xStreamer Lite – $6000 Worth Video Streaming Website Software for Free

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xstreamervideo streaming software


At Adent.io, we’ve got xStreamer – adult video streaming script which helps people to build their youporn.com or pornhub.com for just $199.

Are you kidding me ? Is it really $199 ?

Yes, we’ve got the perfect pricing for you. No company is small or big for us.

What is xStreamer? – it’s an adult tube site software that allows people to build their own adult tube site like youporn.com or pornhub.com

At Adent, we have spent more than $20000 USD to build this video streaming software using Nginx RTSP technology.

We sell a single domain license of xStreamer at $199.

Our xStreamer has tons of features and you get everything for just $199. One time fee, complete source code files, no hidden cost or recurring charges.

For people who’re into NON-ADULT Industry or wanted to try a free version – We’ve launched

xStreamer LITE – video streaming script with limited set of features ( stripped down version of xStreamer )

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xStreamer is our premium adult tube script which has around 60+ features and can function like youporn.com or pornhub.com.

If you’re looking to start a video streaming site like YouTube.com or Youporn / Pornhub for non-adult industry — then here you go!

xStreamer Lite is a perfect choice to start your own video streaming website.

xStreamer Lite is build on the popular PHP Laravel framework and uses Nginx RTSP for video streaming.

Free Download

xStreamer Lite Video CMS Software

Live demo – XStreamer Lite – Demo link

Admin back end – link ( admin / admin )

Responsive design – It comes with a responsive front end web design and responsive admin back end dashboard.

High definition & mobile supported videos – All the videos plays seamlessly across mobile & tablet devices.

Sophisticated video player ( JW player ) – We’ve used JW player to play videos on the front end.

Scalable architecture. – xStreamer was built from scratch to be horizontally scalable. It can run easily on multiple servers with a distributed architecture. The encoding can be done on a different server or an external service and the streaming can be done from a CDN. What this means for you is that you get a scalable product!

Multiple video formats supported – xStreamer allows your users to upload a wide range of video formats like AVI, WMV, QuickTime, DIVX, MPEG, 3GP, FLV and many more!

Add & manage unlimited categories.

Upload videos and manage existing videos

Manage user comments – you can see the list of comments made by the user – from the admin dashboard , you can also reply to those comments.

Allows users to signup, login – Users can sign up and create an account. Once they create account – they can add other users as Friend, message them etc.

Allows users to favorite videos.
Allows users to comment on videos.
Allows users to Like / Dislike videos
Show video counts ( number of views )

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Advertisements – We’ve got multiple banners across the site to place your ads. You can manage the ads from the admin dashboard.

Multiple revenue channels – We’ve got multiple revenue channels with xStreamer Lite. Banner ads, Sponsored search results, highlighting categories and videos on results.

Add & Manage static pages – You can add Unlimited static pages and manage all your pages from admin dashboard.

Email templates for outgoing emails – For all the outgoing emails like new registration, reset password, forgot password, new member comment etc – all these email templates can be designed from the admin dashboard.

Manage site default settings – Site settings like site name, meta description, meta keywords, logo, footer content etc. can be changed from the settings page.

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Google analytics integration – you can put in your Google analytics code and integrate analytics for your site

SEO optimized – It is completely SEO optimized – all the pages have option to enter meta description, title and keywords.

Social sharing buttons – has social sharing buttons for the users to share the video to their social accounts. Also has embed option where they can embed the videos to their own website.

Footer ads management – You can place banner ads in the footer.

Admin dashboard statistics – Admin dashboard has stats like number of videos, number of users registration, total comments, favorites etc.

Free Download