Why XCams is the Best Adult Live Streaming Webcam Software?

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Contrary to the public opinion, adult live streaming webcam business is not a kinky stuff (In my opinion). It is about respecting the intimacy between the porn viewers and webcam models. It is a well-known fact that porn industry has become an over saturated market. Embarking on diverse adult ventures, such as starting a live webcam site is catching up lately. The magnitude of webcam business is simply phenomenal. A great majority of people know this and hence, more often than not, we receive requests and inquiries from numerous clients regarding the type of video streaming scripts to be used, sustainability of custom porn cam sites etc. 

custom porn cam sites

Stephen James, founder of AngryMoon.tv, has a thing for people overly obsessed with live streaming webcams. Determined to exploit the webcam industry, he approached us a few months ago.

I am hereby sharing some insights on how we helped AngryMoon.tv in making a fortune.

Whatever video streaming server script you choose, ensure that it supports the following four major roles:

  • Business owner or Admin
  • Cam Model
  • Studio Manager
  • End user

Business owner should be able to:


Admin of the live streaming webcam business should be able to manage user signups. Apart from this, the owner should be capable of identifying the number of minutes each and every adult cam model spent with porn viewers. For this, there should be an in-built real time analytics software which can make life easier for the business owner. Apart from detailed stats on total money spent by each user, real time analytics software should also provide insights on exact number of people watching each cam show, number of people live at that particular time, whether a particular customer is a repeat-visitor etc.

Supervise: A few section of porn viewers is known for their notorious demeanor. They may try to extract personal details of the cam girls, force them to reveal the location of the webcam startup etc. Some may even offend the cam girls with their racist comments. Business owners should supervise all the chats and ban the miscreants by IP, country and city. They should have all the privileges to delete the profiles of such rogues. Apart from this, the adult video script should grant the owner enough privileges to add users and modify their profiles accordingly.


Adult cam girls form the heart and soul of adult cams. So, administering the profiles of cam models by adding certain privileges, editing the profiles, managing videos and recordings etc. should be done by the business owner. For this purpose, xCams software should be equipped with all the relevant features.  


More often than not, it becomes cumbersome to handle paid private sessions. It is however a necessary evil. The video streaming script should maintain the logs of all chat sessions along with videos. Handling the payment of models is also important. The turnkey script should assist the business owner in this aspect.


In any custom porn cam site, at the end of the day, it all boils down to revenue management. Being calculative on the number of sessions organized by each and every model, payouts to models etc. is important. Cam sites generally gain loyal followers who wish to send some gifts to their favorite models. Sometimes, they insist on purchasing the recorded videos of cam girls. For this purpose, adult payment integration modules such as CCBill and Epoch should be provided.

Models Dashboard

Models dashboard should contain the details of models such as webcam name, age, gender, availability timings, online status etc. Apart from this, there should be a dedicated section where models can display their photos and sample videos. They should set the visibility status as either public or private. Apart from routine text chat, there should be a seamless provision for audio and video chat. Live video streaming script should enable the following types of chats:

  • Group chat
  • One to one chat
  • Voyeur chat

The turnkey script should have all the features that let models receive tips from porn viewers. Moreover, the business owner should extend certain privileges to models so as to let models ban arrogant audiences. Models can ban them either by the city, IP or country. Model dashboards should throw insights on the earning history, commission to be paid to the site owner, payment status of commission etc. There should be a built-in analytics module to displays information on private one to one video chats, the number of tokens received in each and every private chat session etc.

Webcam Models

Studio Manager Dashboard

There are many production houses which run studios. There is nothing wrong in running a studio. You require considerable investment though. Once you start a studio, you can assign diverse profiles to all the interested models working in the studio. You can manage their profiles from your studio manager dashboard. You can track their earnings, monitor chat sessions and video recordings, keep an eye on number of clips being sold and number of tokens every model is earning etc. You more or less resemble business owner in many ways. However, the key difference is that business owner has complete control over the profiles of his / her studio models while the business owner has control over all the profiles of models who registered on the custom porn cam site.

End User Dashboard

This is also known as Client’s dashboard. Client enjoys the privilege of browsing the entire list of models. He may check the profiles of models and save the profiles of his favorite models. He may then check the online status of his favorite models. He may opt for either one to one chat or a group chat. The duration of the chat is determined by the number of tokens he is willing to spend on a particular model(s). Thanks to the built-in analytics module, he may track his transaction history, duration of the chat, credit history etc.

With more than half of the entire world population having access to smartphones, the importance of having a mobile optimized cam site should not be discounted. The support team of adult video script should assist you in launching a live web cam app that can send instant push notifications to the end users whenever their favorite models are online.

Another important point to be kept in mind is the need for eliminating high-speed internet bandwidth. Not every porn viewer opts for internet connection with superior bandwidth. Typical internet connections cannot support high quality video watching to more than two viewers. Your adult streaming network should therefore make use of a robust distributed network of servers. Distributed network of servers will ensure un-interrupted streaming without compromising the quality of videos. Thanks to this smart bandwidth usage, simultaneous delivery of videos to thousands of users is on the silver platter.  There are many adult video turnkey scripts available in the market. However, most of them lack in many departments.

xCams, video streaming script of Adent.io delivers more than what it promises. Apart from providing all the aforementioned rewarding features and services, some other features in its offing are:

  • Customized website video embeds
  • Secure live and recorded stream protection
  • Mobile streaming
  • Rewind and Fast-forward options
  • Ad insertions
  • Adaptive streaming
  • Viewing in Full Screen

Have any questions for us? Feel free to drop a line or two in the comments section. We shall do our best to answer your questions with cogent and valid points. Visit our website here. Cheers!