the tip amounts they receive. As far as sex toy business is concerned, vibrators have successfully hogged the limelight for all the right reasons.

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Here is a brief note on the best vibrators for webcam models:

Vibease Vibrator

Vibease vibrators support two kinds of vibrations:

  1. Music vibrations
  2. Custom Vibrations

To experience and dance to the tunes of your favorite music, you are just required to get connected to Vibease vibrator. As far as Custom vibration is concerned, you are required to create your own custom pattern and adjust the intensity levels. Vibease vibrators are wearable and quite. In other words, they fit perfectly well between your better half’s undergarments and sweet spot. Women love to use vibrators in showers and Vibease is perfectly aware of this fact. And guess what, Vibease vibrators are waterproof. They are made of Silicone which is completely safe for our body.


The best thing about this vibrator is that it is USB re-chargeable. You do not require any external batteries and up to 3 hours of play is assured.

Esthesia Vibrator


Esthesia Vibrator


If you are looking for two fold pleasure, Esthesia vibrators should be your ideal bet. In other words, Esthesia vibrators cater to both G-spot and C-spot pleasure. More often than not, Esthesia vibrators are enclosed in velvety boxes. Just like Vibease, Esthesia vibrators are also water-proof. You can do away with the cumbersome wires as this category of vibrators is completely wireless. There is no option of custom vibrations. However, music vibrations are supported. You can bid farewell to batteries as this vibrator is USB re-chargeable.

Lovense Lush



This is a small yet powerful vibrator with a pink colored antenna. Just like other vibrators of its ilk, it can be controlled via an app and blue-tooth. Thanks to its toe curling vibrations, Lovense Lush is the hot favorite of many webcam models. The intensity of vibrations can be controlled by webcam models. More often than not, the intensity of vibrations is set as per the amount of tips. For instance, if a porn viewer tips 20 tokens, the webcam model should set the Lovense Lush to vibrate for 20 seconds. Initially, webcam models may face a few hassles before getting comfortable with this vibrator. It is therefore recommended to watch and copy what popular models on popular webcam sites are doing.

 Lovense Hush



This is a vibrating butt plug which can be used by both men and women. It has the same specifications as those of Lovense Lush. Just like Lovense Lush, it is also Bluetooth and web app driven. It is generally used by webcam models to please fans who seek hardcore pleasure. I would like to make a conspicuous observation which is hard to miss: Webcam models who use vibrating butt plugs are bound to earn higher number of tokens than those who use vibrators. As a matter of fact, this butt plug is used by webcam models who engage in private virtual sex shows.



Club Vibe 2.0

One of the differentiating aspects of OhMiBod vibrators is that they help you track your sexual health with a feature called OH-DOMETER. This vibrator operates at five different control modes and can be connected to both iOS and Android devices. This is a long distance relationship vibrator. In other words, you can control the intensity of vibrations through OhMiBod remote application and distance is never a barrier.


Vibrator Unique Selling Propositions
Vibease Custom and Music vibrations
Esthesia Both G-spot and C-spot pleasure
Lovense Lush Renders toe curling pleasure
Lovense Hush The ultimate butt plug
OhMiBod Sexual health tracker and 5 different control modes


Vibrators Comparison Chart

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