Paid Live Streaming

Add another source of revenue with this add-on. Instead of leaving their live shows free for all subscribers, creators can create paid sessions. This also allows non-subscribers to enjoy the streams of the creators they’re interested in.

Installation Duration : 10 Business Days

Support : 6 Months

Paid Live Streaming
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All You Need to Know About 'Paid Live Streaming'
Here's How it Works?

Paid versus Free

The creators have the option to initiate "free-for-subscribers" or “paid-for-all” type of live shows. They can also allow/disallow the non-subscribers from joining a paid session.

Setting the price

When initiating a paid stream, creators can set the per minute charge that will cost the users to join this. This will be deducted from their wallet balance at the beginning of every minute.

Stream Information

All info, such as type of stream (paid/free) and the per charge associated with it, whether non-subscribers can join or not, is all available on the thumbnails in the live stream page.

Commission and Earnings

Just like other types of earnings on the site, you can set a "site-wide default" or "model-specific" commission for the platform for earnings made through paid shows.