Quite surprisingly, there are only a few hosting websites which support adult websites. Sure, you can find free hosting websites, but their bandwidth is limited. HostedTube supports adult website hosting and has several features. It is not a free hosting website. It charges the users according to their plans. This website caters to the requirements of newcomers in the adult website business. It helps them setup their basic adult tube website, however with no theme differentiation. In other words, there is only one theme which has to be used again and again. I have specifically mentioned “basic”, because HostedTube doesn’t provide innumerable services to run a tube site, and HostedTube can be used to create only a basic adult tube site. How? Take a look below, and you will understand –

Features of HostedTube

HostedTube provides hosting service for adult tube sites. From sidebars to page width, to number of videos on each page, almost every feature can be customized. Users are at liberty to upload their own custom logo, along with background images to their tube site. They also provide the user with several colour schemes. Even if the user is not satisfied with their colour collection, they can use their own custom colour scheme on their tube website. All this provides a personal touch to the website. Updating website with new content every few hours can be irritating at times, and to cope with that, the user can schedule their update frequency by leveraging a few built-in features of this website. And on top of all these features, the user can maximize his / her revenue using upsells, dating, cams and much more.

However, there is an inherent catch: HostedTube’s products are not installed on the customers’ server.

Revenue Model

The website earns revenue through a simple process. HosteTube.com sells hosting service for tube website. The hosting services are not free. For all intents and purposes, buyers have to spend a specific amount of money to buy their services. Anyone can buy their services through a simple sign up process. It later asks for the credit card details. Just like every other hosting website, HostedTube.com is also a subscription based website. Once you are subscribed to their hosting services by paying for it, you get a one year subscription. After its expiry, you can renew the subscription.

Business Model

The website does not have any advertisements. The business strategy of the website is to sell their hosting service. It’s pretty straight forward. Any person can create an account and then, he can avail the services of HostedTube.

For Cam Models

A website like HostedTube.com can tend to be an important website for camming models who are interested in starting an adult tube website of their own. Many camming models, after working for several camming websites, are vexed with settling for less money. By creating a tube site, they do not have to perform on a daily basis and they will have a tube website of their own. This will definitely fetch them a lot of money.

HostedTube.com is basically an adult website hosting service provider website. Here one can buy their service and can start an adult tube website of their own within 10-15 minutes. Although, the service from HostedTube.com has a number of features, these aren’t enough to captivate a customer into buying their service.

xStreamer from Adent

xStreamer from Adent is a similar script software, which serves their customer with a lot more features than HostedTube. It has responsive design, multiple video support, HD content, Nginx RTSP video streaming, Multilanguage system, several streaming backends, bulk video upload facility, rotating thumbnails, several payment gateways, subscription based membership system and on top of all that, it gives the client a complete control over their tube site. HostedTube may provide a hosting service along with a few services, but it is far from xStreamer in sense of providing the client with the best features.

xstreamer porn tube streaming script

xStreamer vs HostedTube

xStreamer comes with affiliate marketing and built-in growth hacking hallmarks. Membership sites designed by using xStreamer feature enough space for advertisements. Chances of making a fortune through affiliate marketing and advertisements are significantly more. This is where HostedTube.com comes second to xStreamer. 

Services of HostedTube are far from affordable. On the other hand, services of xStreamer are completely affordable.

The issue of contention with HostedTube has everything to be associated with duplication. HostedTube is used by thousands of users. Each and every user gets to use the same theme. This duplication issue will cause a lot of troubles and have a negative impact on the customers’ business.

Astonishingly, it takes not more than 5 minutes to start a website using xStreamer. HostedTube is fast but not fast enough and xStreamer has an edge over HostedTube.

By the way, Adent is known to run attractive discounts. So, keep an eye on the latest proffers and viable offers.

Bottom line

It is worth mentioning that the creators of xStreamer, Adent, have been in this industry form many years. Adent is a reputed script software developing company, which deals specially with adult websites. They have many different products which can be used to create any and every type of adult website. You can even have a custom developed website through them. From a tube site to a membership website, from eCommerce adult toy store to a camming website, every niche of adult websites can be created using Adent’s state of the art products.

We have seen many website owners who use templates which are provided either by their hosting providers or which come with a script software. Such website owners are never completely satisfied with the design of their website. This doesn’t have to be the case with you. You can have your website designed exactly the way you want. You can use custom website development services of Adent. They are known for the best service and a number of adult website scripts for all kinds of adult websites. Adent is well developed in this business and has years of experience. Contact Adent.io today for custom development of any website.

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