How to Find Advertisers for Adult Websites?

- 8 mins read

Be it any business, advertising lays the foundation for sustained and large future benefits. Ideally, advertisements help brands find resonance amongst the target audiences. In adult industry, it is often argued that finding advertisers is extremely difficult. Several pundits have refrained themselves from getting entangled on the issue of finding advertisers. The key is to find ad networks or online advertising networks that associate advertisers with web sites that intend to host advertisements. Online advertising networks achieve a tradeoff between ad space supply from publishers and ad space demand from advertisers.

Here is a brief run-down on the top 10 best adult online advertising networks:


According to W3Techs rankings, ExoClick is the fifth largest ad network.  ExoClick supports CSV data exports along with access to advanced real-time statistics. As far as the ad formats are concerned, every viable format is supported. Banners in many sizes such as 300 × 250, 468 × 60, 728×90, 250×250, 120×600, 160×600, 315×300 etc. are supported. ExoClick lets you display ads of various sizes (as mentioned) inside video players.

This online advertising network lets you leverage CPC (Cost Per Click) model. In other words, you only pay for interested users who click on your ad. What make ExoClick stand out from its competitors are interstitial and pop-under ads. Pop-under ads less obstructive. They hide behind already existing and opened windows. On the other hand, interstitial ads are full-screen ads. Whenever the video player is paused, interstitial ads are displayed.


EroAdvertising has been in this online advertising business ever since 2006. This ad network is based in Netherlands and promises to give both personal and professional attention to advertisers and publishers. The best thing about EroAdvertising is that it outsmarts AdBlock in many ways. In other words, if the visitors of your adult tube site have AdBlock installed, it does not matter- Ads still get displayed, thanks to EroAdvertising.

The account management teams at EroAdvertising are highly responsive. They keep you posted about latest programs and trends via forums, email, telephone, and social networking platforms. If you are looking forward to build a successful advertising solution for your adult website business, keep a slot open for EroAdvertising.

Traffic Junky

This online ad network which facilitates simple and intuitive advertising was founded in 2008 in Montreal. The fact that it gets more than 141 million worldwide visitors each and every day and over 2.2 billion ad impressions daily speak volumes about its magnitude. Traffic Junky has omnipotent buyers in North-American and Latin American areas. Also, it has its legion of buyers based in Asian and European countries.

Slim Spots

Slim Spots signifies slim and easy publishing. Thanks to its experience team members who worked previously as publishers, Slim Spots is completely capable of estimating the duration required to create and run new publisher projects. Whenever you create a porn site, you need to ensure that you keep your content up-to-date. Also, it is imperative that you continuously optimize your business. To get the robust mix of all campaigns, Slim Spots comes with an exclusive CPA network. To know more about the deals, send a short profile of your company. Slim Spots reverts with all the necessary details.


JuicyAds is yet another advertising network that specializes in mobile traffic, Pop-Unders and banner ads. Thus, it sells ad space to advertisers. JuicyAds has been in the business of adult advertising since 2002. It has served more than 121,000 websites and as many as 63000 clients. This ad network specializes in fraud detection as well. By the way, it is based in Canada.

Traffic Holder

This online advertising network is based in Spain and has an estimated audience of more than 800 million monthly users. Ever since its inception in 2006, it has been in this business with the goal of securing maximum earnings for traffic sellers and traffic buyers. It avows to offer superior quality traffic at unbeatable prices.

As far as the Payout options are concerned, there are various options such as Payoneer, Webmoney, BitCoin, Paxum and Epese. All the payouts are processed well within 24-72 hours. This online ad network pays for RAW clicks and not for UNIQUE clicks. The clicks on your affiliate links are called ‘raw clicks’. On the other hand, clicks from different persons on different IPs are unique clicks. If the same person from the same IP address clicks the affiliate link several times, it is counted as only one unique click.    

Traffic Broker

If you are looking for an online ad network that intensifies and maximizes the exposure of your products, then Traffic Broker is your best bet. Apart from optimizing, delivering and monetizing a very large amount of unique clicks per day, it caters to the requirements of several hundreds of leading sites, blogs, tube sites and adult sites. Traffic Broker, which is based in the United States, stands for two entities:

      • Outstanding consumer reach
      • Accountable online advertising


This online ad network is known for using the most unique prime-time tools to display targeted advertisements. After starting an adult website, most of the users think of leveraging impressions. However, AdXpansion advises its users to focus on clicks. Thus, users need to pay for clicks and not for impressions. In its honest endeavors to ensure that advertisers get the quality traffic, AdXpansion has partnered with Adometry. And yes, this online ad network is based in Canada.


Founded in 2007 and based in Norway, PlugRush originally started as an idea to enable people trade traffic automatically and accurately without investing too much time. However, they tweaked their original idea to cater to the ever increasing demand. Now, PlugRush allows webmasters to buy and sell traffic, trade traffic all with one account.

Traffic Shop

Traffic Shop comes with a built-in anti-cheat module that differentiates genuine traffic from artificial traffic. It promises filtered traffic by leveraging a carefully crafted algorithm. There are various options in filtering as well- such as geo-filtration, domain filtration, demographic filtration etc. High level of customization seems to be the characteristic trademark of this online ad network- For instance, as an owner of an adult tube site or adult website business, you are at liberty to order traffic from “Asian” countries only.