xFans - Adult Fanclub Marketplace Script (OnlyFans Clone)

xFans lets you create highly profitable Adult Fanclub Marketplace sites like OnlyFans and ManyVids with multiple monetization methods!

Create a highly engaging and scalable multi-model marketplace to capitalize on the fan bases of adult models. Each model gets their own profile page where they can sell their video on demand, set a price to access their profile page and much more. Similar to adult fan sites like OnlyFans and ManyVids, xFans uses a cutting-edge tech stack to incorporate advanced features for live streaming, video-on-demand, Token payments, tipping system, merchandise store, premium content, integrated payment gateway, calendar system, and much more.

This OnlyFans Clone Script is open-source code, easy to install, simple to set up, and comes with the combined abilities of an eCommerce marketplace and a video streaming platform. With this xFans turnkey script, you can build sites like OnlyFans, also can add models and receive fan sign-ups and sales from the very first day. You don’t have to be a tech expert to start an adult site like OnlyFans, just plug and get live on the go.

xFans Adult marketplace

xFans is a futuristic adult fanclub builder. Try it out for yourself
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XFans – Readymade OnlyFans Clone


xFans – Create adult fanclub marketplace sites like OnlyFans and ManyVids with combined features of eCommerce marketplaces and video streaming sites.

This OnlyFans clone script is highly scalable and can handle millions of users streaming live or on-demand videos through high-end servers. With combined inputs of tech experts, developers, marketers, SEOs, and adult industry veterans, xFans is designed to set up a safe, secure, scalable, and highly customizable adult fanclub marketplace.

We know how adult sites get overloaded with traffic and struggle to even load quickly. So we worked on a script that is 10 times faster and optimized to handle heavy adult traffic. Don’t trust the claims, check our live demo for yourself.

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You can create an adult marketplace to give each model their own profile page where they can sell their videos on demand, set a price to access their profile page on a monthly/yearly subscription and sell merchandise products.

Model Earnings

xFans – OnlyFans Clone Script

Not only can you make money through commissions on live & on-demand streaming, but you can also monetize the integrated digital and physical eCommerce store. The platform gives multiple revenue channels both for the admin and the Models.

Monetization methods include:

  • Commission for admin on models’ earnings
  • Token-based tips for models from users
  • Revenue from content and merchandise sale
  • Revenue from a paid photo and video gallery
  • Revenue from paid private cam shows

All Adent products are developed in-house by our own team of developers, testers, marketers, SEOs, Project Managers. The team equally comprises the experts and veterans from the adult industry whose inputs make our products fit for any venture in the adult industry.

  • Clean and optimized database structure
  • Coding on MEAN stack
  • Well documented
  • Standard coding practice
  • Standard design practice
  • Secure architecture
  • SEO optimized URLs and content
  • Automatic video conversion

Models Messages

The open source script can be readily customized to add as many innovative features for paid customization requests. You are welcome to discuss your customization ideas with our experts. If you are an aspiring model planning to launch your own platform, xFans is a perfect choice for you. You can not only earn through the live cam shows but can also leverage an array of other money making options like selling videos-on-demand, nudes, merchandised and other physical products as well.

If you are a video production company or an adult brand, xFans will work equally perfect to you too. You will get innovative features to add as many models and let them attract visitors for you. You can claim a commission from whatever earnings the models make on your platform. From integrated eCommerce store to paid photo galleries, there are a plethora of ways to make money as a brand.

This script will come handy even if you are not a tech expert. We have got the deployment covered for you. The simple admin UI makes it so easy to manage your whole website from a central location. However, if you think our script is lagging some features you might want on your website, feel free to reach us with your customization ideas. Our experts will implement that for a customization fee.

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Nodejs 8+
Next 9.4.4 or newer
redux 4.0.5 or newer
redux-saga 1.1.3 or newer
ts-node 8.8.1 or newer
typescript 3.8.3 or newer
react 16.13.1 or newer

Nestjs 7.0.7 or newer

How to Make $100,000 in 12 Months From Your Own Fansite

xFans is loaded with power-packed features

It is a versatile and multi-model script that incorporates three types of users: Admin | Models | Users

Admin Features

Manage Model Accounts

Admin can view model account requests, view model profile details, accept/decline a request. All this is done through a central back-end interface.

Manage User Accounts

Admin can view user accounts, user details, delete a user account if required. Admin gets a central UI to perform user management tasks from the back-end.

Manage Commissions from Models

Admin can set global or local commission percentage for different models on the site. Admin can also choose to set percentage or fixed prices as the commission cut.

Manage On-site Images and Videos

Manage gets all the access to moderate every image or video on the site. Admin can view the image and videos and perform all sort of file management actions from the back-end.

Manage Static Website Pages

Admin can Add, delete, or edit a static page on the website. The GUI gives a CMS like approach to manage content on the site from the back-end.

Manage Revenue Channels

Admin can set up different revenue channels for self and the models. The platform gives access to inspect and moderate the prices set for any product or service on the platform.

Manage payment gateways

We have integrated the CCBill- Online Payment Services as the payment gateway. The admin gets all the access to set up a CCBill account and manage the settings and preferences.

Manage the eCommerce Store

Admin can manage all the back-end settings for the integrated eCommerce store. The models can use the store to set up their own catalog of physical and digital products.

Manage SEO Settings and URLs

Integrated GUI to manage various SEO settings. Admin can update SEO URLs, add Meta tags, content descriptions to make the site more SEO friendly.

Browse Revenue Analytics

Detailed analytics of revenue channels. Admin can see these details on the dashboard to comprehend earning analytics from commissions and other sources.

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Power Packed Features for Users

Purchase Digital Content

Users can purchase the videos and photos sold by the models. They can find the content to purchase in models’ profiles and also in search results.

Purchase Merchandise

Users can also purchase and pay for the physical products sold by the models. Models can list various products like used panties and branded merchandises, etc.

DM to the Models

Users can also send direct messages to the models. These are private messages that are not shown to other users in the chat.

Video Recommendations

Based on the browsing history and pages they are on, users also get recommendations for which video to watch next.

Browse Model Profile

Besides different listings of the live shows, users can also browse a model’s profile. The profile consists of bio, products, videos, premium gallery, and other information.

Watch Video-on-demand

Besides the live shows, users can also watch uploaded videos-on-demand. It shows uploaded videos in a separate list in the models’ profile and also in video search results.

How much can I earn?

xFans Revenue Calculation

You have 20 active models on your site.

Each model charge 9.99$/month(Subscription Charge).

If a model gets 50 subscribers per month , Total revenue on subscriptions – 50*20*9.99 = $10,000 only on monthly subscriptions

If a model makes $50 per day from Vod Sales + Physical and digital products – $50 per day *20 models* 30 days = $30,000

Total Sales – 30,000+10,000 = $40,000 per month. Which is $2000 per month per model.

You take 30% commission (i.e) $600 per model x 20 = $12000 per month your total profit before site expenses.

Site expenses = $2500-$9500 is your actual profit


The calculation does not include new subscribers joining every month.

xfans earnings

What our clients think

Good support and coding! Hi people. We purchased Xfans and xcams from adent last year. They gave us full source code so we got to edit it and make our own code successfully. They also gave live Skype technical support when we had doubts about code. Big thanks to Steve, Nathan and Aaron for supporting our business and give value for our money. Merry Christmas!
Tony TK
Excellent Software, Excellent Service - Highly Recommend! We purchased the xFans software from Adent.io for the base of our new online subscription marketplace platform in November 2020. First of all, the level of coding knowledge, and quality of clean coding to the source code/ script of this software is exceptional! Second, the service from enquiring about the software where we had numerous questions, through to our purchase of the software and afterwards has been excellent in all aspects and very efficient. Nathan/Steve will endeavour to answer any and all queries you may have, from installation to fixing minor tweaks and customisations to our site. We would highly recommend using the software and services of this company. Thanks again Nathan & Steve and we look forward to continuing to work with you in the future!
Jerome Chambers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the FAQ before buying! Thanks.

Where can I check the demo?

xFans product page – https://adent.io/products/xfans/

User Demo: https://xfans.biz/auth/login

User Account 1

User Email – [email protected]
Password – 123456

User Account 2

User Email – [email protected]
Password – 123456

Model Demo – https://xfans.biz/auth/login

Model Account – [email protected]
Password – 123456

Admin: https://admin.xfans.biz/

Username – [email protected]
Password – adminadmin

Product Walkthrough Video – Link

Product Features v2 – Link

Product Walkthrough Guides – Link

Can I customize this script after purchase?

Yes, the script can be altered to fit your needs.

How many members and performers can I have online at once?

We have not placed limitations on anything in this script. Hosting plays a roll in this.

I don't know what kind of hosting to get, can you help?

Yes, we can help you get setup with exactly what you need to host this script. Recommended Hosting – M3Server

Where can I find the feature list ?

Features List – Link

Where can I find the Product demo videos ?

Here is our product explainer videos – Link

How do members add funds to their accounts?

There is a built in payment gateway that allows members to add funds 24/7 in real time. Funds are available right away.

Will you you do custom changes to this script after purchase?

Yes, we do custom builds and we also do customizations to our script, email us to get a quote.

How does the models get paid

Models are paid out directly by the payment processor CCBill.com. As a website owner – You get your commissions paid out by the Payment processor. User makes a payment – payment processor collects it – Splits the payment between Models and Admin and pays out.

How to Test CCBill

How to test – Link
Understanding Dynamic pricing and Currency code – Link

Can I install this script myself?

Yes, if you are familiar with coding.

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