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xMember - Adult CMS, Membership and Video Streaming Script

xMember lets you create profitable adult membership websites.

Create highly-profitable, scalable, and customizable adult membership sites like Brazzers, NaughtyAmerica, and RealityKings with xMember! xMember is a versatile and cutting-edge adult CMS that includes advanced membership management, video streaming, payment gateways, and more.

This simple to install script and CMS is perfect for content producers, production studios, and solo performers. Within minutes of installing your script, you can have the foundations to a highly trafficked, profitable adult membership site. This script can be used by anyone to start a membership site. Turn it on and it’s good to go. Load up the content and get to selling!

adult membership CMS

xMember is built on ultra-fast technology (MEAN STACK). Try it out for yourself
View Live demo.

xMember lets you create adult membership websites like Brazzers, NaughtyAmerica, Faketaxi, RealityKings.

This amazing script can withstand millions of users streaming when deployed to high-quality servers. Created by adult industry and tech veterans, it is secure, stable, and scalable.

We know how important it is to have a member site that loads quickly. So we created a script that could do it. It is x10 faster than most of the adult websites you’ll visit. Don’t believe us? Check out the live demo here or keep reading for more info on xMember’s powerful features.

You can let your users:

  • Stream videos across platforms like desktop, mobile and tablets
  • Download videos
  • Sign up for trial and upgrade
  • Browse model directory
  • Browse recent videos / Upcoming movies
  • Browse photo albums of models
  • Purchase products from eCommerce store.
  • Share videos on social media
  • Comment on videos
  • Like / Favorite videos.
  • Watch videos later.
  • View related videos
  • Manage profile
  • Manage payment history

As the administrator of the website, you can:

  • Have the ability to control every aspect of your platform
  • Manage all images, banners.
  • Manage static pages
  • Manage eCommerce store.
  • Manage models directory.
  • Manage model photo albums.
  • Manage recent videos.
  • Manage upcoming movies.
  • Manage membership packages ( trail, VIP )
  • Manage users / members.
  • Setup Membership packages and pricing.
  • Payment gateway settings ( we’ve used CCBill payment gateway )

xMember – Adult membership site script

Not only can you make loads of cash from membership, but we’ve stocked xMember with other profitable monetization modules that have proven very successful. This means you should be able to get your return on investment in no time, plus much more!

The various monetization options include:

  • Different membership levels & pricing.
  • Selling physical products via eCommerce store.
  • Selling Digital products like Snapchat accounts, Instagram accounts via eCommerce store.

Custom modules ( If you need these modules, please contact us for pricing. )

  • Growth hacking plugin to convert Trail users to VIP members.
  • Tipping feature for Solo performer sites.
  • Pay Per text chat with Models ( only text )
  • Pay per minute phone calls with models ( only voice )
  • Pay per minute Live webcam private shows with models ( token system )

All Adent products are built in-house by top class engineers who’ve worked in some high growth startups in the Silicon Valley and also in big name companies like Google, Amazon, etc.

  • Clean database structure and Optimized Queries for a super-fast website.
  • Code based on MEAN stack. Well documented and clean.
  • Super secure code. Protects against the evil hackers.
  • SEO optimized URLs and content.
  • Video conversion / encoding done in background processes or using external services.

If you’re an upcoming model or performer planning to launch your own brand, xMember is perfect for you. You can upload your videos, photo albums, sell your panties and other physical accessories, plus use an eCommerce store to sell digital products too! That means you can sell access to your Snapchat, Instagram, and more to make even more money. Uploading and using the platform is simple with the clean CMS.

Or if you’re working for a production company, xMember will work perfectly for you too. You’ll get features to support multiple models, recent movies, upcoming trailers, photo albums and everything you need to launch your membership site.

You don’t need to be very tech savvy at all to make minor changes, but if you need advanced customization, we at Adent take on custom work from time to time. Please reach out to us to check our availability.

MEAN stack

– MongoDB 3.x
– NodeJS >= 4.2.x
– Sass
– Nginx-RTMP
– Nginx config proxy in port 80 for xmember production version (using port 8080)
– Install these npm packages in global
+ pm2
+ gulp
+ bower
– Redis >= 2.8

xMember's power-packed features

We’ve created the most fastest & secure adult membership porn software optimized for your business. It’s simply awesome. It is fast as Rocket.

Fast & Reliable Streaming technology

xMember supports various streaming servers. More options means more flexibility for you. It comes by default with Nginx rtmp. Custom solutions are available with Wowza™ Streaming Server, Adobe™ FMS, and lighttpd are some of the supported servers that work with xMember.

Search Engine Optimized

xMember is created to make your site shine on search engines. It has search engine friendly URLs for better indexing and ranking in search engines. All photo albums, model profiles, videos, and eCommerce store products are SEO optimized so your content brings in major traffic.

Fully responsive

Your users will love xMember on every device! The template is fully-responsive and works perfectly on any screen, which is essential for a top member site. This means you’ll have fewer members leaving and more members signing up from every device.

Subscription-based Membership

Operate a lucrative subscription-based membership system for your users. You have the ability to set plans and multiple price points that will let users download videos and watch HD-streamed videos according to their plan.

Integrated eCommerce store

With xMember, you’ll have an integrated and robust eCommerce platform where you can sell both physical and digital products. Your models can sell accessories, clothes, toys, DVDs & digital products like Snapchat accounts, personal video clips, and more.

Easy to Use Adult CMS

You don’t need to be a code wizard to use your site with this advanced CMS! It’s a complete content management system that lets you edit all the text, image banners, and static pages to have your terms and conditions, privacy policy, 2257, etc.

Trail and VIP membership

xMember has a trial package that allows your customers to browse the site (limited functionality) for 2 days and then convert them into VIP membership. This trial period is an amazingly effective way to convert visitors into paying members.

High-Definition & Mobile-Supported Videos

xMember’s sophisticated video encoding module supports conversion of the uploaded video into web-ready formats in various resolutions and qualities: normal (flv), high definition (H.264) and mobile.

HTML5 video fallback

xMember falls back to a HTML5 based player on devices without Adobe Flash support (tablets, smartphones, etc). In such scenarios, the mobile version of the video is streamed with a proper resolution and thus less bandwidth is consumed on mobile devices. On desktop it uses real streaming with Nginx RTMP.

Easily customizable

Built with the MEAN Stack ( MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS ), xMember’s code is clean, well-documented, and easy to customize. If you have a little MEAN stack knowledge, you should be good to edit as you wish.

Scalable Architecture

xMember was built to be horizontally scalable, so that you hold all the power. It can run smoothly on multiple servers with a distributed architecture. The encoding can be done on a different server or an external service and the streaming can be done from a CDN. This means you’re running a scalable website!

Amazon S3 Integration

You have two options to host your media files. You can host it on your server or you can host the media files ( images and videos ) on Amazon S3. Amazon S3 is a very popular, scalable cloud storage that is super secure and cheaper to store huge data.

Monetization options

xMember comes loaded with multiple monetization options like: membership based payments, ads, banners, an eCommerce store, and more. Please read our monetization tab for more ideas. You should have no problem getting a return on investment and also bringing in the cash from your hungry fans.

Payment Gateways

xMember has payment gateways like CCBill built in. Also, up to 20 payment gateways are available as addons. Diversify your income with multiple payment gateways like CCBill, ePoch, Verotel and ePay at the same time.

Robust Admin backend

xMember’s robust admin backend lets you manage every aspect of the site. You can manage the pages, text, image banners, members, payments & orders etc.

Video conversion

xMember allows your users to upload a wide range of video formats like AVI, WMV, QuickTime, DIVX, MPEG, 3GP, FLV and many more! It converts them in the background with a queueing process, so that users know exactly how long it will take, providing an exceptional member experience.

Highly Secured platform

xMember is built to keep hackers out. It has an alert and prevention system against injection of malicious commands. You’ll be notified on your dashboard if someone tries to enter a malicious command, and you can stop it, if the platform has not already stopped it by itself.

Multiple Categories and Tags

xMember supports multiple categories and tags for movies, photo albums, and store products. Categorize your website so that your members will have a better experience and can quickly find the content that they want.

You are In Good Company

We power some of the world’s most successful brands

xMember's power packed modules

xMember comes with a ton of FREE modules preloaded. These addons can skyrocket your membership sales and bring in tons of new traffic.

Bulk Upload module

This upload module lets you upload videos in bulk to the xMember backend system so you spend less time working and more time earning money. Add videos in bulk to recent movies or upcoming trailers too. You can also bulk upload photo albums.

PayPal Payment Gateway

xMember has multiple payment gateways to collect payments. It has a CCBill credit card payment gateway and PayPal gateway to collect payments from your users. Members will have various options, so they can pick their favorite provider.

FTP upload for large files

Through an FTP upload system you can upload large video files ( more than 1GB+ ) easily through software like Filezilla. Once you’ve uploaded – just mention the file name and the file path in your video post.

Associate Photo Albums with Movies

When uploading each movie, you can link photo albums to it. It will be displayed under the movie and also under the model profile. This makes your site even more robust!

Bitcoin Payment Gateway

This payment option has recently become popular, and we support it as well. We’ve integrated a BitPay payment gateway, so that your users can use Bitcoins to purchase membership subscriptions and store products.

Schedule Videos for Later Dates

Let your members know what’s coming up next. You can also publish a trailer under the upcoming movies section and schedule full length movies to be released on a specific date. Members will be waiting for their next favorite movie to launch!

Customize Colors

You can customize the colors and settings from the xMember backend. Change the logo, text, images, and icons of your adult membership site. It’s a complete Adult CMS solution, and you don’t need to know advance code to do it.

Mailchimp Integration

We’ve integrated Mailchimp into the backend so that you can start collecting all your visitor’s emails. Send out special offers to your trial customers and notify members of new content.

Coupon code for Store products

You can generate coupon codes for store products with this nifty module. Your customers can then use the discounts as either a fixed price or a percentage off.

Even more reasons to love xMember:

  • Lightning fast.
  • Self hosted with no strings attached.
  • Save time & money.
  • 24/7 support
  • 100% open source
  • Free Installation & setup.
  • Easy to Customize.
  • SEO focused.
  • Clean code.
  • Free domain
  • 75% off VPS hosting.
Run a profitable membership site with all the latest features. Be smart!
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What our Clients Say

It's been Worth it! The Customer Service for the Products they offer is Second to None! I cant stress how important it is to have the company you deal with get back in contact with you and fast! The Products are Fun and Easy use I can and have recommended
Robert Walton is an awesome company! I had my suspicions from some not so good reviews I had read, but I can honestly say I am glad that I continued forward with the company because they have been there every step of the way. Anything I needed to be corrected it was done by the next business day, Any questions I had they got back with me on. I am so thankful for all Adent has done and will definitely refer them to others looking to create a dynamic website.! Thank you Adent for all the support I couldn't have done it with out you and your Team!
D. Gladden
Very nice and convenient. They are also very interested and helpful. The only problem is that the ticket is a little late but everything comes perfect except its reply.
New Website Development We are developing a suite of new websites with Ardent and the response and customer service we have received have been excellent. The first build is now complete and included some new and non-standard features, the design and development of which were not without problems due to integration with third party providers, with little in the way of guidance from them. The tenacity of the team at Ardent in getting it all to work, and keeping us updated while they did, is greatly appreciated. We're looking forward to working with Nathan and Steve on the next phase of our development very soon. I strongly recommend them!
Paul Kennedy
Converted from an older site! I bough xMember to replace an html site that I had that was just looking old. Since I concentrate on producing I really didn't want to waste hundreds of hours learning new code. I looked at sites others had put together with Wordpress and they just looked clunky. After looking at xMember I took the leap. It worked out great. One or two bumps in the road (expected with b2b products) and a great deal of help with the CCBill integration and my small company has a site that looks as good as the big boys! I should also mention they did a little customizing for me at a very reasonable rate. This is the site if you want to look and if you have questions all contact links in the site all come to me, eventually.
Lee Masters
Xmember rocks ! I'm a porn producer from Montreal, I tried many CMS and themes before to monetize my content and the content of my customers, I wasted a lot of money trying the best solution since I'm not a coder, when I tried Xmember , I realized that this is the best for me, easy to customized, bugfree, strong and powerful CMS, and ... very affordable, I highly recommend Xmember if you produce content and want to make money in the biz !
Guy Buisson

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Where can I check the demo?

username – [email protected]
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Username – [email protected]
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How much is the cost? Is it a One time fee?

$399. Yes, one time fee. No recurring cost or hidden fees.

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You need a domain & VPS server to install the software.

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Where can I find the feature list ?

Features list – Link

The latest version of xMember – version 2.0 – Change log – Link

Where can I find the Product demo videos ?

You can find it on our YouTube Channel – Link

How does it work?

You can find a detailed guide on how the software works here – Link

Server Requirement & Installation guide

Server requirement + Installation guide – Link

Do you offer installation?

Yes, we do offer installation, just email us and we can explain to you exactly what we need from you to start. Installation time frame – 3 to 4 days.