Creator Watermark

Creators can add custom watermarks to the photos and videos they upload. This helps with discouraging content misuse and also improves recognition, both for the creator and your site. The watermark is also superimposed on live streams.

Installation Duration : 10 Business Days

Support : 6 Months

Watermark for Creators
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All You Need to Know About 'Creator Watermark'
Here's How it Works?

Text or Logo

Creators can add a custom text or logo that will be ingrained on their content. Text has a character limit of 16 and accepted formats for logo are JPG/JPEG/PNG and size limit of 200 KB.

Placement and Color

The watermark can be placed at any one of the four corners of the video, photo, as well as the live streams. The color of the text watermark can be changed to fit well with the content.

Updating/Removing Watermark

Watermarks can be updated or removed, too. Please note that this will not affect the watermarks of the videos or photos already posted, but only the new ones that point forward.