HBB Case Study

About project:

HerBodyBank was started by a professional with over 10 years of experience in the online adult industry. Her dream was to start a crowd funding platform for women online where they can interact with sponsors and contributors. Helping these women accomplish their body goals is the primary focus of HerBodyBank.

HBB Case Study

Its founder sought out services which would get the project moving immediately yet be flexible and powerful enough to support a large userbase participating daily in various activities. These include live cam streaming, one on one interactions, and more. While demo-ing numerous service providers, she came across Adent’s xCams (adult live cam script) and xModel (membership CMS script for online models) which seemed to best fit her requirements, thus leading to an inquiry.

Having found the demos interesting and worthwhile, she contacted Adent’s sales desk with one request: to fill the void left behind by MFI (MyFreeImplants – a popular crowdfunding platform for online models) with a more user-friendly experience.

Following several conversations of discussing requirements, Adent’s team brainstormed the best possible solutions resulting in a personalized draft. The draft contained multiple product options, different strategies for monetization, their tech stack, server and hardware requirements, and additional tools and options that might suit HBB’s needs. After reviewing the draft, she then had a precise idea on what to expect from the project.


The client’s primary goal was to reconnect the MFI community, which had been dissolved following the said platform’s unexpected shutdown. Many women had accumulated substantial funds towards their planned cosmetic surgeries on MFI and were never paid-out following the platform’s collapse.

She wanted Adent to create a secure website for women to help them interact easily with contributors and make their online experience a hassle-free one.

Our Strategy:

Throughout her tenure in the industry, she has sampled numerous crowd funding websites and discovered their pros and cons in great detail. She wanted Adent to build a simple-to-use, yet visibly appealing interface where women could easily build their support networks.

Adent’s proficiency in building scalable technology and the founder’s expertise in the field were a perfect match; together, their focus is to give HerBodyBank’s users the best-in-the-industry experience.

Adent’s strategy was to collaborate in the entire design and development process, making careful decisions based on the client’s expectations, audience (women and contributors) needs, competitor analysis, research, and expertise.




 Twilio Video SDK – For Video Calling

 Node JS – Facebook Style Instant Chatting

 Angular JS


 CCBill Payment Gateway / Per Minute Billing and Subscription Services

Process and Approach:


HBB’s founder needed a powerful website design and development which could offer a streamlined experience for both women and contributors. Building and managing a large database of profiles and content, to ensure a seamless interaction between users, high quality live streaming, member customization options, payment gateways and more became the project. Keeping the user experience as pleasurable as possible made this project enjoyable.


The style and design choices of HBB focused on keeping the brand proficient, refined and trustworthy. Hence, the preferred color palette was a mix of violet and purple symbolizing the color of luxury, sensuality, passion, nobility, and depth. It also showcased HerBodyBank’s unique style and creative force. Thus, we optimized the color palette and implemented a clean and modern typography balancing the content with breathable white spaces.


With HTML as the base code, we designed a clear prototype (blueprint) of how the website would look, always considering feedback from the founder and precisely understanding her needs.


To understand the ever-changing needs of a website like HerBodyBank is essential. Hence, an exclusive 6-member team (1 Project manager, 1 Technical Architect, 1 Quality analyst, 2 Developers and 1 Designer) was assigned to the project to carefully oversee, develop and implement the exact functionality planned during the prototyping. We developed the site to flexibly expand and allow the users to add content over time, without compromising the user experience or the structure of the site.


Post development, our 6 member team started the testing phase by managing the workflow through Trello. Every function was tested by the Project Manager and Technical Architects and was checked for quality extensively. After two rounds of checks, the current function was moved to the “Verified” board. Quality Analysts examined and reported feedback on potential issues which might need further attention.

These were then moved back to the “To-Do” section and the next round of testing was carried out until full functionality was verified by the Quality Analyst. Stream quality, integration, user experience trials etc. were also tested in a similar manner. These were done to ensure smooth functionality, usability, and consistency in performance.


We piloted a marketing campaign through Native Advertising, targeting approximately 5000 users. Based on their user activity and traffic, we fine-tuned the key functionalities in the website in need of attention. We also brought-in a team of 50 women and requested them to test the performance and functionalities of HerBodyBank. With their feedback and suggestions in mind, we were able to further optimize the application to enhance the user experience.


The stable version of the website application has been launched and is set to give the best experience for women and contributors by forming the everlasting network that HerBodyBank’s founder originally intended.


Our support and development teams are continuously on the lookout for the newest advancements in the online space and adapting these features to give HerBodyBank the “absolute best” in terms of user experience, consistent updates, functionality, and security. We also maintain a transparent approach by connecting the clients directly with our development crew so that they can get in touch immediately with Adent’s team and together, optimize the application. After valuable feedback from users, we are implementing the development changes for the upgraded version (1.1) by enhancing the features one by one, to ensure a smooth and seamless user experience.


HBB Case Study

HBB Case study 1

HBB Case study 2



Link to the website: herbodybank.com



When asked the Founder of HerBodyBank on her experience with Adent.io, here’s what she says:

Q1 – What made you to start HerBodyBank?

We wanted to fill the void left by MFI (MyFreeImplants) and bring the community back together.


Q2 – What makes HBB stand out from the crowd?

We built our website based on years of experience in the online adult industry. Thus, we know exactly what both women and contributors desire from such a website. That’s why we built HBB from scratch to suit those needs specifically. Furthermore, our main focus is to see each woman succeed, regardless of the nature of her goal.




Q3 – Who are HBB’s customers?

Our customers are generous contributors who take it upon themselves to help women with financial needs to achieve their cosmetic goals. They are the backbone of our community.


Q4 – How did you find Adent.io?

We researched many platforms and service providers regarding online adult communities. However, we did not want just another generic, adult website; and needed something that is completely customizable and intuitive. We were impressed with the portfolio of Adent.io and what they had to offer.


Q5 – How were the initial conversations with Adent.io Sales team? Can you specify how easy it was to gather requirements and kick off the project?

The sales team initially suggested a few turnkey options, but those did not quite serve our needs. Upon further discussion with the team, we were offered a custom-built application instead. We agreed and development began immediately.


Q6 – How was your experience with Adent.io during the development process?

The team was very responsive to all our requests and also offered suggestions when necessary. Together, we collaborated to build exactly what we planned initially in a short time frame we unlikely could have achieved with any other team. We are pleased to work with Adent.io as our site continues to advance.


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