The Smart Sex Toys in 2022

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Where events like CES, famous for the tech exhibitions, stay in talks for the smartphones, vehicles, drones, and robotics they exhibit, not everyone dialogues about the innovations featured in the sexual health and pleasure industry. Unfortunately, sex toys, an industry worth over $52.7 billion, does not get the limelight it deserves. That’s why sex-tech enthusiasts hardly get a clue about the amazing things happening in this significant industry.

smart sex toys

Truth is, sex and pleasure have always been around, and humans have always been looking for ways to control the experience. Discovery of a 28,000 years old dildo, and ancient manuscripts tracing way beyond, like ‘Kamasutra’, make this point damn clear. Although, a little away from the mainstream fame, but sex-toys in 2020 are already creating a buzz among the enthusiasts. Following is a list of top smart sex toys from brands that are either coming in 2020 or have already become a hot topic in the market:

1.    Lora DiCarlo Baci 

Lora DiCarlo is one of the biggest names in the sex toys industry. They have come up with not one but two innovative sexual health products this year. One of them is Baci, which is a micro-robot that mimics the human mouth touch. The products represent itself as not merely a sex-toy but a female sexual health product that would help women with sexual dysfunction.

Simulating the sense and motion of human lips and tongue, Baci is said to give clitoral pleasure closest to the actual human touch. Women, who can’t reach orgasm, even after arousal, can benefit the most from this product from Lora DiCarlo.

Expected/ Market Price: $290

2.    Lora DiCarlo Onda 

Onda looks like a vibrating dildo, but it isn’t exactly one. It doesn’t vibrate but uses the same micro-robotics to simulate the finger touch action on the G-Spot. If you are looking for a smart sex toy for your G-spot stimulation, this is the one.

Onda is one of the most innovative G-Spot stimulators in the market currently. Its unique technology makes it a perfect fit for different body curves in different women, making it much effective on the G-spot than any other dildo.

Expected/ Market Price: $290

3.    Crave Vesper Ring 

Crave’s Vesper is quite popular among the users because of the way they design their products. They mostly design their sextoy as jewelry to keep them in reach, yet hidden in the plain sight of those who have never seen such a product. Their new Vesper Rings are an addition to their line up of such toys.

Made from stainless steel, the magnificent rings are available in two sizes with three types of premium finishes: 24K Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold. Just to fit a woman’s need for sexual health and ornaments. Despite being small, these rings can deliver powerful vibrations at different speed and intensity.

Expected/ Market Price: $149

4.    Lioness Generation 2

You can find one of the best implementations of AI in the sexual wellness industry with this product. The Lioness generation one has already been doing a great job of taking women to the Big O level, but with generation two, they have moved several steps forward.

The generation two now has sensors that can track your body heat and pelvic movements to measure your journey between arousal and Orgasm. The company already has the data of over 35,000 orgasms and now, the app can suggest users the steps to get the best orgasms.

Expected/ Market Price: $229

5.    Lovesense Max 2

Lovesense is already a prominent name among women. However, this time, they have come up with Lovesense Max 2, which is an enhanced version of their male masturbatory aid. The product supports 360-degree contractions with adaptable suction.

The feature that differentiates it from other male toys is you can use it with a VR headset. It supports Oculus, HTC Vive, as well as the Samsung Odyssey. You can pair it with VR games like Mirror Life and get the closest simulation of the actions in the game as if you are with your partner.

Expected/ Market Price: $119

6.    MyHixel Med

MyHixel Med is not yet another male masturbatory aid but a lot more. The company presents it to be an effective product to solve medical issues like premature ejaculation in males. It skips multiple vibration and suction settings and offers a steady constant vibration to help you control your ejaculation timing.

With its companion app, you can select from different programs. The company claims these programs can triple your control on ejaculation and help you solve sexual dysfunction while building your endurance.

Expected/ Market Price: $260

7.    MysteryVibe Poco 

The USPs of MysteryVibe’s Poco is its portability. The compact packaging and foldable transformation make it easier to carry around wherever you go.  

However, the thing that makes it smart is its dual usage. By folding it from two different points, you can use the same smart sex toy as a regular vibrator as well as a G-spot stimulator. The multi-speed and multi-intensity settings make it perfect for everyone. 

Expected/ Market Price: $90

8.    OhMiBod Blue Motion Nex 3

It’s a smart vibrator cum couple ring. While most of the sex toys fulfill the needs of sole usage, OhMiBod’s Blue Motion makes it even interesting by bringing something for your partner as well. It can fit right on the shaft of the penis, while the other soft-ribbed section can also be exposed to the Clitoris and pubic bone. 

Moreover, the toy also brings in the iconic playlist synchronization with the vibration that you can find in most of the OhMiBod’s products. If you are looking for a smart solution for couple play, Blue Motion Nex 3 is one of the best sex toys 2020 has got for you.

Expected/ Market Price: $122.55

9.    Crave Duet Pro

Crave Duet Pro is an enhanced version of the brand’s previous Duet vibrator. The latest version is a clitoral-focused smart sex toy with multiple modes and intensities of vibrations.  Don’t judge by its small size and low noise, as it is astonishingly powerful.

The best part about this sex toy coming in 2020 is the customizability of the modes. You can simply visit the website, put the unique serial number printed on the USB input portion, and select a mode you want to play with currently. You can do all this without even disclosing your identity.

Expected/ Market Price: $149

10. Satisfyer Curvy 2+  

Satisfyer Curvy 2+ is something that will make conversations and phone sex even erotic. Moreover, it’s one of the least priced smart sex toys in 2020 from a trustworthy brand. Breaking all the stereotypes, the toy makes long-distance interactions sexiest.

The latest version supports the mobile app controls form where you can create custom commands to the device. Moreover, it also works with voice commands, which enhances the erotica in conversations to the fullest.

Expected/ Market Price: $50

To conclude

Considering the current innovations in the smart sex toys market, it is clear that the taboos are fading away gradually. Not only global acceptance is increasing but also the current players have learned to associate their usage in sexual well-being. From solo play to couple-friendly sex toys, the goal of using these products is no more the same.

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