We live in an era of the digital revolution. An era where online businesses and their owners are the richest people in the world. One innovative idea and you can rule the world.

This case study is about a business idea that can procure a similar kind of innovation in the existing market(s). Comparable to what Facebook did. An online business that revolutionized the concept of social media platforms by bringing social connections, blogging, image sharing, and instant messaging in one place. 

The adult social media platforms | Base of the project


The business in our case study has done a similar kind of innovation in the adult entertainment industry. We are going to talk about one of our recent projects, ‘4my.fans’. An adult social media platform, which connects influencers with their fan base and lets them capitalize on the same to make money. This simple idea not only innovates the concept of social media but also transfigures people’s tastes for adult content consumption. It is more like fanclub sites, but with better features.

What is 4my.fans?

“4my.fans” is an adult social media platform like OnlyFans, but it is also a lot more. It is a niche platform, which focuses on the Gay community.  4my.fans is a combination of adult entertainment, social media market, and eCommerce business ideas.

Social media because it allows people to connect with people on the platform. They can follow models, see their posts, and send direct messages. Adult, because it has no restriction on nudity. E-Commerce, because it facilitates buying and selling of stuff (both digital and physical).

If we look closer at this online business idea, they filtered it out from a very broad market. The diagram below explains the concept of 4my.fans’ better.

4my fans case study

Who uses 4my fans?

If you are a social media influencer, model, or an adult content creator, 4my fans is a perfect platform to make money. It doesn’t matter it’s a tutorial, tip, behind-the-scenes footage, or just two people having sex, your followers on 4my fans would be keen to pay for them.  

Most of the 4my fans models are social media influencers and adult content creators. It also features professional adult performers and models, who make some extra money from the platform.

How do 4myfans models make money?

Anyone can sign up as a model on 4my fans. They can make their profile private and put a membership subscription fee to let users view it. The models can share photos, videos, and sell products to the paying subscribers.

They do not ban models for posting a nude or erotic video. In fact, they encourage adult and erotica content to attract more and more paying subscribers. For every user subscribing to a model’s membership package, 4my fans take a percentage-cut and give the rest amount to the model.

Besides, membership subscriptions, fans can also send tips to the models, purchase products and digital content, and send paid direct messages to the model, which eventually adds-up into the model’s earnings.

Growing Demand for Adult social media platforms and Fanclub sites

Not just the taste of adult content among the people is changing but also the perception of adult entertainers in the market is evolving. People today like raw, uncut, unscripted, and amateur content more than labeled porn. Webcam modeling and adult social media platforms are the best providers of such content today. The success stories of Chaturbate, Pornhub Live, OnlyFans, and ManyVids is a clear indicator of this fact.

With sites like OnlyFans and ManyVids, adult entertainers got not just an alternative to earn better figures from the adult entertainment market but also to avoid the unfair practices, which has been there from eternity in the traditional porn industry. Do not trust us? You can trust “what porn industry veterans think about the porn business in 2019?”

The concept of social media in the adult entertainment market allowed the entertainers to own their content and the money they make from it. By paying a negligible commission to the platforms like OnlyFans and ManyVids, entertainers can claim the entire revenue for themselves and be in charge of the ways to produce and share their content.


Understanding the challenges and scenarios in the current market, 4my.fans was a result of comprehensive research of the niche. The founder introduced us to the concept with a similar intention, as explained above, for the Gay community.

  • Giving the community a social media platform where they are in charge of their content.
  • Develop a solution to combine adult social media, entertainment, and eCommerce in one.

Note: They intend on serving to Straight and Bi-sexual communities as well. However, the initial focus is on the Gay community and offering the best user experience to both the entertainers and the consumers. 

How did it start with Adent?

One fine day in September 2017, we got a regular query from a person called Mr. Justine –who is from the USA. He wanted to build an adult social media platform and was interested in OnlyFans‘ business model. He found us through a Google search for the keyword “OnlyFans clone script“.

When greeted by our sales team, the fine man explained every requirement in detail. This is where we came to know about his vision of a profitable adult social media platform like OnlyFans, but with some twists. He was also keen on introducing the adult marketplace features to facilitate buying and selling.

Our business development team analyzed the requirements and collaborated with the development team to conduct a feasibility study. The study was a success. Most of the requirements aligned with our xFans script, which is a clone script to build sites like OnlyFans and ManyVids. We settled on using our xFans script for the project and including the rest of the requirements in customization services. 

Project Aim

The founder intended to not only expanding to other niches as well but also to include an entirely different genre of the adult entertainment business in the future –webcam modeling. For that to happen, the platform should remain highly scalable not only to handle a massive number of users but also to add huge features in the further phases of the project.

We had a clear objective. Build an adult social media platform like OnlyFans with premium features to make money. Add eCommerce marketplace abilities to let entertainers sell physical products as well as digital content to the fans. Keep the solution scalable and adaptive to future developments.


4my.fans founder needed a powerful website design and a seamless user experience for both fans and the entertainers. The requirements involved managing a massive database of fan profiles, entertainer profiles, their content, integrated eCommerce selling, social media features, strict access control, high VOS streaming, Membership Management, payment gateways, and a lot more.

Overall Project Structure of Phase 1:

# Modules Sub modules
1 Design UI Design
Convert HTML/CSS
2 Development End-User
3 Testing and Bug Fixes
4 Deployment


Proposed features for Entertainers/Models:

  • Dedicated Profiles
  • Post videos
  • Sell videos-on-demand
  • Set a premium to follow a profile
  • Monthly/yearly subscription options
  • Integrated eCommerce store on each profile
  • Sell physical products via eCommerce store
  • Premium Direct Messages from Fans
  • Browse Earning Analytics

Proposed features for Fans:

  • Browse all model profiles on Homepage
  • Search model profiles via the search box
  • Search for videos
  • Search for merchandises
  • Purchase video-on-demand
  • Download purchased videos
  • Stream purchased videos
  • Browse recommended videos
  • Send Direct messages to models
  • Purchase Digital content (Images and videos)
  • Purchase physical products
  • Like videos
  • Manage user profile

Proposed features for the Admin:

  • Access to back-end
  • Manage model accounts
  • Manage fan accounts
  • Commission Management system
  • Manage images and videos on-site
  • Content Management system
  • Payment gateways management
  • E-Commerce store management
  • Manage the premium content gallery


After analyzing the requirements and needs for customizations, we found the following major challenges to complete this project:

  • Identify the requirements already there in xFans.
  • Identify the requirements that need minor customizations.
  • Identify the requirements demanding development from scratch.

Fortunately, none of the requirements required a development from scratch. There were minor customizations in the front UI, Analytics, Messaging System, and Payment management. However, one of the major challenges we faced in the customizations was Payment System-

  • Tipping with Payment Gateways: Instead of our legacy token-based tipping system, we were supposed to integrate Payment gateways for direct bank-bank tips transfer.
  • Dynamic Pay-outs for models: In the existing system, the admin would collect all the payments from the fans and conduct regular pay-outs to the models. However, the project demanded a dynamic revenue splitting system where all the payments are split between the models and the admin in real-time. This also involved the real-time calculation of the commission and immediate transfer of earnings to the models through the CCBill Payment solution.


Since most of the requirements were readily fulfilled by our ready-made script, the implementation phase mainly included the customizations and setting up the site. This is how we continued:

Technologies Used

The xFans script used in this project uses MEAN stack (Mongo DB, Express JS, Angular JS, and Node JS). Here is a glimpse of other technologies we used in the project.

Analytics and Tracking

  • Google Analytics


  • Express.js

JavaScript Libraries and Functions

  • Angular.js
  • JSON
  • Bootstrap.js
  • JQuery

Web Hosting

  • Amazon Cloud
  • GoDaddy

Web Servers

  • Nginx


  • Amazon S3
  • Cloudflare

Development Model

We followed the agile development model. The client remained in the loop for the entire process. A series of development, testing, and reviews were performed, which we managed through our in-house Project Management Software, Skype, Trello Board, and Email.

Team Composition

We assigned each task to an expert professional in the stack. Based on the requirements and approvals from the client, we formed the following team of experts to implement the project:

  1. Project Manager
  2. SEO expert
  3. Graphic designer
  4. Front-end developer
  5. Back-end developers
  6. Database engineer
  7. Server administrator
  8. Software Tester
  9. Technical Writer
  10. Business development manager (SPOC)

Project Process

We agreed to divide the project into two phases. Each phase went through the agile model of development, which involved the following stages:


The client was looking for some UI revamp. Continuing in the same direction, we prepared a prototype UI using Photoshop and coral-draw. After multiple rounds of reviews and interactions, we finalized the first design outlook and color scheme of the website.


Based on agreed design aspects, we prepared software requirements and specification (SRS) document, which we sent to the client for review. Post finalization, we designed an HTML prototype of the UI and forwarded it for review from the client. The prototype included an interactive version of the Photoshop design, which allowed us to comprehend the client’s views more clearly.


As per the latest feedbacks and updated SRS, we initiated the development phase. Since most of the requirements were already there in the xFans script, this phase mainly included the UI revamp and features customizations. We kept the client in the loop during the entire phase and would send regular updates for feedback. The phase continued until the client was satisfied with all the implementations. 

QA and Testing

Each developer was also responsible for the initial testing of every development he/she did. The project continued to be in the development phase until the development team fixed all the reported bugs and errors.

Post completion of the development phase, we also observed a separate stage for automated regression testing, functional testing, strain testing, and manual testing. We also dedicated a Sandbox testing phase for the payment process using CCBill Sandbox credentials.

We would send the project back in the development phase for every bug caught. The loop continued until the QA team gave the green signal.

Beta Testing Phase

As soon as the QA team approved, we initiated the beta testing phase. Phase involved testing the live project on a group of 54 people. We organized the beta testing in-house within the firm. The group of 54 users was asked for feedback and its understandings of the platform.

We collected the feedbacks through Google forms, which our technical writers documented and forwarded to the QA team. The feedback mainly concerned aspects like usability, mobile responsiveness, accessibility, and additional suggestions.

Final Project Delivery

The process stayed in the Beta Stage with multiple iterations of feedback, QA, and re-development, until the final QA team was satisfied with the results. Finally, we closed the beta phase and continued with the final delivery of phase 1.


As promised, we provided the support and assistance for deployment, environment setup, hosting, and public release besides compulsory maintenance guaranty from our side.

Phase 2

The project went live and continued to grow while we were in the loop with the client. After about six months, we started with phase 2 of the project, which we carried following the same approach as in phase 1.

The phase 2 mainly included the customizations of eCommerce features, commission model, membership subscription model, removal of integrated download options, optimization of search box, more search filters, more details in Admin Analytics panel, custom contact forms, SEO friendly URLs, adding cron jobs, affiliate marketing management, user access control, and social media integrations etc.  

Project Outcome

The website is live as of now and has been doing quite well.

Website Link: 4my.fans


Ongoing Developments

We have completed phase 2 and it is live currently. Our support and maintenance teams are in the loop with the client and continuously looking out for trending developments. We are still working with the brand and have been providing consistent upgrades, customizations, technical support, and security updates.

As per recent developments, the client also intends on adding live webcam functionalities to the platform, which would happen in phase 3 of the project. The next phase would be a big leap for the brand, and we see an array of possibilities for it to grow. Proudly working with the brand, we will come with an update on the same very soon.

Till then keep visiting the space for various other case studies and adult business ideas like 4my fans. Check out what the client has to say about his experience with Adent until now.

The client Speaks

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