Appeal to your global audience by allowing them to switch to their native language. With the combination of admin-fed and Google API translations, capture the last mile of the demographic who prefer to browse in their native language.

Installation Duration : 10 business days

Support : 6 Months

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All You Need to Know About 'Multi-Lingual'
Here's How it Works?

Language Switcher

Users can conveniently switch between any of the languages available using the language selector switch present on the site. Language preference is saved for logged-in users.

Default language

Admin can either set the default language to change depending on the user region (if the specific language is available) or you can set a default language that the site will open in.


The site admin can pick any number of languages or enable/disable a language from the list effortlessly. These languages are made available for the users on the frontend.

Google API and Admin-fed Translations

Admin will supply translations for crucial elements, like buttons, menu, footer items, and so on. Whereas, Google Translate API will do the rest for every other content on the site.