Top 10 Best Adult Tube Scripts for Your Adult Tube Website

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On a cool and breezy morning, I accidentally ran into my friend – Nathan. Nathan is an astute planner and a sharp strategist. He is a street smart person who had the gumption to start his own adult tube website using with these best adult tube scripts. Ever since he embarked on his adult tube website, he has been facing quite a few hurdles. He told me that the incidence of failure of adult payment gateways is very high and for every failed transaction, he is slapped with charges of fraud and skullduggery. His journey so far, hasn’t been a pleasant one. One of his adult tube website users uploaded child pornography and this landed Nathan in deep trouble. Child pornography is a threat to adult entertainment industry.

Best Adult Tube Scripts

Nathan couldn’t take down the sensitive content immediately due to a few issues with admin panel and administrator privileges. Such untenable experiences are emblematic of discomfort and discombobulation. Nathan’s mistake of not using reliable adult tube scripts for creating the adult tube site proved costly. His judgment may have prompted him to opt for the conventional method of creating the adult tube site from scratch. His fragile ego took a deathly blow when his adult venture danced to the tunes of bugs, errors and code inefficiencies.

A wise man once said, “Mistakes are meant for learning and not repeating.” It is definitely a bad idea if you do not learn from other’s mistakes. In this blog, I would like to hammer home a few essential features expected of an ideal adult tube script like xStreamer.

Tech Support

One of the issues plaguing adult entertainment industry is the absence of tech-savvy staff who can resolve all the issues on the fly. If you ever face any technical glitches with xStreamer, you can talk directly to the developers. The best thing about (xStreamer is the flagship turnkey product of is that it doesn’t outsource its customer support to third party operators. As the developers handle all the issues, the incidence of customer concerns getting bounced endlessly between tech and support team is minimized. Once the issue is resolved, customer sends his / her feedback. The support staff values feedback. If anything, they never stop perfecting themselves.

Ease of Use

Quite a few leading turnkey software does not support videos in certain formats. xStreamer is a first class exception though. It supports all the videos in all the formats. You can shoot and record videos in both HD and SD formats. Subsequently, adjust the quality settings of the videos. For premium users, you can grant access to HD videos. For free and casual users, you can grant access privileges to SD content. There are many filtering parameters that let you satisfy the needs of your subscribers. Some of the video formats supported by xStreamer are AVI, WMV, QuickTime, DIVX, MPEG, 3GP, FLV etc.

Unparalleled Customization

Users like to capitalize on extensive customization features which enable them to create and modify modular pages. Code-driven templates are hard to handle. If anything, lines of code hold your audiences in a bind. So, it is better to expose only HTML code and hide all the PHP code. xStreamer provides diverse customization options to build unique-looking adult tube sites.

Administrator Privileges

Do not let your users overstep the frontiers. Under the watchful eyes of admin panel which helps you take down sensitive content immediately, you can ban the users by IP, city and country. This module in xStreamer ensures a congenial atmosphere.

Payment Gateways

Pay Simple

PayPal muzzles and subverts adult transactions. There is no point in incorporating PayPal in your adult tube site. xStreamer lets users use multiple payment gateways such as CCBill, Paywall and Epay. About 2 payment gateways are available as add-ons. Even if a payment gateway fails, other payment gateways facilitate transactions, thus saving you from hard-pressed situations.

Monetization Options

Some of the serious monetization options include advertisements such as pre-roll and post-roll ads, banners, in-video ads, subscription-based programs, affiliate network programs etc. xStreamer offers. If you want to create Snapchat like apps and spread the word about it on xStreamer, this adult turnkey software doesn’t disappoint you.     

Community Features

It is important to connect like-minded users. xStreamer has this amazing ‘Community’ module that enables users to interact and exchange information. Users can subscribe to the content, message friends and build rapport. Adult tube sites built by using xStreamer turnkey will drive users to spend more quality time on porn sites. You can serve as a moderator to forums and establish logical connections between discussions. For instance, if a user discusses about the current trends in porn industry, you can pin all the posts related to virtual reality sex, sex toys etc. You can store all the content in a ZIP folder and upload the same to the community module.

Limitless Scaling Facility

Adult entertainment industry has no boundaries. Asian audiences may like American porn while Japanese may like Saudi Arabian porn genres. Porn industry runs on a simple belief- Divided by nations, united by porn. Catering to wide audiences and multiple fetishes entail cross-border commerce. This requires content to be hosted in multiple languages on multiple servers. xStreamer has all the provisions to scale your adult tube site. Adult sites built on xStreamer have an average hit of 10 million every day. xStreamer is optimized for high load. Your adult tube site never gets sluggish. All the potential bottlenecks can be monitored and subsequently managed. You just need to sit back and watch your adult tube site grow.

Updates and Improvements

Keeping up with the cutting edge trends in technology is mandatory. Otherwise, your competitors will win over your well-paying customers. This is something which xStreamer developers are extensively aware of. Developers will keep you posted about all the changes and trends. Most of the updates and improvements can be obtained for free.

Features mentioned above should enable you to climb the pantheons of glory. Enlisted below are the best adult tube scripts:

  1. xStreamer
  2. Mechbunny Tube Script
  3. Adult Search Script
  4. MediaXxx Script
  5. Tube Ace
  6. Adult Script Pro
  7. AdultWatch
  8. WP-Script WordPress
  9. KVS – Kernel Video Script
  10. AVS Adult Video Script

If there is anything troubling you and your adult venture, please do not hesitate to drop a line or two in the comments section. We are here to help you. We value your thoughts and love to hear from you. Our best wishes are always with your adult venture. Cheers!