Payment Gateways

Apart from the existing gateway in xStreamer, other payment processors can be integrated based on your business requirement. This increases conversion and also helps in avoiding business downtime if any of the gateways is temporarily down.

Installation Duration : 10 business days

Support : 6 Months

Payment Gateways
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All You Need to Know About 'Payment Gateways'
Here's How it Works?

Enable/Disable a Gateway

If you have multiple gateways you can enable or disable any of the gateways on your site with the flick of a switch and that mode will be made available/unavailable on every payment page on the site.

Crypto Gateways

We also integrate crypto-based payment solutions, like BitPay. Keep up with the times and give your users the anonymity they are looking for through crypto currency payments.


Ensure the gateway supports high-risk businesses and you have followed complete acceptance of their compliance policies.