xCams Product Upgrade

Adent.io is proud to announce the immediate availability of xCams version 3 – the adult webcam script. 

The xCams is a turnkey script that anyone can use for setting up an adult live webcam site business like Chaturbate, LiveJasmin, BongaCams, etc. by applying some straightforward steps, which does not demand any programming skills and website development from scratch.

xCams Product Upgrade

The new version 3 of adult webcam script xCams is now a more modern, simpler, and cost-efficient way for entrepreneurs to build adult camming sites and apply multiple modern monetization channels to generate uncapped revenue via commissions from the webcam models. 

With this xCams product upgrade, we have moved a step forward in acquiring our development goals, which boasts of the multitude of abilities to the website owner for generating massive revenue from the adult webcam modeling industry.

As an owner of a webcam site powered by all-new xCams 3.0, you will have an assortment of alternatives to not only monetize your business in different ways but also to utilize several accompanying solutions and services to take care of your entire content sourcing and business management processes. 

With xCams V3, we have deployed a lot of feedback from our customers and multiple new features that bring more stability to the platform. 

New changes/features of xCams Version 3

New features and improvements added in xCams 3.0 include:

1. Updated default settings for Ant Media Server

Ant Media Server is a streaming engine software that provides adaptive, ultra-low latency streaming by using WebRTC technology. Ant Media Server is highly scalable both horizontally and vertically. We were able to reduce the overall latency in the live streams exponentially by switching to the Ant Media Server from open-source WebRTC. Stream settings for the platform are added by default during installation

 2. Set email verified for admin seed

Earlier, there was no way to verify the mail address of an admin-level user. The process for admin account email verification is now added. 

3. Remove model view count if it is 0

Model view count will not show on the home page if it is 0. 

4. Removed default bottom banner if not provided

The default bottom banner will not show up if not provided. Earlier, the same case would show up an empty banner space. 

5. Home – removed banner default if not provided 

If not provided, the home page default banner space will not show up at all. 

6. Allow model to see user video on private chat before accept request 

If a user places a private chat request to a model, the model can see the user’s video before accepting the chat request. More like a real-time preview before the two users connect in a private chat. 

model database banner

7. Resend email button after registered 

Added an option for the users and the models to resend the verification email if not received the first time. 

8. Reduce tip volume in user/model 

The admin can set the maximum value of tips that users can send to a model in one go.  

9. Live earnings stats to be shown under Private chat window for models

Model earnings stats during a private chat session will be shown for the models during the session in the private chat screen.

10. Multi-currency 

Multi-currency option USD, GBP & Euros. Display multi-currency on the token purchase page. 

11. Notifications sound on private chat request

Trigger a sound to warn when the model receives a private chat request, just like there is when you receive a gift. 

12. Provide option to change “Model” word whole website 

From the admin panel – the admin can change the word ‘model’ on the website with any other term as per their requirement.

13. Enable/Disable Email Verification requirement

Option in admin panel to enable/disable email verification for user and model signup.

14. Maintenance Mode

Option in admin panel to enable/disable a page – Maintenance mode / Coming soon mode. If the admin wants to put the website under temporary shutdown, he can add this page from the admin panel. 

15. [Web] Online Status

When a model is on a group chat, it shows her “online” on the front page.

16. Add phone no. field for members

While members register, they can add their phone no. as a contact. 

17. Provide option in the admin backend – GA code option

Added option in the admin panel to add website Google Analytics code.

18. Search Filters

Add search filter in the front-end. Display filter models by country & region from their field.

19. DMCA Logo

Add DMCA Logo at the footer by default. 

20. Add 18+ popup from the backend 

Admin can add an 18+ pop-up page for the website from the admin panel if needed. 

21. Show streaming status in homepage

Whether a model is live or offline, her details will be shown on the landing page. Earlier, users could not see details of an offline model. 

22. [Fix] Chatbox content not scroll to the bottom while received a new message

This is a fix done in the new version.  During private chat/public chat on mobile view, message reading has been fixed on CSS.

23. [Fix] Publish finished but stop stream button still show 

After the streaming has been completed, the stream button was still showing. It has been fixed. 

24. [Fix] Model can send private / group request to model 

Model on the platform was able to give private and group chat request to other models. This has been fixed. Models now cannot send a private chat request to other models. Only users are allowed to do so. 

25. [Fix] Remove token package but show to list 

Admin was not able to delete a token package from the admin panel. The issue is fixed now. 

26. [Fix] Update token error 

This is a fix done on the platform. Token packages when updating on the frontend threw an error.

27. [Fix] Must show thumbnail gallery for non-purchased items only. 

This is a fix done. When a member has not purchased any gallery, it now shows only as a thumbnail to them.

28. [Fix] Purchase physical product then purchase digital, it shows success but user not purchased yet.

When a member has done a purchase, it shows as a success message but the item was not reflecting as purchased in the dashboard. This issue is now fixed. 

29. [Fix] create sale video option in admin 

When creating a video for sale from the admin panel, it threw an error. Issue fixed. 

30. [Fix] Reload page even login 

After login onto the platform, the page would reload automatically. Issue fixed. 

31. [Fix] Videos – No models showing in video gallery

This is a fix done. Under videos in the gallery, the related model profile did not show. Issue fixed. 

32. [Fix] [Web] Homepage – Should refresh performer list after model logout 

After a model logs out of the platform, the home page now refreshes the performer list and shows them accordingly.

33. [Fix] user header style 

There was a CSS issue. Issue fixed.

34. [Fix] No model view count

The exact viewer counts for that model profile did not show properly. Issue fixed. 

35. [Fix] Image missing in studio page 

When signing in as a studio, the image on that page did not show. Issue fixed. 

36. [Fix] related cams image Aspect ratio 

There was a CSS issue. Issue fixed.

37. [Fix] Studio – General info throws error 

When updating the studio profile on the admin panel, it used to throw an error. The issue is fixed now. 

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