Ever thought of starting a career in adult camming? If you are interested in embarking on a career in adult industry, then adult camming and make money on webcam business begin to cohere. From being a performer to starting and subsequently managing a studio, camming industry has plenty of options to be explored. And yes, you are welcome to manage your models as well. If there is any vertical in porn that has taken the adult industry by storm, it is undoubtedly adult camming.

make money on webcam business

Starting a camming site is analogous to starting a porn site. If you have a steadfast commitment to starting a camming site, you require some adult turnkey website scripts. Adult turnkey website scripts allow you to create custom porn cam sites.  The best thing about such scripts is that they take complete care of all the complex coding. And yes, updates are released often and you can update your site without any hassles.

How to Start a Webcam Business?

xCams is one of the many flagship products of Adent that lets you start your own webcam business. It comes with state of the art real time streaming technology that allows you to create live video chat portals well equipped with built-in multiple adult friendly payment gateways. One key features of xCams is that it allows you to tap into the network of models and feature them on your site.  

As a business owner of the webcam site, you can get real time analytics of the cam chat room. Apart from that, you can exercise your privilege of adding, deleting and editing user accounts. If an online visitor misbehaves or doesn’t abide by the rules, you are at complete liberty to ban him / her. Further, you enjoy the privilege of banning users by IP, country and city.

When it comes to managing cam models and dealing with their related concerns, xCams lets you do the needful. While models enjoy the liberty of setting their profile as either public or private, you as a business owner can edit, alter and delete profiles. And yes, you can manage their videos, images etc.

Fair voyeuristic value and sexual pleasure can be provided to the online visitors only if chat sessions are seamless. To encourage seamless chat sessions, xCams has included the following options:

  • Group chat
  • Private one to one
  • Voyeur

As mentioned earlier, xCams allows you to maintain a dedicated and wide network of models. From the end users perspective, users can sign up and browse the list of models. They can make use of filters to categorize and pick any model. It goes without saying that they will be able to see the list of models available online at that particular moment of time. They can create a log of their favorite models. Also, models, end users, and business owners have access to their respective dashboards.


So, what is in store for a studio manager?  Studio manager has all the rights to assign profiles to different models and manage their stats from his / her manager dashboard.  

Rules and Regulations

Before starting an adult camming site, ensure that you follow the rules and regulations. In US, there are various federal and state laws that you have to adhere to. You have to consult an internet attorney so as to start a legal adult camming business. If you are thinking of starting your own camming company, you need to pay supreme attention to the following:

  • Privacy policy
  • DMCA
  • Terms of use
  • Kids Protection
  • Compliance statements
  • 18 U.S.C 2257 record keeping

To handle DMCA complaints, hedge your bets on an efficient tool called Cam Model Protection

How Webcam Sites Work?

I had the opportunity of watching Aashna’s (a webcam model) live performance in front of a webcam. Clad in a little black dress, Aashna indulged in sex talk and with a few sexual moves, she was able to earn as much as $400 in 30 minutes. Like Aashna, most of the models are able to make a fortune in less than 30 minutes. And believe me, Aashna works only 14 hours a week. In fact, most of the models create topics that may not be related to sex. They indulge in serenade conversations that are seldom bereft of surprising and profound ideas.  The lengthier the webcam shows, the higher is the amount the webcam actresses earn.

But how is the money earned? Whenever a user sees his favorite webcam model, he requests for a private one-one session. For one-one sessions, the user has to register on the site. If he wants the webcam actress to masturbate, he has to pay a fixed number of virtual tokens. Similarly, if he wants to see her nude body, he has to pay a fixed number of virtual tokens. Be it a simple sex chat or a stripping delight, the user has to pay virtual tokens. Thus, models get tipped via tokens which in turn translate to real cash.

Regular customers offer virtual tips such as dildos, sex toys etc. Virtual tips in turn can be translated to real cash. There may be a community of online visitors who want to indulge in group chat. Again, all such visitors will have to pay tokens. The total revenue made by the models is split and a significant chunk of the income is given to the models. The rest of the income is taken by the business owner. In most of the reputed webcam sites, revenue sharing is based on mutually agreed policies. This prevents conflicts among cam models and site owners.     

Well, everybody loves money. If the site owner wants to earn more money, he needs more traffic. Are there any proven ways of increasing traffic? Yes, there are many ways!

Proven Ways of Increasing Traffic

  • Video SEO

As a business owner of the webcam site, you have to take enough care to follow a proper naming convention for the webcam videos. It is recommended to follow camel notation. Make use of dashes to separate one word from the other. For example, ‘Diana-Webcam-Masturbation’- this naming convention makes a lot of sense as it shall be convenient for the users to filter the list of available models through the name ‘Diana’, and identify the proper niche ‘Webcam’. Keywords are webcam and masturbation.  

Provide suitable meta titles and meta description to the videos that you tend to upload. It is also recommended to upload your videos to web pages with higher authority.

  • Reviews

There are quite a few popular sites that rate and review adult camming sites on a regular basis. Ensure that you get a 4-star or perhaps, a 5-star rating as well. A simple text article explaining the features and pros of your website will work wonders. A simple 2 minute video outlining the interesting aspects of your website will also fetch you good ratings.

  • Hybrid Strategy

Submit the videos of your webcam models to other sites. You can either submit them to popular tube sites or dedicated webcam sites. All such videos submitted to other streaming sites should have your website’s watermark. Whenever online visitors watch recorded versions of cam girls, they may get attracted to one or a few of your webcam models. Watermark will guide such visitors to the original website. There is every chance of converting them into regular customers.

  • Email Marketing

If you have a good number of followers and video subscribers, it is recommended to send a newsletter every week. If not, send a monthly newsletter. Newsletters should typically include various upcoming trends in porn industry, new adult niches, information and interviews with porn actresses, and irresistible porn offers on various erotic episodes and turnkey software.  


By leveraging the aforementioned hacks, your webcam traffic is bound to increase. To meet the requirements of ever growing traffic, you obviously require more webcam models. Here is how you can find webcam girls for your adult cam site:

  • Ads on Craigslist– Post an ad on Craigslist regarding the requirement of adult cam girls for your custom porn cam site.
  • Ads in local newspapers: If your custom porn cam site is based out of Greece or France, you can post an ad in a reputed local newspaper. In countries such as India, Bahamans and Thailand, you cannot post ads related to or associated with porn. So, this strategy works only if pornography is legal in your country.
  • Popular Sex and Porn forums: Post your requirement on popular sex and porn forums such as Porno Maniac.
  • Ads on SexyJobs.com, Adult Work and Backpage: For this, you have to register as an employer on the respective portals. On these portals, it is easy to find women escorts who will be willing to work as web cam models.
  • Modelling Agencies: Playboy is a reputed modelling agency. You will be able to find sexually attractive webcam models in such modelling agencies.

Bottom line

Whether you create a porn site or a think of starting an adult website, spare a few thoughts for camming niche. Purchase a good adult turnkey website script and start making money. Cheers!


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