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This cutting-edge turnkey software comes prepackaged with the latest and best marketing tactics for passive income. xTalk was designed by tech industry veterans who grew rich on similar platforms to make you money while you sleep. Simply install the script, and within minutes, you can have your phone sex chat site created with an advanced tech stack, integrated payment systems, marketing tools, and multiple revenue channels.

Written in clean, open source code, xTalk is fully scalable and customizable.

Users and site-owners love the xTalk platform! As the admin, you have access to advanced features and reporting, but no special tech knowledge is necessary. Anyone can start a top phone sex site today with xTalk!

XTalk - Phone Sex Software Key Features


Once models sign up, they attract users, and users attract more models. This is just one of the many growth hacking tools pre-built into xTalk.


Users pay for tokens to access premium features. Admin can set token package amount. This popular token system increases revenue compared to other payment methods.


Models can speak from anywhere. Don’t have to be online. If she is online, she attends the call from the computer. If offline, she attends call directly on her phone (via masked number).

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Admin Demo

Model Profiles

Upload Profile Pictures

Models are able to upload their own pictures to entice users to pay for their services.

Set Availability

Models can set their online status, so they’re able to browse the site without being messaged.

Record Audio Calls

Models can enable audio recording of calls with just a few clicks.

Private Messaging

Quick and secure instant messaging for users and models.

Request Payment

Payment is easy to set up and to request with the site owner. Request with one click of a button.

Call Time Reports

See how many tokens per minute earned and total earnings history.


Extensive Filters

Users can filter models by name, roles, availability, and languages.

Private Messaging

Before starting a call, users and models can have private, secure chats.

Twilio Integrated

Users can make direct phone calls to even offline models via Twilio.

Record Audio Calls

Users can record audio calls to models with a few clicks.

Review Models

Once a session is ended, users should let others know how it went with a detailed review.


Full Control

Full user and model control to manage the entire site

Recording Settings

Set whether users can record chat sessions with models.

Manage Reviews

Manage reviews left by users for each model.

Payment History

Admin has access to extensive report for each model on payment history.

Orders & Commission Management:

Admin can track and manage orders to the models and respective commissions.

Your Brand

Add your own brand images to personalize your site.

Live demo of our Adult Pay Per Call Software

Business Flow

User Business Flow

1. Users visit the site, see enticing images of the models, can browse through the model list, and see who is online.

2. Users need to register to get the ability to make phone calls to models.

3. Before a user can start calling, they must purchase a token package.

4. Once tokens are loaded into their account users can spend them on making phone calls to models.

Models Business Flow

1. Models register on the site. Their ID must be approved by the admin.

2. Models should set their profile descriptions and images to interest users in calling.

3. Users may send instant messages to models before making phone calls.

4. Once a session begins, models are paid in tokens. A portion goes to the admin.

5. Payment is made through the dashboard once payment information is provided.

6. Models can add their phone number to receive calls even when they are offline and not in front of the computer

7. Models can pick calls directly on their phone. The user’s number will be masked.

8. Models cannot call back the users directly. Calls are masked and routed via the Twilio system.

Site Owner Business Flow

1. Admin retains the ultimate control of the website, its users, and models on the platform.

2. Admin can manage banners Ads to be displayed on the website on different pages and sections.

3. Admin can track and manage reviews and rating given to the models by the users of the site.

4. Admin can create and manage different token packages to be purchased by the users on the site.

5. Admin can manage settings and preferences of different payment gateways added on the site.

6. Admin can track and manage the received order history of different models from the users.

7. Admin get a CMS for adding, editing, or removing static web pages on the website.

8. Admin can manage the commissions to be charged from the models on their earnings on the site.

9. Admin can manage different settings of the back-end panel and track other admin users.

More xTalk Features

Quick Token Purchases

If a user wants to talk while on the app, they can buy token packages directly from their phone.

Review Access

Users can see reviews in-app and leave new reviews

Message & Call Model

See a model’s profile, hear their voice from the app, Call and Send Message to them.

Payment History

Users and models don’t need to log onto the site to view their payment history. It’s right there in the palm of their hand.


No enforced branding. Personalize the website and give your unique brand identity.

Payment Gateways

Integrated adult payment gateways for seamless and risk-free online transactions.

Full Source Code

You get 100% access to the source code for complete freedom and customizability.

Installation Setup

Assurance of complete installation, setup, and deployment support from Adent.

Check the Live Demo of User & Model Android app
Android App Demo


We blend the best in tech with the latest in adult entertainment. You’ll own a product that works well not only for customers but for business owners like you. 100% open source and customizable.

– MEAN Stack
– Sendgrid API for outgoing emails
– Twilio Voice API for audio calls
– CCBill payment gateway



  • Web Platform
  • Free Installation & Setup
  • 100% Non-Encrypted Source code
  • 6 months free support
  • Free Lifetime upgrades
  • Free Domain
  • 75% off on VPS hosting
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Frequently asked questions

You’ve got questions? Great, we’ve got all the answers!

Where can I see the demo?

Admin dashboard

URL: http://myxtalk.info/login/dashboard

Username: [email protected]
Password: 123456

Model dashboard:

URL: https://myxtalk.info/login

Username: [email protected]
Password: [email protected]

User dashboard:

URL: https://myxtalk.info/login

Username: [email protected]
Password: [email protected]

How does the site owner get payments?

All the payments made by the users to the models in exchange for services and products first arrive in the site owner’s/admin’s account. By default, xTalk uses CCBill payment gateway to manage the payments to and from the site.

How do my models get paid?

Models earning first go to the admin. The admin conducts periodic pay outs to the models after deducting the applicable commission cuts on the models’ earnings.

What if my country doesn’t support CCBill Payment gateway?

We can integrate any of your locally supported payment gateway API as per your requirements with an additional cost of customization.

What if my models don’t have a computer and internet connection?

xTalk uses Twilio API which allows your models to receive calls without the internet via masked numbers. Models can work even without the internet or computer, just a phone to receive calls in enough.

Can my user bypass the website and call my models directly on her phone number?

No. We have taken care of this by using Twilio, which masks the original phone number of the users and the models.

How much is the monthly server cost?

We don’t provide hosting services. You can host your website on any supported web server of your choice. The prices of the servers may vary according to the plans and hosting services you choose.

What are the monthly expenses to run this business?

You have to spend a one-time cost to purchase xTalk. After this, the recurring expenditures will incur in hosting and marketing. While hosting prices may vary according to the plans you choose, the marketing expenditure depends on the budget you can allocate to promote your business.

Can I customize the features and design?

xTalk is 100% customizable. Any skilled developer can customize your website design and its features. You can also reach out to us for customization services.

How many models and users can I have on my website?

The MEAN stack based xTalk script allows you to have an unlimited number of users and models on your website. It’s a stack trusted by giant businesses like Amazon, PayPal, eBay, and Netflix, to name a few.

What kind of hosting / server do I need to setup this website?

Visit this discussion board to learn in detail about the server requirements:
Link: http://forums.adent.io/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=1828

Do you offer Installation & setup help?

Happily! We would love to offer all kinds of assistance and services to setup and deploy your dream business website. Feel free to ask us for help once you purchase the script.

Where can I see a complete feature list?

Please refer to the following thread:

Product walkthrough document & video

Please refer to the following thread:

Step by Step Blueprint
Learn the secrets of running a successful adult business.

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