Color Scheme

Control your site's look and feel by editing the color of virtually every element. Make your site stand out and play around with the theme until you like what you see. Or maybe tweak it on a whim to match with seasons/holidays.

Installation Duration : 10 business days

Support : 6 Months

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All You Need to Know About 'Color Scheme'
Here's How it Works?

Picking Colors

Multiple ways to choose the EXACT color you’re after - Color scale, Shade selector, RGB/Hex values, and even a Color picker. Make your site look precisely how you envision it.

Colorize Everything

The color for every element on your site can be dynamically tweaked. From Text, background, main accents/highlights, buttons, text on hover, padding, slider, and more.

Saving Themes

Want to build and compare different themes, or set up a theme for later? Save up to three custom themes which you can enable at any point. You can also delete or overwrite any saved theme.