xReels- It’s TikTok for Adult Videos

Making and sharing of short videos is the biggest craze these days. N numbers of short-form mobile video-sharing apps have made it in the market. So why not the adult industry?

Get xReels today and build a highly robust web-app for adult short-form video sharing without writing a single line of code.

Google doesn’t allow adult apps on the Play Store, but you can choose a package of Android App+ Website to set up a non-adult video-sharing app.

If you want to offer the app to your customers, you can offer the APK file directly for download.

What is xReels?

xReels is a turnkey script from Adent that lets you build a mobile web-app to offer Instagram’s Reels and TikTok-like experience for making and sharing adult short-form videos. It offers a mobile web-app, which is not exactly a native app but offers a highly optimized mobile user-experience, not less than any native app. With 100% customizability, it can completely adapt to your unique brand identity.

Use xReels to build your TikTok-like app for adult videos and attract billions of users, who are crazy about short video sharing apps. Allows your users to create short and share short videos using tons of creative features like image and video filters, lip-syncing, audio-video editing, video uploading, and creating direct selfie-videos.

For non-adult biz, you can use xReels non-adult version that comes with the Website + Native Android app. The native Android app comes with core features such as In-app push notifications, Robust admin backend, Social login, user profiles, Live recording, Real-time camera filters, and Video editing options.

YouPorn SWYP - Tiktok for Adult content - Business Model
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What can you do with xReels?

Neither the Play Store nor App Store allows adult apps. xReels lets you set up an HTML5 and JavaScript-based web-app, which is highly robust and mobile-optimized. It offers a native app-like experience to your users.

You can invite adult models and celebrities to sign-up and share short-form videos with billions of fans. Other users will follow and soon the app will have tons of common users, creating and sharing adult short videos without any restrictions that we see in mainstream apps.

You can create an adult tube site in TikTok-like or Instagram Reels like format. You can have your own TitkTok app for porn to drive tons of traction with your distraction-free user-experience. Something like YouPorn has done with its new SWYP app.

You can use xReels for Non-Adult Biz too!

It comes with an Android app.

Social Login & Signup

Social media login and sign up option to let your users log in with their Facebook, Google, and Twitter accounts.

User Follow, Like & Comment

See Videos and like, comment on particular videos. User can also Follow, unfollow other users and creators. 

Instant Push Notifications

Send instant web push notifications with FCM. The app also supports In-app push notifications for boosting engagement. 

Live Recording & Editing

Users can record a new video or upload from existing files. They can choose background music from the phone, library, or keep the original audio of a video. Recording with a start/stop timer. 

Real-time Camera Filters

Apply filters to existing videos. The option of add slow-motion and other video playback speeds. 

Download and Share with watermark

Let you users download videos with your watermark and also use social sharing features to share videos directly with others. 

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Robust Admin Backend to Manage Your Business

Users Management

Detailed graphical analytics of the users with options to add new users on the platform right from the backend panel, too.

  • Add new users
  • Add videos for users

Content Management

A robust content management system that tracks all the pages on your website and lets you create new webpages anytime.

  • Add new web pages
  • Manage existing pages

Videos Management

Add, delete, or manage video-categories. You can also track a list of all videos uploaded by the users on the platform and manage them.

  • View / Delete videos
  • Manage categories of videos
  • Videos are stored in Amazon S3

Music Management

Add, delete, or manage audio-categories audio files. Also, track and manage the audios uploaded by the users on the platform.

  • Manage background music for the videos
  • View / Delete music files on the platform

xReels- Monetization Channels

By default, the script supports Ad-based monetization channels to generate revenue.

You can sign-up on Ad networks, put the Ad JavaScript code in the backend, and the Ads will be shown in between videos.

Users cannot skip the Ads until a Skip button appears after a few seconds.

Integrated with popular Affiliate network Revenue channels to increase conversion.

We can add more monetization channels on request with an additional cost for customization.

xReels Additional Features


100% white-labeled. Overhaul the stock look-feel and features to completely adapt to your unique brand-identity and requirements.

Fully Customizable

Want additional features besides the stock features? No worries, you get 100% source-code to let you add/delete/edit any features you want.

Multi Uploading

Users can create and upload video files from the photo gallery and file manager, or take direct shots from the camera and upload.

Social Networking

Users can follow other users, share profiles, mark favorite users, like the videos, and share video links on other supported apps.

Swipe-up Swipe Down

Easy, distractions-free, and addictive browsing experience by simply swiping-up and swiping-down in the discovery feed.

Category Filters

Admin can create multiple categories where users can upload their videos. Users can also filter their browsing feeds as per selected categories.

Admin Uploads

Admin can upload bulk videos from the back-end, set respective usernames for the videos, and then publish them.

Detailed Analytics

Admin can browse detailed analytics of the total number of registered users, videos, favorites, and the total number of views, etc.

What our clients think

I have nothing but appreciation for this wonderful script. I purchased xReels to build a Tik Tok like website and mobile app for adult content. It met all my expectations without failing. A big shoutout to Steve and his team for prompt after sale service. This is my third purchase from adent, and like always, even xReels is neatly coded and well optimized. Kudos!
Couldn’t have asked more from you guys. Awesome customer support and well-organized script. I needed a few modifications in the stock script, which was done promptly as per my requirements. I was quoted decently for the after-sale modifications. Completely worth it. Congratulations to adent for great work.
I am writing this feedback to extend my gratitude for helping me build my website. I love this xReels script. Deployment was quick and error-free. Keep up the good work. I am planning to build yet another adult website for passive income model with porn. I have tested the demo of one of your scripts on the website. I think I will buy even that one very soon. Thanks.

Get Started today! No hidden costs. One time fee.

xReels Premium
  • Web App + Android App.
  • Lifetime license.
  • Free Installation service.
  • 100% Non-Encrypted Source code.
  • 6 months free support.
  • Free Lifetime upgrades.
  • Free Domain.
  • 75% OFF on VPS Hosting.
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Frequently Asked Questions

please read the FAQ before buying! Thanks.

Where can I check the demo?

Android App Demo – https://www.dropbox.com/s/phyt6jvucsbtndf/xreels.apk?dl=0

Can I customize the features and design?

Yes, at an additional cost you can hire our developers to make changes on the features and design.

What kind of hosting do I need? Any recommendations?

We recommend M3server – link

Do you offer installation?

Yes, the purchase comes with 1 free installation on your server.

Can I install this script myself?

Yes, you need to be a high skilled programmer to install such complex scripts.

What are the Monetisation channels available?

By default, the script supports Ad-based monetization channels to generate revenue.

You can sign-up on Ad networks, put the Ad JavaScript code in the backend, and the Ads will be shown in between videos.

We can add more monetization channels on request with an additional cost for customization.

Where can I find content?

You can get content from different Tube, Membership & Webcam affiliate networks. These affiliate networks will provide you vertical clips

What are the monthly expenses to run this business?

You have to spend only on hosting and marketing. While hosting prices may vary according to the plans you choose, the marketing expenditure depends on the budget you can allocate to promote your business.