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We published tons of articles explaining the prospects of starting a webcam site and ways to build a cam site in a budget as low as your weekly pocket money. However, this article goes beyond and talks about a big pain-point of every entrepreneurial mind who has ever invested in this market. We will see how Adent, along with AWE Blacklabel API by LiveJasmin, is the answer to the biggest concern of webcam site owners.

livejasmin model api

What’s the biggest pain of a cam site owner?

It’s hiring adult models to perform on it!

Trust me you can build a basic webcam-modeling site with your eyes closed, but you cannot launch it unless you have adult models to perform on it, and it’s not an easy job. Each year, hundreds of webcam entrepreneurs shut down their websites because they fail to attract adult models on-board.

Even if somehow, you attract a few women, who are looking to make some extra cash working from home, they are not the ones you need at the very beginning of your business. These models are inexperienced, and not aware of the tricks of the game.

Be advised that I am not striking off the need for regular women on your webcam site. In fact, you should aim to attract even regular women in the long run. However, when you have just begun with your website, you need the professionals on your side. Experienced models who are experts in making money from webcam modeling. These models will bring not just initial traffic but encourage the users to spend their dollars on your website.

That’s why we integrated AWE Blacklabel API by LiveJasmin in our xCams

The xCams is our best-selling turnkey script. Using xCams, you can build a webcam-modeling website with cutting-edge features without writing a single line of code by yourself. Besides, it costs not even a fraction of the investment that developing a webcam site from scratch demands.

Building a webcam site from scratch will cost you $20K USD where xCams saves you 90% of the cost and time-frame.

Just install the xCams script on a web server of your choice, and you can set up your entire webcam site in a few steps without any coding. As I said, building a cam site is not a big deal, especially when you have adent by your side. The biggest problem is running it successfully. Fortunately, Adent comes at your rescue that this very point, too.

If you are thinking about building a webcam site, you must know about LiveJasmin, which is one of the biggest players in camming market. LiveJasmin runs a unique affiliate program, where it allows affiliate marketers to fetch model profiles on their websites. Of course, it gives commissions to the affiliate marketers for sending traffic to their website.

However, what we are concerned about here is not just earning affiliate commissions. Instead, there is a way to use this affiliate program to boost traction on your new cam site and solve the problem of model recruitment up to a big extent.

The good news is, with xCams Model API, you can have both your in-house models + models database imported from LiveJasmin running together and you users cannot find any difference in it.

The xCams has LiveJasmin’s Models API

We have integrated AWE Blacklabel API by LiveJasmin in our xCams. Now, your webcam site can fetch and show live webcam streams from LiveJasmin without a visitor even releasing that these models are not from your own platform but the LiveJasmin API.

What does this AWE Blacklabel API by LiveJasmin do?

The models API synchronize the LiveJasmin platform with your cam site built on xCams. This synchronization allows you to fetch the model profiles of LiveJasmin on your website and display these models to your users like your own. When the models come online on LiveJasmin, they come online on your website too.

Difference between White label solutions Vs. Models API

To differentiate, let’s call LiveJasmin’s models API as simply models API. So now, it’s AWE Blacklabel API by LiveJasmin Vs other website’s white-label solutions.

White-label solutions:

When you signup as an affiliate marketer on a camming platform, you use their models API to fetch and display their model profiles on your website. When visitors land on your website, they see the list of models or thumbnails on your website; they click on a thumbnail and your website redirects the users to the original cam site to browse the cam shows.

In this entire process, you make small money by redirecting your traffic to your affiliate cam site. You make commissions when the visitors from your website redirect to the affiliate site, sign-up there, and spend money on purchasing their tokens, etc.


Let’s say your website’s URL is When a visitor comes to and does any action on a model profile displayed on it, redirects the user to (which shows it blatantly that you are just a white label/affiliate to LiveJasmin) and LiveJasmin will provide the user with the content he or she is looking for.

You cannot customize or add anything extensively to a white-label affiliate cam site; the while label API won’t allow it. You can just play around with the default customizing options that the original website offers under their white-label solution.

Models API:

Models API are slightly different in this regard. They provide even sophisticated options to the affiliate marketers or webmasters to keep the traffic within their website and not redirect the users back to the original camming platform.


Let’s say your cam site is, which has integrated Models API from the LiveJasmin. When visitors come to your website,, they would not see anything that depicts that you are an affiliate of LiveJasmin. Visitors can click on models, filter models based on preferences, see models online / offline, buy tokens, spend the tokens inside your website, book one-on-one private shows, buy photo and video sets from models, right without leaving your website. Everything happens inside your platform, and the users signing up from will become registered users of your platform, which is

Here the is your website and you will have the source-code of it (because we provide 100% source-code access of the xCams script). Hence, you can customize anything on it. LiveJasmin is only giving you the API, and you can customize your entire to adapt to it. Our xCams script makes this task even easier with the source code access. You fit your website, built on xCams, right into models API, and make it look like a specialized webcam platform.

Comparison summary:

Model APICheck this website –

Do you want some reference or inspiration on this strategy?

We built this website on our xCams script. We have integrated the AWE Blacklabel API by LiveJasmin with it, exactly as I explained. The best part about this website is both the in-house and pulled models from LiveJasmin APIs perform here, and you can’t differentiate between them with a mere look at it.

We customize the API extensively to adapt to the platform design and user experience accordingly. We customized the-

  • Chat player
  • Filter options
  • Live feed player
  • Call back actions
  • Performer’s details
  • Login/Signup workflow
  • Overall color and CSS schemes
  • Performer’s real-time status updates
  • Album and video sets, their purchases
  • Search auto-suggestion and recommendations,
  • Look and feel of the player in the mobile and tablet view etc.

We can do the same for your website too. You can build a cam site using xCams to run both in-house and pulled webcam shows as your own boss.

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An example of yet another website, which uses the models API in the best possible way to make money is – You must look at it, too.

Let’s talk about Monetization, Revenue, and other doubts

Following is a detailed QNA of every possible doubt that might arise in your mind about this awesome trick. Be advised that-

  • Script used to build the website is – xCams
  • And API used is- AWE Blacklabel API by LiveJasmin

So let’s clear your doubts now:

Question-1: Where will users signup? Will the data go into my database or to the LiveJasmin website?

Answer: They will sign up on your website, which would be built on Adent’s xCams script. All the details and database will be collected by xCams’ database.

Question-2: When users log in to my site – when they click on tokens to buy – the payments go to LiveJasmin or my merchant account?

Answer: The credit purchases on models will go through and be stored by LiveJasmin merchant account

However, if you have both your own models + LiveJasmin models, the tokens spent on your models will go to your own merchant account. For LiveJasmin models, the payments will go to their merchant account. They will send you commissions at the end of the month.

Question-3: Is it an embed of LiveJasmin into xCams? Will everything from LiveJasmin be embedded as an iframe inside the xCams site?

Answer: It’s not an iframe embed. It uses API to blend well. The chat player will be integrated into xCams. It is integration through API, which allows you to modify it according to your standards. This includes color scheme change, logo, and no redirects to a different URL, etc.

Question-4: Let’s say that 10,000 users come to my site and total tokens spent are worth $50,000. Where can I see how much has been spent by my users? Will all these show up in xCams admin dashboard or on the LiveJasmin portal?

Answer: You can find these details on your LiveJasmin affiliate dashboard. If user X bought $20 worth of credits and spent different amounts of credits on gifts, private shows, and other features, you will see them under your affiliate dashboard.

Question-5: I’m the owner who has integrated LiveJasmin API. Out of $50,000 total revenue spent by my users, how will I get my commissions? Let’s say 35% is my commission. Will live Jasmin send $17.500 to me?

Answer: If we stick to your above example of $50k and 35% commission, then $17.5k will be sent to you.

Although, if a user spends $50k in one period, then your commission would go up to 43% in this case. Please have a look at the breakdown of the exact payout per credit purchase in the screenshot of a LiveJasmin details page below.

Here is some unknown details you need to know about this.

The period is here basically bi-monthly. So, its broken down to the 1st to the 15th and 16th to end of month. Another thing is, it’s ‘credits purchased’. So, whether someone purchases credits and doesn’t spend them doesn’t matter to the site owner as he still gets paid. So a user could purchase 1000 tokens and never spend them but the site owner still gets his cut.

If someone lands on the site and purchases 100 credits then you will earn 37% if within the same period the same or other users purchase more credits that add up to 500 total credits purchased on that blacklabel site, then the client falls into the 40% payout.

So, let’s say a new website has minimum 500 users per day and 1 credit = $1.

Out of 500 users 300 users spend minimum 2 credits/day.

In a day, 300*2 = 600

In 15 days, 15*600 = $9000

45% of $9000 = $4050

Commission breakdown structure:

Model API Commission

Question-6:  How much money can one make with the Models API Platform?

Answer: To give you an estimate, an average experienced affiliate could make around 2,000 sales out of 1 million unique visitors and earn just above $45k.

In this case, his or her ratio would fall under 1:500. However, someone with a better quality of adult traffic or better funnel could make even more. Let’s just assume you get 100k visitors per month, then an average affiliate can earn anything around $2,000-$3,000 with it.

To conclude

The evolution of the internet and media streaming technologies has transformed the way of doing business in the adult industry. Not just porn but several other segments of the adult industry are now using the internet to attract the new generation of prospects. Whether it’s porn, sex toys shopping, adult magazines, sex talk services, escort, or the very popular strip clubs, almost everything in the adult industry now has an online adaptation.

This article talked about one of most successful online adaptations, which promoted strip clubs from a brick and mortar to the online world –Webcam Modeling Platforms, AKA cam sites. We hope the information in this article was useful and helped you to make some informed decisions.

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