Skype Coaching

Right from adult SEO to payment solutions, adult Ad networks, model recruitment, NSFW laws, website development, CDN, and adult website hosting, we have seen entrepreneurs with virtuous business ideas struggling to keep up in the adult B2B adult industry. We understand that business in the adult industry is trickier than the mainstream market. You have to be extra careful about not just your products, users, and services but also while hiring the essential B2B services. Since we are a bunch of people from the software development industry, who have also worked closely with adult industry veterans, we felt an ONLINE COACHING program would be a great way to help new entrepreneurs in the adult industry.

We are offering 1-on-1 30mins Private Skype Coaching by adult industry experts with 15+ years’ experience. We have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs like you to not only uncover the deepest business secrets of the adult industry but also find innovative ways to make money in it. We will help you to build your roadmap as per your business case and run your adult business successfully. Join the program today to get 1-on-1 consultation about everything you need to know about both the B2B and B2C matters of running an adult business profitably. Each month, we take only 6 entries for a one-month program, so hurry before the seats go full for the month.

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Model Database

Are you running or thinking about running a camming site, adult fan site, or a phone sex site? It’s a profitable niche, but have you found models, cam girls, and phone sex operators for your website yet? If you have just started your business, it’s more likely you don’t have enough resources to contact and hire models for your website. Besides, adult models don’t use their real identity for privacy concerns. Hence, it’s not easy to find them traditionally on social media or any other platform. You will need access to special model database and model agencies to hire correct models as per your niche.

With years of experience in the industry, we now have a big database of adult models and genuine model agencies from across the planet. Purchase this service and you can get instant access to our model database along with their email IDs and actual social media links. You can hire these models for your adult webcam site and phone sex operation. We update our model database regularly with the latest models available to work with you.

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Model Recruitment Training

In a market full of niched business ideas, hiring random adult models would lead to failure. The calls of model recruitment shift as per your niche, business model, target audience, and region of operation. Hiring models for your adult website entails certain background and expertise in both the business and legal spheres. A shallow mistake in your model sign up process can lead to legal reparations capable of killing your business permanently. From verifying model identities to keeping their information private, securing your on-site content, and ensuring strict compliance from models, there are N numbers of things to observe while running an adult business.

Worry not as our model recruitment training will tutor you on the very same aspects. You can purchase this guide to learn everything about hiring adult models. Right from legal formalities to ethical considerations, best places to find adult models, designing a model sign up process, and verifying the legal agreements, this course will make you an expert in model recruitment. You can learn once and use your acquired expertise to grow your business for life. Purchase this Model Recruitment Course today.

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Micro Niche Suggestion

Do you want to start an adult business but can’t figure out a profitable business idea? It happens with everyone, especially when giants have already taken the prominent business ideas it’s not wise to compete with them on the same ground. Besides, it's not wise to pick even non-prominent segments. Precisely, you need a niche business idea that is less competitive and yet profitable at the same time. For that, you need the knowledge of every in and out of the adult industry, as you can't really afford to invest in random ideas without analytics. The adult industry is massive enough to accommodate several niches, which can prove to be goldmines only if tapped on correctly.

If you are struggling to find a profitable niche for your business venture, you can purchase this package to hire our adult business experts. They will analyze your case and help you out to choose a micro-niched adult business idea with less competition yet many opportunities to make big money. With this consultation from the industry experts, you will uncover not only a profitable micro-niche but they will also assist to choose your domain name, high-risk payment gateways, web servers, and CDN services for your adult website. It’s time to leave random experiments and make informed choices with our adult startup consultation.

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Tube site template design

When you have a dream tube site in your mind, which you also want to be unique, you need some planning. Unfortunately, tube sites work quite similar to each other that only their unique design can differentiate them from each other. No doubt, you are particular about your website design, but creating multiple HTML templates for all your design ideas could be very expensive. You can never be satisfied with the first few iterations, but that does not mean you should keep on developing alternate HTML designs until you find a perfect version for your final design. You need professional assistance to design proficient templates as per industry standards.

That's where you can use our Photoshop template design services. Our PSD templates can make sure that you don't have to spend a fortune developing different HTML templates or going back to the drawing board repeatedly. Based on your requirements, we will design a micro-personalized PSD template for your tube site that you can take to your HTML designer and bring it into reality. You can save hundreds of hours in HTML development while we convert your idea into a personalized PSD template.

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Webcam site template design

A perfect web-designing project is incomplete without a PSD template. Your webcam-modeling site requires one so that you can avoid mixing up design aspects or be settle with something less stellar. Starting a webcam site is a big deal, especially when you are using a turnkey script that hundreds of many other entrepreneurs are also using. You need a custom design template to give your website a unique brand identity, but not everyone can spend thousands of dollars multiple HTML templates. That's where PSD templates can save your day by sketching up your roadmap to perfect web design for your webcam site.

Are you looking for custom website design, perfectly crafted according to your unique requirements and identity? You are at the right place to find a PSD template for your camming site. With years of experience in webcam site development, our team has acquired the expertise to create fully personalized, creative, and effective PSD templates for adult websites. With every vector layer sorted, separate patterns, and code-ready layout, we can build PSD layouts for your website that existed only in your mind until now. You can use our PSD templates to develop your final web design without any trial and error. Purchase this service to let us help you design your website exactly the way you wish.

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Digital Marketing Services

Keyword Research

It’s easier to fall prey to common false positives of keyword research and lose your ROIs to the wrong approaches. Especially when you have a new adult website, you are bound to rely on keyword research tools where tapping on high search volume keywords may seem like an ideal option. However, only an experienced webmaster can tell you that these keywords may be unrealistic and you could be making a mistake. You may want to target less competitive keywords to bring conversions and not just random visitors. Besides, without context mapping and search intent research of your target audience, it’s more likely that you are going for high search volume but poor keywords that don’t sell.

We have designed our keyword research services addressing the same common mistakes that adult webmasters commit unknowingly. Our adult webmasters can find you the right keywords that not just filter in quality adult traffic but also use your unique brand identity, niche, location, target demographic, and search intents to pour in conversions. Having worked in the adult industry for over 8+ years now, we think beyond keyword research tools to find you a list of 20 high search volume yet less competitive keywords for your conversion funnel. Use our keyword research service to hire us and drive relevant organic traffic that your website stands for.

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On-Page SEO

Did you know that despite quality keywords, 50% of websites don't rank well due to duplicate content? In just a three-year data of over 200 hundred website audits, we have found that a majority of our clients made critical mistakes such as duplicate meta content, missing meta descriptions, broken internal and external links, low word count, poor H1 tags, poor HTML to text ratio, and hundreds of more. It’s scary because these mistakes are the easiest ways to penalize your search rankings, even after applying the best off-page SEO practices. Are you fully aware of all on-page problems? If not, then it’s time you know and fix them ASAP before investing in any off-page SEO tactic.

With our adult on-page SEO service, you get a complete package of Website Audit to identify and fix every SEO mistake that destroys your rankings. Besides, you also get optimized website Metatags and 10 high search volume and less competitive keywords to boost your rankings further. This package is the quickest way to get your adult website’s SEO fixed by adult webmasters with over 8+ years’ experience. We will help you to optimize your entire website as per a plethora of complex search algorithms that drive Google and other search engines. Let's fix your website's on-page SEO problems and make it stand in the competition with higher credibility and authority among the search engines.

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Email Sales Pitch

Marketers these days are relying on clickbait and ambiguousness that somehow get bring decent open-rate but fail to drive any conversion. As the adult industry is already infamous for swindles and clickbait, committing a simple mistake in your email pitch can out you up in the same category. Worse, you might end up in legal complications for violating NSFW restrictions. You need pitches that increase your productivity and follow email etiquette with respect to legal compliance. Unfortunately, even gifted marketers are often too close to their work that they tend to look at their copies with favoritism. They fail to recognize the unique challenges and commit mistakes such as shameless promotion, being too short or too long, and wrong pitch to the wrong person.

That's why you need expert third-party assistance from professional adult copywriters, who know the industry from inside out. Purchase this package to get 2 customized and micro-personalized email sales pitch written by our adult business writers. Our business writers with over 8 years of experience have delivered thousands of pitches in the adult industry. It's time you work with professionals to engage and grow your business through superior sales pitches. Get 100% original, researched, and legally compliant email copies as per your target audience and brand identity today.

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Adult Content Writing

Content works best when it grabs the reader's attention, solves a problem, and then presents your business as a solution. No doubt, it’s not possible to reach out to your target audience without SEO, but choosing conversion and SEO above value will only end you up with poor content. Content is undoubtedly king, but content without value is nothing but a piece of junk acquiring unnecessary space on your web server. Especially in the adult industry where there is a plethora of rules and restrictions, you can’t just post random content and expect traction. Readers don’t need yet another blog post but your expertise and ideas of the adult industry to help them solve their problems.

It's something that our adult content writers can provide you with no hassle. Purchase this package and hire our adult content writers to deliver 100% original and researched content, optimized both for SEO and value propagation. With every purchase, you can ask our writers to deliver 3 adult articles written strictly as per your needs. You will get detailed articles with a limit of at least 1000 words per article. We don’t write for self-satisfaction but approval of your target audience. It's time you stop posting junk and start providing value to your readers with our adult content writing services. Get expert writing help today.

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