One-on-One Private Coaching to make your First $10000 from Adult Tube Websites. 

Introducing Adult Tube Website Masterclass - a training program that arms you with everything you need to make Passive Income with Adult tube sites.

Hi Everyone,

All of you have used or read about adult tube sites that make a ton of money through ad revenue, subscriptions or sponsorships.

You might have even taken action and gone ahead and bought one of the Wordpress tube plugins and set up a website. And while setting up the website was the easy part, sourcing and loading videos were much harder.

You somehow figured out how to load videos, and then you wait for the users to come. But you don't know how to get the first 1000 visitors and then scale it from there.

Neither do you know how to pick the best ad network that pays the best buck for your traffic. Maybe you didn't even get this far. In short, you're stuck.

In the hundreds of customer enquiries I get every week, it's fairly easy to see a pattern of questions that I get asked. They include emails like:

" I’ve never started an Adult tube site - this is my first venture - if you can mentor me and take me under your wing I'll give you half of my profits "

" I already have an adult tube site - but I'm finding it difficult to bring in traffic and convert that into money. Can you help me fix that? "

" I know there are lot of people making money through Tube sites - can you guide me step by step through this process "

I generally answer those questions at a high-level and when the questions keep on being asked over and over again, I write an article on that topic in our blog.

Building & shipping out products is what I love to do. But then the constant stream of questions and requests for help made me wonder what the best way to help all these wannabe adultrepreneurs would be...

Introducing: One-on-One private coaching to make your first $10k with Adult Tube Websites.

The methods I use and teach are SUPER SIMPLE for adultrepreneurs without any technical skills. 

Some highlights of my method:

  • NO Major Investments Needed.
  • No Difficult Technical Skills needed.
  • You can use our rock-solid and scalable Products to start your adult site.
  • Complete marketing blueprint including SEO strategies, traffic building, and paid traffic sources.

​Plus, you will be able to take what you learn and repeat it as many times as you want, and earn $$$ over and over again from your efforts!

There's a catch though. I can only take a limited number of students on every month as private tutoring is a lot of effort. I wouldn't also be doing justice to you if it wasn't as exclusive.


You may be thinking...

Why don't you give the training to everyone as a course or a book and benefit more people? "

Because you won't do anything with it.

How do I know that?.

You're a Google search away from millions of petabytes of content online that talks about how to build and make money from Adult tube sites, yet you aren't in the financial situation that you want to be in.

Right? I mean come on.

Many forums and blogs have access to almost their secret sauce to make money from tube sites - but still you’re finding the right guide to start off.

So How does the Mentorship work? Will you really help us put this into action?

As mentioned above, Each month - I will open up 6 spots for the One-on-One Skype coaching. It will have my detailed blueprint on how I make money from Adult tube sites. This should help you get started to Make your First $10000 in Adult Tubes.

  • I will give you specific tasks to perform to get started making money from Adult tube sites.
  • I will give you support, motivation and that Extra KICK IN THE BUTT you need to take Action!
  • Exclusive Access to our Premium Membership Club. You can use our Products for FREE + You will receive HIGH Valuable marketing materials.

Absolutely NO-FLUFF Coaching!

No mucking around in this coaching. We will get right down to business. The coaching covers topics like:

  • How to select the right Adult niche to setup your tube site?
  • Keyword research & finalizing the micro niche.
  • Setting up the Adult tube site + loading niche videos.
  • How to Setup growth hacking techniques to increase page views and build traffic.
  • How to build massive traffic ( organic, social & referral )
  • How to pick the right adult ad networks and monetize the traffic.
  • How to setup campaigns and buy paid traffic.
  • How to make passive income each month from different tube sites.
  • Blueprint & marketing materials.

What do you need for Skype coaching?

  • A computer with a reliable broadband connection.
  • A Skype account! It's free. If you haven't got one, sign up to download and set Skype up on your computer.
  • A Skype compatible webcam and microphone. Do check. They could be part of your computer set up already.

How does meeting work?

  • It's simple! We arrange a time and date, log in to Skype, connect and meet - one to one.
  • If you aren't in my time zone (Pacific Standard Time GMT-0800) we'll use an meeting planner to plan a connection.

How do we decide what to focus on?

That's simple too!

You tell me ahead of time a little bit about yourself, where you are with your adult tube website passive income projects, and what you want to achieve.

This will let me understand whether or not you're the right fit for this coaching.

After you send in this information, we'll have quick 15 min catch up over Skype with each other to further understand your goals and at the end of it, I'll let you know if you've made it to the coaching.

If you haven't made it, I'll point out what you need to do improve and get into the next month's coaching class.

If you have made it in to the coaching class, I'll take all the info you've given me and put together a plan on a session or a series of sessions that are tailored to your specific needs.

Is there after-session support ?

The last thing I want you to do is to learn a bunch of techniques and then... do nothing.

Besides the live coaching, you're going to get lifetime membership to the Community List.

Here you'll find all the past students of mine who have attended the coaching over the last year.

Have a question about buying traffic? Ask the list.
Have a question about SEO link building? Ask the list.
Worried about technology or how the site will hold up due to an influx of traffic? Our team will take care of it.

When I started this business, I joined a private group of business owners who would help me address my fears and concerns.

They understood what I was going through. Having a peer group like that was immensely valuable.

With your private coaching, you'll have lifetime access to other adult business owners like you.

And also, what's said on the list stays on the list.

Here it is: About Team Adent

Who are we?

We're a young team of growth hacking experts into various Online Adult Niches. We love developing cutting edge technology products for the Adult Entertainment Industry. 

We've developed some of the finest software products for the Adult Industry - Tubes, Cams, Membership pay sites, eCommerce toy stores and many more.

Before we launch our products into the market - we test it and eat our own dog food.

I've got some proof of our ability to scale adult sites below:

One of our tube sites that was launched November 2015.

Earnings Report: We optimized it and here is the revenue proof made from a Single tube site.

What People Are Saying About Our Coaching

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Currently earning between $200 - $300 per week.”

I worked with Steve & his team a couple of months back when I was going through a pretty rough patch financially. I was seriously hesitant to spend the money on the coaching because I was literally left nothing. But I took a leap of faith and haven’t looked back since.

The team’s coaching has been inspirational to me and the amount of time they spend with you is MORE than worth the money you’re paying.

- Miami, Florida.

“This guy knows his stuff. Incredible deal !!”

“Let me tell you, this guy knows his stuff when it comes to marketing and making money from tube sites. I even bounced some ideas off of him, and he helped me plenty. He WILL give you a definitive plan of action to follow.”

“You just have to take the action. This is an incredible deal for the price he is offering. Jump on it now before he comes to his senses and raises the price.”

- Quebec, Canada.
John Doe UI/UX Designer

How much does Skype coaching cost?

US $247

** Limited Spots Only! **

You have a very small window of opportunity. In less than 48 hours, most of the spots will be filled out.
We won’t be opening the doors again for another 30 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What do I get in this Coaching?

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