Private Shows

Take the live streams to the next level and give your fans a chance to get more intimate with you on private shows. Users pay with tokens every minute. Pair this with the peek-in feature to maximize the revenue through livestreams.

Installation Duration : 10 Business Days

Support : 6 Months

Private Shows
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All You Need to Know About 'Private Shows'
Here's How it Works?


You can set the per minute token charges, which get deducted from their balance at the beginning of every minute. Users can see the private show charges when sending requests.

Responding to requests

You can either accept or ignore a request for a private show. You will see the new requests in the notification pane, and you can also check the requesting user’s token balance here.

Stream placeholder image

During a private show, the placeholder image on the stream window can be customized. Add a message to inform them of the ongoing live stream, or you can promote peek-ins as well.