xCams model api

Since the advent of the internet, the adult industry has been through numerous changes and have altered the ways it used for distributing the content. Everything that makes it a multi-billion arcade is due to a series of upheavals in adult entertainment technologies. 

The Internet has come up with an N number of ways to make money from the comfort of your homes. Webcam modeling is one such profession with a fair share in the adult entertainment industry. It is a perfect example of how the evolution of media can open all new possibilities for making money.

However, starting a webcam site is not a piece of cake. There are challenges that every new webcam site owner faces. From developing a competent website, hiring new models, training them to use the platform, managing the affiliate programs, to driving new users, everything requires a lot of perseverance.

In all this, you will face the biggest challenge while hiring models for your site. You see, models are the soldiers who bring money to the site owner from the users. You need both models and users to generate revenue from your business. However, it’s not straightforward to bring either on your site. It’s a complete case of chicken and egg problem. The models refuse to join your site until it gets enough traffic and traction, and traction remains untouched until you have enough models to attract the new users.  

xCams Model API – The solution to Chicken and Egg Problem

xCams is our turnkey solution for building similar camming sites like Flirt4free and Chaturbate. We offer it as a one-stop solution for providing everything you need to start a webcam modeling site. In fact, we also found a solution for the above-explained chicken and egg problem using our xCams model API.

xCams model api

The Adent encourages you to focus on marketing and bringing in users to the site while we will take care of the site development and hiring the models for the site. With xCams script, we provide our xCams Model API. Using this API you would get instant access to thousands of models for your site from our partner directories. 

What is xCams Model API?

xCams Model API is a massive database of webcam models currently powered by flirt4free. This API will allow you to instantly load live webcam models from flirt4free to your own site. No worries about finding models for going live with your brand new webcam site. By using xCams Model API – you on-board a massive database of models where over 400-500 camgirls can be found performing live at any given point of time.

How xCams Model API work?

We offer you this readymade database of models from our partners like flirt4free. Once you purchase our xCams script, you can leave all the tech works to us. We’ve integrated everything ready for you. You just need to sign up with our partner to get a signed SDK and then you’re good to go. The models would appear live on your site from our partner’s network. When your users click on a model profile, they see the model’s live stream. Not just that, users can also interact and engage with the model right from your site and do chat, send tips, request private one-to-one show, request shared show etc. All you need to do is – bring in traffic to your site and everything will be managed by our xCams model API.

How Does Payout Occur?

You don’t have to worry about the models’ payouts. Our model partner flirt4free takes care of everything for you. All you have to do is – bring in users, collect the money that users pay for purchasing tokens. Take your commission and send the rest to our model partner flirt4free. They will take care of the model payouts.

xCams has built-in features to make money from all kinds of channels available on Flirt4free. The script also supports on-site tokens, which users purchase to send tips to the model on your site. You can set your own token price for your website. Based on the total revenue you make, you send the rest to our model partner after deducting your commission.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Here are the answers to some obvious questions that might be coming to your minds regarding xCams. These answers will let you comprehend the modus operandi of our Model API in the simplest terms:

Question 1: How many models will I get? How many models will be online at any given time??

Our model partner has a big database of models with over 800-1000 models. You users can always find at least 200-250 models online at any given time. The model API fetches all the live cam shows to your site. Users can interact with all the models directly from your site.

Question 2: Where does the user signup? In our site or model partner site directly?

Your site will maintain a separate and safe database of its own users. You won’t have to share it with any third-party site, not even our model partner. Users signing up on your site do not get signed up anywhere else.

Question 3: Can I set my site’s own token price or I have to make it the same as model partners?

Similar to the user accounts, your site also maintains its own on-site currency. The value of a token on your site may or may not be the same as our model partner. It’s up to your agreed terms and conditions with the model partner.

Question 4: Where can I set the token price for my site users? When users purchase tokens on my site, who owns the payment?

All payments are received by your site. Your site records the tips received and synchronizes it to the model partner. Depending on the contract, the site can fix a value-per-token to be considered for payouts. For example, 2 tokens on your site may be considered as 1 token on model partner’s site or even more.

Question 5: How does the business flow work after integrating the model API?

The number of tips paid to the model will be recorded by our model API. The model partner will raise an invoice at the end of the month with your site. Depending on the tokens earned by models you’re your site, the value-per-token, and commission agreement, you will make a payout to the model partner. This payout is made after deducting your commission.

How much can you make from xCams model API?

webcam models

Gone are the days when you needed to hire in-house models to start a live cam site. Today, you can simply use the scripts like xCams and build a camming site. You can start earning from the first day itself. It would not even take 24 hours to create your camming site using our xCams and model API. Moreover, with its special model API, you get instant access to hundreds of models from the Flirt4free You can make good money even if you do not want to hire in-house models.

The precise figure depends on your contract with the company. However, I can give you a lump-sum breakdown taking your site as an example.

Let’s assume the following values (PS: These are hypothetical numbers, actual numbers may vary):

  • 1 Your site’s token= $1
  • 1 Your site’s token= 1 model partner token
  • Commission to your site from model partner = 10%.

So, if a user on your site has 1000 tokens in his account, he can spend them on private chat, one-to-one video call, tipping, Group video call, and others.

Let’s assume he spent 600 tokens on the above activities. Now these 600 tokens, worth $600 on model partner’s site. So if a user spends 600 tokens, and commission for your site is 10%.

At the end of the month, model partner raises an invoice. After deducting the 10% commission,

  • Earning made by your site in one month for one user = 10% of $600 = $60
  • Payout made to model partner in one month for one user= $600 – $60= $540

This also from a user you make $60 per month (on a very average month). So, if you have some 100 users spending on your site – that’s $6000 per month. No headaches on model payouts, no headaches on server cost, you don’t need a team etc. Everything is served directly from partner’s network. One man army to make $6000 per month.

This is just a minimalistic estimation. The actual income is way more than this when you will have access to over 800-1000 models from our partner’s network.


You too can make easy money like this. Just imagine your site here powered by xCams and our model API. Wouldn’t it be a great way to make lifelong passive incomes without managing the models? You don’t need to do anything. Just a one-time investment in xCams and you will have a steady stream of lifelong revenue. Moreover, xCams can also build independent cam sites with independent features if you do not want to partner with our model partner and wish to hire in-house models.

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