xFans vs xMember
xFans vs xMember

Aspects of Comparison



Overview xFans is a turnkey adult website builder script from Adent xMember is also a  turnkey adult website builder script from Adent
Delivery model Self-hosted and Open-source code Self-hosted and open source code
Used for Building Multi-model adult social media and fanclub sites with eCommerce selling features Building Membership based adult websites with video streaming and eCommerce selling features
Examples OnlyFans and ManyVids. Brazzers, RealityKings, and FakeTaxi.
Stake-holders 3 user model: General user, Models, and Admin 2 user model: General users and Admin
Features Models can sign up and create their profiles.

No model accounts. Only admin can create different categories from the back end.


Models can create custom membership plans.

Admin creates the membership plan.


Models can post photos and videos that only subscribed users can see.

Admin uploads photos and videos tags them under different categories.


Models can sell physical products, photos and videos.  Admin can sell physical products using integrated eCommerce store.
Admin sets the commission percentage to be taken from the models No commission required. All earnings go to the admin directly.
Subscription type

Users subscribe to each model individually.


Global subscription plan for site-wide membership.


Revenue model Admin earns from the commissions paid by Models Admin earns directly from site memberships and selling physical products
Payouts No manual pay-out required All earnings belong to the admin.
Uses dynamic revenue splitting with CCBill.
Payments go directly to respective model’s and the admin’s bank account.

One Comment

  1. Myles Lockwood

    Hi Im interested in purchasing the xFans site but i have a some questions

    1) Once we buy the site do we host it or do you?
    2) Do we own the website outright once we purchase it?
    3) Are there any on going costs to pay to you once we purchase the site?
    4) Once we purchase the site can our own HTML programmer easly make adaptions and changes to the website?
    5) I tried to login to the demo site but it did not work can you help me view the demo site easly?
    6) Do you supply all the terms and conditions and the GDPR with the website?

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